26 September 2020

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January 27, 2012- In Rome on Thursday evening, President Hamid Karzai and Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti signed a long-term strategic partnership agreement that enhances Italy's areas of assistance to Afghanistan.

At a joint press conference following the signing ceremony, Prime Minister Monti said the partnership accord lays the foundation for the Italian’s long-term cooperation with Afghanistan. "The main message of today's meeting is that Italy's responsibilities and partnership will not lessen with the withdrawal of our military forces in 2014," added Prime Minister Monti.


Prime Minister Monti said Rome intended to increase its economic cooperation with Kabul and stressed that the development of Afghan infrastructure was of crucial importance to Italy. "Italy will not abandon Afghanistan, but would be involved in more civilian and economic aspects,” added the PM.

The Italian premier also said his country supports the Afghan government in their efforts for peace process and reconciliation and said, “Afghanistan has made significant progress in the peace process and we are grateful to the Afghan government for its leadership and the growing and effective co-ordination between the Afghan institutions,"

Addressing in the same press conference, President Karzai said he was pleased to have signed an important agreement on strategic cooperation with Italy. “On behalf of the people of Afghanistan, I thank the Italian government for all its contributions and assistance to Afghanistan.”

President Karzai invited Italian businesses to come and benefit from Afghanistan mineral resources, and bring benefits to Afghanistan".

President Karzai also invited Prime Minister Monti to visit Afghanistan at a convenient time.

The long-term partnership agreement provides for Italy to assist Afghanistan in political, security, economic and counter-narcotics issues past 2014.

January 26, 2012 - As the first leg of his 4-day European tour, President Karzai arrived in Rome Wednesday afternoon and met with Italian President Giorgio Napolitano to discuss issues of mutual interest including the current situation in Afghanistan.

President Karzai, on behalf of the people of Afghanistan thanked Italy for all its assistance both military and civilian and called “unforgettable” the sacrifices made by its soldiers serving for peace and security in Afghanistan.

President Karzai briefed President Napolitano on the overall situation in Afghanistan. Pointing to the false assumptions reported on media as if Afghanistan was to head back into internal crisis after foreign troops leave the country in 2014, the President said, “Afghanistan is a strong country with a government. I am firmly confident that the country will never slip back to the past.”

The President hailed his visit to Rome and said it was a great pleasure to see Afghanistan enter into a long-term strategic partnership with its friend Italy.

President Napolitano assured his country’s continued assistance to Afghanistan and strongly noted that with all the assistance and the sacrifices Italy had given, it could not afford to see Afghanistan regress back into internal problems.

It is set that President Karzai meets this evening with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and officially sign the strategic partnership agreement between the two countries.

The document is said to ensure Italy’s long term past 2014 assistance covering a wide range of areas including political, security, economic, counter narcotics and rule of law as well as cultural, media and capacity building cooperation with Afghanistan.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Kabul (BNA) Full General Abdul Rahim Wardak national defense minister met with Australia defense Minister yesterday.  According to national defense ministry press office, the two sides talked on development of national army, transferring of 2nd round of security responsibilities.  Afghan defense minister talked regarding successful development of national army and readiness of national army for taking of security responsibilities and appreciated activities of Australia forces in betterment of their security activities in Urozgan province.  Reciprocally, the Australia defense minister assured present of Australia forces after year of 2014 in Afghanistan and said we will cooperate Afghan security forces for education and all security equipments. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Volesi Jerga members elected the secretary and deputy secretary of the House of People yesterday. 
Chaired by the speaker of the house of People Abdur Rauf Ibrahimi, the house in the second round of elections held for the second secretary between Sayed Jafar Mahdawi and Ahmad Behzad, these two could not attain the votes of the deputies. 
In the third round Ahmad Bahzad by getting 92 votes and Jafar Mahdawi by getting 76 votes could not access the post of secretary. 
Today election will take place between new candidates for its post. 
Meanwhile the election organized for the post of secretary of the House of People between Abdul Sattar Khawasi and Dr. Zahir Sadat, they could not get access to the post and ultimately Abdul Satar Khawasi in the third round by getting 108 votes attained the post of secretary of the house. 
However in the election for the post of deputy secretary between Qais Hassan and Farhad Azimi, in the second round Farhad Azimi by getting 114 votes attained the deputy secretary post.