05 August 2020

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Kabul (BNA) The people of Afghanistan opened a new political and economic era after the first Bonn conference in which destiny making decisions and the current political system was formed. 
Afghanistan had been isolated and the people were living under the chaotic and petrifaction environment, so after holding the Bonn conference the people felt their presence along with the international community and the people were optimized of reconstruction process in the country. 
Since the first Bonn conference Afghanistan conducted two presidential and parliamentary elections and as well as provincial councils, religious scholar’s council and tens of social and political foundations were formed. 
Under the constitution, free activities of political parties, human rights foundations, civil society alongside freedom of expression and individual freedom together with mass media shaped and massive economic activities were maintained. 
It’s not an easy task for the current generation who has passed years of volatility under the suppressive regimes to realize democracy process in the country while the bloody incidents and attacks of fundamental groups and extremists taking place over individuals and the institutions. 
Some people believe that if the international community once again leaves Afghanistan alone, perhaps this country which has not yet recovered from the past destructions move towards pathetic and disastrous directions and even partition of the country. 
Unfortunately, our people are still suffering from these kinds of doubts and threats on their minds but holding second Bonn conference can open new page of hope for our nation. 
It in real sense this conference is committed to take accurate and comprehensive decisions for establishment of permanent peace and security in Afghanistan and the continuation of reconstruction process, undoubtedly, the fear and hopelessness of our people will change into hope. 
Now, the people of Afghanistan closely follow the happening of the second Bonn conference to see how the world deals with their country. 
The participation of president of the country with key ministers and representatives of important social and public institutions describes that the various living dimensions of Afghan people will be discussed in the conference.

Kabul (BNA) In yesterday’s senate session chaired by Mohammad Alam Izedyar first secretary of the senate, the tenth of Muhram the day of martyrdom of grandson of Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) Hazrate Imam Hussain Iben Ali (PBUH) was celebrated. 
Then the senators started debating issues like the second Bonn Conference, corruption, security issues and other issues and expressed their viewpoints on them. 
The senators also discussed hike in the prices of liquid gas. 
They said that it is expected that the petroleum enterprise department of the ministry of commerce and industries started selling gas from 70 outlets to the needy people and they also complained of the hoarding of gas and non-cooperation of the private sector in this respect. 
Senator Ali Akbar informed the senate that Iran issued work permit for one million Afghan refugees while the passport department of the interior ministry is not prepared to distribute passport for them asking that the issue of extension of the period for passport distribution should be taken up with the Iranian side to resolve this issue.

Kabul (BNA) The women reporters in a meeting in Kabul highlighted their wants from the participants of the second Bonn Conference, which include these:
1.  The government of Afghanistan should commit itself on execution of this conference’s decisions and report to the Afghan nation in this respect.
2. Democracy without freedom of speech has no meaning and we cannot allege that we have democratic order without rule of law and nobody is committed towards them. In order to ensure the sound activities of democracy a culture of forgiveness from punishment should be changed into support to the democracy consolidation in Afghanistan and rule of law.
3. All the citizens of Afghanistan and the world want precise news from us so there should be transparency in collection of information and legalized in the country.
4. Censor is a phenomenon that the women have to agree upon it for reasons of security. In order to resolve this issue no reporter should be pursued legally for reporting the realities. Protection of human dignity of the women reporters should be a priority of government work and security organs.
5. Shema Razaie, Zakia Zaki and Sanga were women reporters who were killed for the sin of being reporters.
6. The rights of deciding on cases from the so-called local Shuras should be taken and only the courts should have the right to decide on women issues.
7. The government of Afghanistan should defend the women reporters Economic conditions:
8. Full moral and material guarantee of rights of women reporters should be ensured.
9. We are asking for increase of women reporters and keen attention of the government in two plans of ANDs and NAPWA so that women should have at least 30% job opportunity.
10. Launching of capacity buildings for women reporters.

11. We are concerned over working future of women after 2014 and the government and the international community would have working policy that no women reporters be punished for reporting realities.
12. Attention be directed at improving the rights of women reporters.
13. Rule of law is our wish to be observed without any discrimination.

Kabul (BNA) A meeting was held among the activist of the civil society of Afghanistan and Germany. 
The Afghan civil society delegation consisting of 18 men and 16 women are in Germany for participation at the Bonn Conference. 
At this meeting Bari Salam representing others talked and thanked Germany for its assistance to Afghanistan in different spheres and added that Afghanistan with the cooperation of international community in the past ten years achieved marked progress especially in cultural spheres. 
The special envoy of German for Afghanistan and Pakistan said that the international community will not repeat its mistakes after the withdrawal of the former Soviet forces and that Germany and the international community will not forget Afghanistan. 
The former German defense minister also said that the security of Germany depends on the security of Hindu Kush Mountains. 
Touching on the advice of the Afghan traditional loya jirgah, he added that the people showed that they are ready to shoulder their security on their own. 
It is said that the foreign ministers of Afghanistan and Germany also join the debate.