23 October 2020

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Saturday, February 18, 2012
Kabul (BNAS) Muslim, Jahade, and brave people of Afghanistan. 
I am pleased to congratulate you on the 23rd anniversary of withdrawal of former Soviet forces from our dear Afghanistan. 
The Muslim and high-headed people of Afghanistan and the history is witness that on the 26th of Dalwa 1367 HS the soldiers of former Soviet Union who had invade our country from air and land, by accepting their defeat shamelessly left the soil of Afghanistan. 
We are celebrating this date with pride as the day of national savior of Afghanistan and we praise all those who laid their lives on the path of freedom and independence, and wish peace for the souls of all the martyrs of Jehad, and national resistance of Afghanistan. 
I congratulate on this day all the Mujahideen, members of the martyr’s families, disabled of the path of Jehad of Afghanistan. 
The disabled of Jehad and the freedom of our land are the brave soldiers who by accepting sacrifices and by shedding their blood and by losing a part of their precious body, recorded their names in the golden pages of history of the country and for this they are very dear for their people. 
The brave people of Afghanistan with the start of resistance and Jehad against the Red Army invaders and its puppet regime indicated that how they can stand against the invaders of their country in full unity and oneness. 
Brave countrymen. We have very bitter memories of those days that have brought immense miseries to our people. 
Continued years of misery and cruelty forced millions of our people to leave the homeland and migrate to other countries, we have million of martyrs, and the disabled and we lost all of our economic infrastructures. 
The world knows well that the invasion of the Red army on Afghanistan and its aftermaths adversely destructed the political, economic structure of our country. 
This also caused that the greatest super power of the world collapse and the voice of freedom was raised in the member states of the Soviet Union as well as the East European countries. 
The invasion though destroyed our country and caused miseries, but its strengthened fraternity among the tribes and residing tribes in our historic homeland. 
Dear countrymen.
The forces of the Red army in Afghanistan faced tough resistance of our people and for near ten years strived to preserve its puppet regime with the most advanced arms and continued killing of our people as a result of which the country witnessed its most tragic era in its history. 
Our people could defend their interests and challenged the forces of the former Soviet Union and forced them to retreat.
Dear countrymen
It should be recalled that I ask you to join hands and unite in ending the prevailing miseries facing the country now so that we can bring about peace and calmness to our country and open the way for reconstruction of the ruins of thirty years of war and show to the world that we can overcome all difficulties. 
The continued war takes the prosperity and the opportunities during which we build up our country and heal our people’s wounds. 
Availing of this opportunity I would like to offer peace for the souls of martyrs of Afghanistan and wish you all prosperity and calmness.

Friday 17 february,





ISLAMABAD: Pakistan‚ Iran and Afghanistan have pledged to develop framework of comprehensive cooperation and to take pragmatic steps for realizing mutually beneficial cooperation to promote stability‚ peace and shared prosperity.

In a joint statement signed by President Asif Ali Zardari and his Iranian and Afghan counterparts at the conclusion of their third trilateral summit in Islamabad today‚ they resolved to ensure respect for sovereignty‚ independence‚ unity and territorial integrity‚ as enshrined in the UN Charter.

They agreed to commence a process for an agreement pledging not to allow any threat emanating from their respective territories against each other.

The three leaders also agreed to broaden cooperation in the political‚ security‚ economic‚ cultural‚ social and educational fields and enhance people to people contacts including exchange visits of parliamentarians‚ academicians and journalists.

They would strengthen cooperation for eradicating extremism‚ terrorism and militancy and to address the root causes of these menaces‚ condemning the killings of civilians as well as any kind of assassinations.

The summit mandated Foreign Ministers of the three countries to prepare and coordinate a Road Map for Trilateral Cooperation for submission to the next Summit.

It also mandated the Interior Ministers to develop a framework of trilateral cooperation particularly in the areas of counter terrorism‚ counter-narcotics and border management within six months.

The three countries agreed to enhance three-way trade by facilitation measures‚ including preferential tariff and free trade arrangements as well as barter trade. Commerce Ministers would outline steps for enhancing three-way economic cooperation. They also expressed commitment to expand trade in transit and encourage the private sector to invest in the three countries.

The joint statement lays emphasis on prioritizing cooperation for socio-economic development.

Pakistan‚ Iran and Afghanistan would cooperate in combating the problems of narcotic drugs production and trafficking and in combating transnational organized crimes.

They agreed to enhance connectivity through raid and rail links; develop mutually beneficial cooperation in the energy‚ mining and minerals‚ agriculture and cooperate for the safe‚ voluntary and early return of Afghan refugees to their homeland in honour and dignity.

They emphasized the need for enhancing their cooperation at international level‚ especially within the United Nations system.

The leaders agreed to contribute to the development and reconstruction in Afghanistan and broaden cooperation in the political‚ security‚ economic‚ cultural‚ social and educational fields and enhance people to people contacts including exchange visits of parliamentarians‚ academicians and journalists.

The summit mandated senior officials to meet regularly to monitor the implementation of the decisions taken by the Trilateral Summits.

The Fourth Trilateral Summit would be held in Kabul by the end of this year.

Friday 17 February 2012,

(BNA) ISLAMABAD: President Asif Ali Zardari Friday said Pakistan along with Afghanistan and Iran was committed to jointly work to rid the region of the "menace" of terrorism.

Addressing a joint press conference with the Presidents of Afghanistan and Iran here at the Aiwan-e-Sadr, at the end of the third trilateral summit, President Zardari said only joint efforts could help the region overcome terrorism, which he believed was being fuelled by billions of dollars of drug trade.

"The three presidents, and our extended neighbours will fight this menace," he said at the press conference that was also addressed by Presdident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and President Hamid Karzai.

President Zardari said he has repeatedly raised his voice internationally to urge the world to join hands in helping the region counter drug trade.

To a question, the president of Pakistan t strongly dispelled the notion that the country's armed forces were directly or indirectly involved in supporting the extremist or terrorist elements.

He however said there might be some elements in the country, whom he termed as "residue of war" who could be blamed for militancy. He said these persons were the remnants of the war against Soviet Union who fought in Afghanistan.

"I personally suffered a loss," the President said and referred to the assassination of his wife Benazir Bhutto in a terrorist attack and said still "no one would tell me who was the financer of Baitullah Mahsud."

Zardari said the three presidents have gathered here with the objective to build nations.

The summit that resolved to address all its issues regionally was aimed at enhancing cooperation at all levels between the three countries.

President Karzai said any impediments in the way would be removed and termed the tripartite meeting "future-oriented" that helped focus on recognition of opportunites and formulation of an actionable and implementable policy to act upon.

"InshAllah we are going to witness a very good progress," President Ahmadinejad said.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said foreign nations were determined to dominate the region and this should not be allowed.

"There are countries that are determined to dominate our region. And they have targeted our region for their domination and hegemony," he said. "We should deny others the opportunity to interfere in our affairs."

The Iranian president did not say to which countries he was referring.

"There is no fundamental problem among the countries of the region. All the problems are coming from outside," he said.


Friday 17 February 2012,



ISLAMABAD: Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has urged Pakistan to resume Nato supplies and charge increased levy, as it will benefit both Pakistan and Afghanistan.

He was talking to senior journalists over the breakfast here today.

While responding to questions about talks between the US and Taliban and role of Afghan government, he said we are aware of US-Taliban contacts but we would decide where to hold Afghan-Taliban talks.

The Taliban can open office in Qatar but Kabul will hold talks in Turkey or Saudi Arabia with them.

Upon a query over Indian influence in Afghanistan, Karzai said Pakistan does not need to worry about it as Pakistan and India are already engaged in trade agreements.