11 August 2020

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Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Karim Khalili, the second vice president met with Iranian minister of internal affairs here in Kabul yesterday. 
In the meeting, both sides talked about bilateral relations and stressed on further consolidation of mutual friendly relations between the two countries besides similar religious, cultural and historic relations. 
Mustafa Mohammad Najar, interior minister of Iran considered that negative impacts of narcotics, coordination of joint activities between the two countries are important to counter narcotics. 
Pointing out related to his country’s programs related to legalizing of Afghan refugees in Iran, Iranian interior minister hoped that Afghan government is to support the process. 
In the meeting, the second vice president praised the Islamic Republic of Iran for its assistance to Afghanistan in rehabilitation process in new phase and emphasized on expansion of the ties between the two countries. 
Pointing out related to holding the traditional loya jirga, Mohammad Karim Khalili stressed that Afghan government will not let any country to use Afghan soil against the neighbors. 
The vice president also praised Iran for providing facilities to Afghan refugees in Iran and asked for further cooperation in this regard.

Kabul (BNA) The Counter Narcotics Minister of Afghanistan, Minister of Narcotics Control of Pakistan and Minister of Interior of Iran signed an agreement on joint struggle against narcotics. 
Zarar Ahmad Muqbel Counter Narcotics Minister of Afghanistan and Muhendes Mustafa Mohmand Najar Minister of Interior of Iran and Khuda Bakhsh Rajer Narcotics Control Minister of Pakistan met and discussed positive methods for countering narcotics smuggling. 
The ministers of three countries after meeting and signing the agreement of cooperation attended a press conference and explained the contents of the agreement and other relevant issues. 
Zarar Ahmad Muqbel said that this meeting is taking place in continuation of previous meetings among Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. 
He stressed that as a result of agreement of these meetings we have considerable achievements in struggle against narcotics. 
Muqbel added that at this meeting a series of decisions have been talked most of which focus on cooperation and controlling of borders. 
He noted that future meetings will be held in Iran in the coming year. 
The Iranian Interior Minister said that since narcotics are a threat for the world and struggle against it necessitates regional and world efforts. 
He called the meetings so far as important and emphasized on the principle of joint responsibilities in controlling of narcotics. 
Pakistani Narcotics Control Minister reiterated on the cooperation of his country in the struggle against narcotics and added that his country will decisively act upon all the decisions taken at this meeting. 
The Executive Chairman of the UN office for Narcotics also attended.

Kabul (BNA) “Consolidation of friendly relations between Afghanistan and Iran, expansion of bilateral cooperation was the topic of discussions between Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim First Vice-President and Muhindes Mustafa Mohammad Najar Minister of Interior of Iran. 
At the meeting Marshal Fahim said that friendship and good neighborly relations between our two nations has historic roots and it based on common religious and cultural bonds. 
Marshal Fahim considering the presence of our countrymen at the Islamic Republic of Iran said that facilitating of better stay for the Afghan refugees in Iran, is the common point that we want to resolve it with common understanding and he expressed that Iran would not refrain from further cooperation in this respect. 
Muhendes Mustafa Najar Minister of Interior Affairs of Iran while providing information on approaching those Afghans illegally coming to Iran said that we exert efforts to legalize their presence in the country. 
Legalizing the presence of the Afghan refugees in Iran for retaining their rights in Iran is important, adding that Iran is prepared to provide all types of cooperation. 
Iranian ambassador Feda Hassan Maliki in Kabul was also present at the meeting.

Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai in a meeting with the Minister of Interior Affairs of Iran and Narcotics Control Minister of Pakistan said that cultivation, production and smuggling of narcotics is a great calamity and Afghanistan needs cooperation in elimination of this ugly phenomenon.
The meeting took place yesterday at the presence of the UN Deputy Secretary General for Narcotics Yuri Fedotev and Counter Narcotics Minister of Afghanistan Zarar Ahmad Muqbel. 
The president added that foreign factors also have role in cultivation, production and trafficking of narcotics, it is therefore necessary that we should jointly struggle against narcotics in cooperation with the international community. 
The president stressed that regional cooperation in elimination of narcotics is vital. 
Fedotev said at the meeting that so far 16 successful joint operations have been launched by Afghanistan-Iran and Iran-Pakistan borders and more efforts is continuing in this respect. 
He added that in order to bring about common understanding among Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran the sixth round of meeting will be held in Iran. 
It should be noted that the fifth tri-partite meeting of Afghan, Pakistan and Iranian ministers ended in Kabul which will be instrumental in the struggle against narcotics and sharing of information among the sides as well as a decision was taken on preparing a mechanism for struggle against narcotics.