23 October 2020

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Kabul (BNA) 

Hoot 2, 1390,

Following the successful visit from the 27 till 29 of 1390 to Islamabad capital of Pakistan and considering the continuation of peace process of Afghanistan, President Hamid  Karzai has issued the following statement:

-while peace is considered as  vital need of and the aspiration of the people of Afghanistan, the government of Afghanistan shall continue its efforts towards implementation of the peace and reconciliation as its most important priority.

- The peace process started at our initiative requires massive participation of all segments of Afghan nation which has been defined at the peace Jirgah of Saratan of 1389 and at the Traditional Loya Jirgah of Aqrab 1390 HS.

- While the ownership of the peace process is related to the people of Afghanistan and will be led by the Afghan government, the success of this process necessitates honest support of the international community.

- In this respect, we expressed our agreement on perception of creation of an office for the Taliban in Qatar.

-Meanwhile, in order to realize the peace process, I invite the Taliban leadership to start direct talks with the government of Afghanistan.

-To reach this objective, representing the people and the government of Afghanistan I appreciate the brother nation of Pakistan for her support towards peace and reconciliation of Afghanistan and while I am emphasizing on the importance of Pakistan support of this process, here by I ask the brother government of Pakistan to support our efforts for direct talks as part of the peace process and facilitate it.

-The support of Pakistan is determinant in success of peace and she can achieve a significant role in ensuring of security and stability of Afghanistan and the region.

- I once again emphasize that the peace process in reality will ensure return home of all Afghans, including the Taliban who remained outside the political framework, and can facilitate their peaceful life in their country and this of course is the most reliable way for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

- This process also guarantees restoration of the rights of all Afghans in a secure atmosphere in their common home in accordance with the provision of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.


Tuesday 21 February 2012,


 Afghan President. Mr. Hamid Karzai telephoned Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani today and thanked the Prime Minister for the hospitality extended to him during his recent visit to Pakistan in connection with the trilateral meeting.


The Afghan President also expressed gratitude for the bilateral and trilateral meeting in Islamabad.


Mr. Hamid Karzai briefed the PM about his meetings with Pakistan's political leaders and termed these very encouraging and constructive.


The Afghan President also apprised the PM about his telephonic conversation with US President, Barack Obama after his return to Kabul from Islamabad. He took the Prime Minister into confidence about his conversation with US President.


President Karzai underscored Pakistan's importance for the peace process in Afghanistan and reiterated his request for Pakistan's assistance to the reconciliation process. 


The Prime Minister assured Afghan President that Pakistan would wholeheartedly support peace process in Afghanistan which is Afghan owned and Afghan led

Tuesday 21 February 2012,


February 20, 2012 -President Hamid Karzai spoke on the phone with the US President, Barack Obama on Monday evening (Kabul time) and talked about his recent visit to Islamabad and his meetings with government officials as well as political and religious leaders in Pakistan.


The conversation also included talks on the bilateral relations, Afghanistan peace process and the situation in the region.


President Karzai described as fruitful and productive his visit to Pakistan where he said held frank, comprehensive and detailed discussions on the issue of peace process with all the important sides in Pakistani.


President Obama termed President Karzai’s trip to Pakistan a positive step in the efforts to bring peace to Afghanistan and hoped that such efforts continue in future.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kabul (BNA) Meeting with the members of high council of peace, President Hamid Karzai considered his Pakistan visit as important work-wise, very detailed and the best in the past ten years.  At the meeting that took place at the presidential palace yesterday, he added that he met with the government authorities and all the important political and religious parties of Pakistan.  He noted that his meetings with the Pakistani government authorities and Pakistan party leaders were carried in an atmosphere of friendship and they said that they respect Afghanistan’s independence and promised cooperation for facilitating of talks with the armed opposition of the government of Afghanistan.  He pointed that our talks were open and clear and took place on the basis of realities which was acceptable to the Pakistani side.  Ismayel Qasimyar international advisor of the high council considered the President’s visit to Pakistan as very important and said that you at the tri-partite meeting of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran took bold steps because cooperation, unity and unanimity of approach among the regional countries are very important and positive.  Considering the current events for the regional countries as very important, he added that the more such efforts take place; far better outcome will be obtained.