23 October 2019

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Saturday October 19, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani participated and delivered speech in a ceremony held on the occasion of marking the 1st martyrdom anniversary of Martyred (Shaheed) Gen. Abdul Raziq, hero martyred of Afghanistan defense. In the ceremony held yesterday at Loya Jirga hall with participation of Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Ustad Abdul Rab Rassoul Sayaf, cabinet members, lawmakers and a number of political figures, the country’s President first by praying for the soul of martyrs of the country’s defense and security forces called Ge. Abdul Raziq as one of the bravest and the most honest members of ANDSF who was martyred as a result of plots of Afghanistan enemies.
“Gen. Abdul Raziq was a compatriot general who was loved by all the people. All Afghans, women, men, youths and dignitaries saw him as a real soldier of this land.” President Ghani said, praising Gen. Abdul Raziq for his heroisms and devotions for supporting the people. The country’s President further said that Afghanistan Police Academy was named after Gen. Abdul Raziq to honor his devotions and to remember his heroisms. Praising the country’s national defense and security forces for their heroisms and devotions, President Ghani said that sacrifices of the country’s ANDSF have caused that they overcome a big test for democracy, adding that ANDSF have been able to better maintain security of presidential elections amid of threats, concerns and plots against democracy in the country.
The country’s President further said that Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have repelled four wave of enemies’ big attacks during the current year, adding that ANDSF are the real protectors of the country’s constitution, national values and sovereignty. “The people of Afghanistan took part in September 28 presidential elections amid of direct threats posed by armed Taliban fighters and uncertain political environment and showed their determination for democracy and reaching a meaningful peace in the country.
“The people and government of Afghanistan want an honorable and lasting peace in the country and are committed to reaching the peace,” President Ghani said, saying that peace has been one of my priority. The country’s President further said that he has changed peace to a national debate for the past five years as the people have now been felling the value of ending the war and lasting peace in the country.

Saturday, October 19, 2019
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met EU’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, Ronald Kobia, here at the presidential palace, a statement said.
Both sides discussed successful holding of the presidential elections, peace process and EU’ role in support of the good governance and democracy in Afghanistan, the presidential press office said.
Congratulating the successful holding of presidential election, EU envoy praised Afghan government’s efforts and commitments as well as the people’s stance despite of militants’ threats.
He also said was supporting Afghan government’s efforts for sustainable peace in the country, adding EU was supporting Afghan led and owed peace talks, the statement added.
Meanwhile President Ghani thanked EU’s support of Afghanistan and praised its role in development of the country.
According to another report, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with the EU’s special representative for Afghanistan, Ronald Kobia in his office on Thursday.
Kobia congratulated CE on the presidential election conducted successfully and said, “The EU as explained in its statements supports transparency in the election, we want transparency and credibility of this process and the winning of anyone in this election should be based on transparency and legitimacy,” a statement from CE Press Office said.
He said that peace in Afghanistan was a priority for the EU and the union supported efforts for a stable peace in this country.  Kobia assured EU’s continued support to Afghanistan.
Dr. Abdullah Abdullah appreciated the EU’s assistance to Afghanistan and welcomed the union’s stance about transparency in the Afghan election process.  He said that transparency and credibility of the election was vital for Afghanistan.

Friday October 18, 2019 Kabul (BNA) Kabul’s ambassador to Washington said “passing statements” about U.S. withdrawal or peace talks with the Taliban made in American political campaigns are “not helpful” in setting Afghanistan on the pathway to a future as functioning democratic republic. Speaking Wednesday at the Atlantic Council in Washington, D.C., Roya Rahmani said in answer to several questions, “we want the United States to look at us … as partners over the last 18 years.” The major change: “now it is not the Americans fighting” the Taliban or the Islamic State in Afghanistan, she said. Rather, the Afghan security forces are in the lead militarily, as part of a strategy developed several years ago in coordination the United States and NATO. “We could talk about this as a success story.” The ambassador added Afghanistan “is an important part of your foreign policy. We have a rapidly changing environment” inside Afghanistan that includes shifting mindsets over the role of women in society. Rahmani was speaking against the backdrop of the sudden announcement of the American withdrawal of forces from northeast Syria, where they had been working alongside the Syrian Democratic Front against the Islamic State. That sudden withdrawal raised new questions about U.S. commitment to stay in Afghanistan. Even before the U.S. forces pulled out, Turkish aircraft and artillery struck targets in the northern part of Syria, and Turkish ground forces pushed forward to establish a buffer zone where up to 1 million refugees would be relocated. Ahead of an Afghan election last month, President Donald Trump abruptly canceled a secret Camp David meeting where members of the Taliban and the Afghan government and the administration would work out the final details of a peace agreement ending the American military involvement in Afghanistan. Rahmani cited the success of the 70,000 Afghan security forces who ensured the safety of voters in the Sept. 28 presidential election as another example of the difference this year from previous national votes, when the United States and coalition forces played a major role in keeping the peace on voting day. The strong Afghan security presence and the relatively few incidents of violence at the polls “were an important milestone in counterterrorism strategy” going forward. In addition to the security forces, she said 200,000 Afghans worked the polls; more than 10,000 of them were women. “This is a test of how far our country has evolved.” She viewed the election, where preliminary results have been delayed at least until next week for a number of technical reasons, as “cement[ing] our commitment to democracy,” and that needs to be recognized in Washington. She added, “Afghans risked their lives to go to the polls” Rahmani said Afghans are “choosing democracy over the other possibilities” presented by the Taliban or Islamic State. Although peace talks among the leading parties appear to be at a standstill, and the turnout of 3 million Afghans for the presidential election has been called low, she stressed, “The United States needs a strong partner in Afghanistan.” No matter who is elected president – incumbent Ashraf Ghani or the country’s chief executive, Abdullah Abdullah – “they share your goals” of wanting a stable nation, she added. “The military cannot provide a full solution” to achieving that goal and ensuring the progress made towards a democracy shared by all is achieved. Usni Ansari

Thursday October 17, 2019

Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a message has expressed his sadness over crashes of an Afghan military helicopter, BNA reported. “I was saddened by crashes of an Afghan military helicopter, in which our honorable armed forces’ personnel including pilots who were on duty for defending the country and maintaining security have been martyred,” President Ghani said in the message. President Ghani said that each soldier of the country’s armed forces was the honor of each Afghan and were loved by each Afghan as they have shown bravery and heroism in counter terrorist effort and defending the country. In the message, the country’s President offered his deep condolence and sympathy to the martyred families of the country’s armed forces’ personnel and the Afghan nation.

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