26 September 2020

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai in his meeting with some specialists of civil departments said that the safety and the hopes of employees of government to future, forms the main condition of development of civil services in Afghanistan and I am trying till ending of the presidential term of office to stabilize civil services through legislations and lawful foundations in Afghanistan so that those serving in Afghan civil service, be safe, progress qualification-wise and have privileges that after retirement live in comfort in Afghanistan.   
At the meeting the president added that despite the fact that still the government does not possess reliable and safe civil service but you are the example of real progress in Afghanistan. 
He told the specialists that you are important segment of civil services and you can become the main pillar for civil services in the country. 
Recalling the system of civil services of Britain and India where educated people are attracted through test in the government departments and by change of government they remain in their duties. 
He added that civil service does mean that our people should enter the government through tests and they promote in accordance with the law and they should have legal safety. 
Dr. Mushahed Ahmad chairman of the independent commission of administrative reforms and civil services described the importance of the MCP program for management and added that the capacities be utilized properly so that their management is improved. 
Ruhullah Osmani general director of management of the commission’s programs said that the capacity building program in reality is the policy of the government towards professionalizing of administration so that development take place by the Afghans and this program should serve a motive of change and creation  effectives in the Afghan administration. 
He added that under this program around 200 specialists have been attracted in 26 government departments and more than 70 of them have PhD and others have Masters Degrees and we intend to attract from 300 to 500 more specialists in the administration in the future. 
Emal Marjan representing the specialists assured the president that this country’s sons with meager salary serve better than the foreign specialists. 
At the end it was proposed to the president that the Afghan specialists and the leadership of the Afghan specialists in the development of the country be supported.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011
Kabul (BNA) In the name of Allah, the most gracious and the most compassionate. 
The Senate of the National Assembly of Afghanistan condemns the invasion of forces of former Soviet Union on Afghanistan on the 6th of Jaddi 1358 and considers it as a dark day. 
As a result of the former Soviet military invasion with the cooperation of communist elements, destructed the infrastructure of the country, and it brought about martyrdom, disability and migration of millions of Afghans that is unforgettable. 
The strong and Mujahid nation of Afghanistan stood firm in the face of the invading forces and after tireless struggles, the former Soviet forces were withdrawn, restored independence and the invading forces without any achievement left Afghanistan and this way the strong Soviet ordered collapsed. 
The history showed that the Afghans, despite having the willingness to have amicable mutual ties with the world countries especially with the neighboring nations, but the independence and territorial integrity is threatened, that country defends itself. 
The Senate while condemning the invasion of the former Soviet Union demands from the united fraternal national of Afghanistan to maintain their honors towards reconstruction of the country and ensuring peace and stability and this way realize the aspirations of this country’s martyrs and heroes.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai chaired the plenary session of the Council of Ministers (CM) held yesterday in Gul Khana Palace. 
Initially, the CM condemned the suicide attack that caused the martyrdom of Abdul Mutaleb Baig, former Jehadi commander and Takhar deputy at the House of People and some other countrymen and called this terrorist attack during the funeral ceremony against all Islamic values. 
The CM conveyed its sympathies to the bereaved families and wished immediate recovery for the wounded of this incident. 
The CM also instructed the ministry of interior and national security department to verify the perpetrators of this terrorist attack and pursue them legally. 
The Minister of Mines informed the CM on poisoning and death of 12 civilians who illegally and unprofessionally were engaged in extraction of coal mine from the Darae Souf, Nahreen District of Baghlan Province. 
They were poisoned by carbon monoxide gas. The CM while regretting this incident instructed the ministry of mines to assist the bereaved families of those killed and advised the interior ministry to prevent irresponsible and illegal extraction of the mine. 
The CM also assigned the ministry of water and energy and deputy minister for political affairs of tribal and frontiers affairs in consultation with the donor country adopt measures for installation of the second turbine of Kajaki hydro-power plant. 
Meanwhile, the ministries of foreign affairs, finance and higher education were assigned to facilitate timely payment and delivery of the pocket money of Afghan students. 
Likewise the ministry of mines presented the draft of contract for three petroleum blocks of Amu Zone to the CM and it was stressed that this issue on the basis of previous decisions, taken up with the Petroleum Company of China (CNPCIW) and Watan Group (an Afghan company) considering the law on petroleum and gas in accordance with the international standards and the country’s economic interest and prepare the contract. 
The CM likewise adopted the contract for detection, development and production of Hydrocarbon of petroleum of Amu Zone and assigned the ministry of mines to ensure realization of the contract accordingly. 
In another part of the session, the project for expansion of the  international airport of Herat was presented to the CM by ministry of transport and civil aviation and it was stressed that the airport will be built on an area of five thousand jirib land and on the basis of an agreement between Afghanistan and Italy the project will cost Euro 150 million of which Euro 1150 million will be provided as loan by Italy without any inter million of which Euro 137 million will be provided as loan by Italy without any interest for 31 years and this will be expended for the project. 
The CM adopted the project for expansion of the Herat International Airport with the payment of Euro 137 million non-interests by Italy and instructed the ministries of finance and transport and civil aviation to adopt necessary measures for payment of the loan and construction of the airport. 
The CM also discussed expropriation of 35551 square meters of land owned by 29 people at the cost of Afs. 6.22 million for building of road and concrete bridge on the Char Dara river of Kunduz province and instructed the ministries of agriculture and irrigation and public works to either provide similar land to the owners or if they reject this pay the expropriation costs of the land. 
The CM also instructed the minister of finance, Governor of De Afghanistan Bank led by justice minister to bring about the proposed amendment to the law of the Afghanistan Bank and after consulting the Presidential Office pursue its legal channels. 
The acting minister of communication and information technology and the finance minister informed the CM on the issuing of permit for information technology on the basis of which a new technology will be introduced and further facilities in the communication and internet sphere will be provided.

Monday, December 26, 2011
Kabul (BNA) General Abdul Rahim Wardakk met with his Portuguese counterpart, during which, security situation of the country and development of national army were discussed. 
General Wardak thanked the Portuguese defense minister for his country’s assistance and hoped for continuation of such assistance to Afghanistan. 
The Portuguese Defense Minister expressed pleasure over the development of the national army of Afghanistan that can now carry on the leadership of the combat operations and called this as appositive development and assured General Wardak of his country’s continued assistance and added that Portugal will remain on the side of the people of Afghanistan. 
At the end of this meeting the Portuguese Defense Minister presented to General Qadam Shah the medal of his country in appreciation of the Afghan commander’s services.