23 October 2020

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Monday, February 13, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Karim Khalili Second vice-president chaired a meeting of the national disaster committee. 
The meeting is held for evaluating measures of the members of the committee for the affected families due to the snow falls in Kabul and provinces and the participants presented reports to the meeting  according to the general head of the national committee for disaster preparedness during the recent snowfalls, in Badakhshan, Ghor, Bamyan, Daikundi, Takhar and for the displaced people in Kabul assistance in terms of cash money and for families in Badakhshan food and non-food items were distributed. 
As regards the displaced families in Kabul the ministry of public health assured that mobile health teams are addressing the problems of the displaced families in Kabul. 
The minister of agriculture and irrigation informed the committee meeting of addressing the needs of the affected in 14 provinces during the current year drought and added that distribution of aid is being continued. 
The Kabul Municipality said that it has the readiness for cleaning of the general roads and preventing the traffic jams and its personnel is ready for solving any problems. 
The meeting decided the following in order to address the problems of the affected people in different parts of the country.
1- Necessary aid should be provided to the displaced people due to recent snowfalls.
2- The ministry of rehabilitation and rural development is obligated to provide potable water by tankers to over 245 villages in Bamyan and the ministry should prepare plans for opening of the highways through contractors.
3- The ministry of energy and water was instructed that by utilizing of gabions and other materials take necessary measures for preventing the damages due to water rise on the Ammo River in Qarqeen district.
4- The ministry of public health was obligated to address the medical need of the affected provinces.
5- The members of the committee at the center and provinces should adopt necessary preparedness for probable spring water rise and the Kabul Municipality should be prepared to undertake measures for water rise in Kabul River.

Monday, February 13, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Mohammad Alam Eizedyar met with the political advisor of French embassy in Kabul and recalled the amiable ties between the two nations and appreciated the assistance of the French people to the people of Afghanistan. 
He said that France along with the international community is supporting ensuring of security and the French forces specifically has strived for ensuring of security in Kabul Sorobi district and Kapisa province, however, he reiterated that military operations should take place in coordination with the national forces of Afghanistan so that civilian casualties are prevented. 
The French political advisor while regretting over the civilian casualties in Dara Gaya of Nejrab, recalled the assistance of the French people to the Afghan people and added that France will continue its assistance to Afghanistan.

Monday, February 13, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The salaries and privileges of the martyrs families and those military disabled should to paid on time, president Hamid Karzai instructed at the council of ministers meeting last day. 
The council of ministers resolved that the ministry of interior via the ministry of finance should deliver up to 417 million Afghanis to the ministry of public works, martyrs and disabled within one week to be distributed among the martyr’s families and the military disabled. 
The second round of security transition had also been discussed at the meeting chaired by President Hamid Karzai and attended by the vice presidents and security senior officials at the presidential palace. 
President Karzai emphasized on paying the salaries of the martyrs families and disabled on time at the meeting in which head of security transition, Dr. Ashraf Ghazni Ahmadzai provided details on the ongoing challenges in the provinces of Badakhshan, Badghis and Maidan Wardak.

Sunday, February 12, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The second Bonn Conference was held on 5th Dec 2012 in Germany, besides evaluating the last ten years achievement well as it also specified the second phase of security transition process and international commitments for the next tens your.
Recently, Afghanistan has been existed in the second phase of security transition.
The passage of time helps reach to the conclusion step of security transition process in the country. This phase would amend a great challenge to the Afghan people as well to international community.
The current situation of country proves that the Afghan security forces are capable to take 50% security responsibility of the country with their great success and self-alliance.
It is important to know that the last success performance of this mission would be after 2014 as well as it would also requires the international community to be fitful to their commitments and speed up the time of their cooperation.
This is while: we have the Chicago conference which will present by the senior NATO members and the US after security conference in Munich of Germany.
It is worth mentioning that due to lack of attention from the international community on their commitments before Afghanistan, the insecurity situation in Afghanistan would spread the instability and terrorist activities across the region and the world.
We are estimating the primary needs of strengthening capacity defense of Afghan security forces as well as we should not forget the result and commitments of the second Bonn Conference before our country as bellow issues: The steady effort of international community was unique requirement before Afghanistan.
The International community’s commitment to Afghanistan and the role of international efforts on ensuring international security exceeds beyond transition phase.
We be live that Afghan government would have financial requirements after security transition process in which they couldn’t provided by internal incomes.
Therefore, the international community is committed to financially support completion of procedures in the areas of economic improvements and security of Afghanistan and compensate the annual budgets of the last ten years achievements, enface the security transition process and support Afghanistan to be self-reliant.
We have much respect to the above topics through which preparation on Afghans side has been taking and the primacy requirements of Afghanistan defensive will also be discussed and the agenda of this gathering would be the noticeable success for Afghanistan.