20 February 2018

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Sunday February 18, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Some residents of central Logar province demonstrated against Pakistan policies in Afghanistan and asked central government to interrupt all relationships with Pakistan. 
According to BNA local correspondent, the demonstrators by slogan of dead to Pakistan, we don’t want Pakistan production started their march from Chawk Shwhady, Pul-e-Alam city up to Chawk Azadi and also blazed Pakistan flag and issued a 4 articles declaration.
Farhad Akbari a demonstrator said, the aim of the demonstration is that Logar people condemning hostile policies of Pakistan toward Afghanistan, henceforward we don’t want production of Pakistan.
The demonstrators asking from government to cut off all relations with Pakistan, Akbari added.

Saturday February 17, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The overall situation in Afghanistan will deteriorate modestly this year, a top American spy master told lawmakers on Tuesday adding that Pakistan-supported terrorist groups would continue to attacks inside Afghanistan from its safe havens across the border.
“Militant groups supported by Islamabad will continue to take advantage of their safe havens in Pakistan to plan and conduct attacks in India and Afghanistan, including against US interests,” Dan Coats, Director National Intelligence said in his testimony before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.
Pakistan, he said, will continue to threaten US interests by deploying new nuclear weapons capabilities, maintaining its ties to militants, restricting counterterrorism cooperation, and drawing closer to China. “The overall situation in Afghanistan probably will deteriorate modestly this year in the face of persistent political instability, sustained attacks by the Taliban-led insurgency, unsteady Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) performance, and chronic financial shortfalls,” Coats said. The Afghan national security forces probably will maintain control of most major population centers with coalition force support, but the intensity and geographic scope of Taliban activities will put those centers under continued strain, he added.
Coats said extremists—most notably ISIS and al-Qa‘ida—pose continuing terrorist threats to US interests and partners worldwide, while US-based homegrown violent extremists (HVEs) will remain the most prevalent Sunni violent extremist threat in the United States. “ISIS and al-Qa‘ida and their respective networks will be persistent threats, as will groups not subordinate to them, such as the Haqqani Taliban Network,” Coats said. National Security Council spokesman Qader Shah said Afghan forces to continue fighting the terrorists and extremists and won’t allow them to achieve their goals. He said Afghan forces were fighting 20 different terrorists in Afghanistan.
“We want further pressures on Pakistan and those countries supporting terror in Afghanistan. During the recent trip of the Afghan delegation to Pakistan, we have suggested Pakistan to ban hospital and those institutions providing services to Taliban, Qader Shah added. According to National Security Council spokesman a stable Afghanistan depends on elimination of the terrorists’ safe havens beyond Afghan soil, adding Afghan forces were not allowing any terrorists to establish their sanctuaries in Afghanistan and to target the neighboring countries. ‘The safe sanctuaries in Pakistan should be targeted. Pakistan should take steps against them not only for Afghan people, but for the stability and peace of its own citizens,” Qader Shah added.
Meanwhile the civil society activists and political experts believe that U.S. and the international community must apply pressures on Pakistan to achieve peace in the region. “The recent CIA chief’s remarks on Pakistan’s support of terrorism is not new. Afghanistan has already submitted evidence to them. Afghans demand tangible steps by US and the international community on safe havens,” civil society activist Aziz Rafeyee said. Praising US recent stance against Pakistan, political expert Jawid Kohistani says such move would leave positive impact on situation in Afghanistan. “Pakistan should be enlisted as terrorism-sponsored country. US must put further pressures on the country so that to step up efforts for peace and stability in Afghanistan,” Kohistani added.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Pakistan will include on the list of financial supporters of terrorism
USA wants to include Pakistan on the list of countries financially support terrorists activities.
Miftah Ismael acting finance minister of Pakistan has said to Reuters News Agency that USA and Britain several weeks ago took steps in that regard, then encouraged France and Germany to take part in it.
Pakistan recently did its best to prevent including the name of the country on list of countries violating Counter - Money Laundering Organization principles.
This Pakistani high ranking official has said that we they are working with USA, UK, France and Germany not to include Pakistan on the list of countries funding terrorist activities. He added they hoped even the US and UK don not exclude Pakistan from the list they would go through the ordeal successfully and Pakistan would not include on the list.
Counter- Money Laundering Organization is an organization that fights against countries that fund terrorist activities and including the name of Pakistan on the list may harm the economy of that country.  
It is expected the Counter - Money Laundering Organization member countries hold their session in Paris and may include Pakistan on the list of countries funding terrorism.
Earlier to this, Pakistan was also on black list of that Organization.
The counter money laundering organization earlier had warned Islamabad, if not increase its efforts for preventing for coming money for extremists, the country would once again includes on the list of the organization.
Pakistani authorities have expressed concern that if the country on the list of the countries funding terrorist activities it would be hard for Islamabad to loan from international markets.
Meanwhile, including Pakistan on the black list, it will limit foreign investments in that country that would harmful for weak economy of the country.  The warning comes in time, Taliban dealing their money dealing via Pakistan, establishing a company under a pseudo name.
Drug trafficking, looting the mines of Afghanistan, abducting people and other illegal means are the main revenues of Taliban that mostly provided through Pakistan and some Gulf countries.
An American authority has confirmed the above information.
On the other hand US intelligence services have warned that Pakistani Army threats US interests in Afghanistan.
In annual reports of six American intelligence organs have claimed that Pakistan developing nuclear weapons, supporting Taliban, Haqni’s terrorist network and other terrorist groups and limiting the cooperation of counter terrorism organs with Washington and closing its links with China, threats US interests in the region.
The authorities of six US intelligence organs recently presented a report about the threats to the senators of that country.
The chief of US national intelligence service says that the Pakistani military leaders are passing through the red line. The operation of Pakistan Army against Taliban and other terrorist groups, openly indicate that they do something against terrorism, but they are not caused enough pressure on terrorists.
He added, their assessments indicate that the terrorist groups stationed in Pakistan still use their sanctuaries and hideouts in soil of Pakistan and carry out their attacks Afghanistan, India and US interests in the region.
The statements indicate that the relation between US and Pakistan is tense and the only solution for normalizing the relation, Pakistan should desist from its adventurous policies which are over the capability and capacity of that that country.  

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Kabul (BNA)  Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in a statement on Friday said that distribution of e-Tazkiras as national issues needed further discussions and the process should be started after national consensus and general agreement of all.
In order to reach national consensus and agreement of all sides and to prevent from further differences, chief executive office wants the process to be postponed, the statement said.
The statement added that the country’s chief executive would soon talk to the President in this regard.  Distribution of e-Tazkiras should be discussed and resolved in government level.

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