23 November 2017

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Sunday, November 19, 2017
Kabul (BNA)  Chief Executive of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met US Vice President Mike Pence here on Friday and discussed the current political situation in Afghanistan, a statement from CE office said yesterday.
US Vice President welcomed Dr. Abdullah to US and expressed satisfaction over progress made in Afghanistan. Both sides also discussed enhancing bilateral ties.
Thanking US vice president for warm welcome, Dr. Abdullah praised US assistance and called president Trump’s South Asia policy beneficial for the security situation in Afghanistan.
Chief Abdullah went on saying Afghan security forces shouldering responsibility and bravely defending from their country, adding the terrorists were given heavy casualties this year. Dr. Abdullah also said that terrorist sanctuaries in the neighborhood still posed a big problem for Afghanistan. He hoped that Pakistan would help eliminate the safe havens on its soil. Meanwhile Pence commended the Afghan security forces for their bravery and sacrifices in battling the insurgency and international terrorists, such as ISIS and Al- Qaeda.
He stressed the need for Kabul’s continued engagement and progress on necessary reforms, political inclusion and preparations for forthcoming elections — all critical to providing greater stability and opportunities for Afghanistan.
Pence assured Dr. Abdullah of US continued support to Afghanistan. The two sides also discussed current Afghanistan situation, economy, holding of transparent elections, regional cooperation, fight against corruption and elimination of terrorists’ safe sanctuaries.


Sunday, November 19, 2017
Kabul (BNA)  President Mohammad Ashraf Ghanimet with a number of Zabul elders who brought messages of peace with themselves here at the presidential palace yesterday, a presidential statement said.
At the outset Haji MullahKhel head of Jirga for Zabul province spoke related to ousting of Daesh fighters from Khak-e-Afghan district, adding Zabul people were committed to bring peace in the province and the Afghanistan as a whole.
He said due to people’s effort security challenges in Khak-e-Afghan district have been addressed and the vaccinators and surveyors were able to perform their duties.
MullahKhel told the president that they were aware of the legacy remained to his administration, including insecurity, corruption and inference of the neighboring countries, adding “your management and hard works led to solving of the said challenges.”
Later on Abdul Wali, head of tribal affairs for Zabul province told the president that they were supporting him from the beginning and their presence clearly approves their stance.
He also enumerates a series of Zabul problems, including unemployment, electricity, education and paddock to Kuchis, asking government to address them. They also once again reaffirmed their commitments for supporting of the National Unity Government.
Welcoming the elders, President Ghani called their efforts for ousting of terrorists unique in the country. The president added that the news of their struggle and efforts should be extended to all over Afghanistan.
“Your peace message and efforts would be delivered to all over Afghanistan.”
The president went on saying that we should reach to a peace with Pakistan, as Afghans never want Pakistan’s destruction as well as never allow anyone to misbehave.
“Pakistan was using Spin-Boldak and Torkham ports to put pressure on Afghan government. Not closure of such ports no longer important to us,” the president told the elders, adding special Hajj share would be given to Zabul people in next year and necessary attentions to be paid for Kuchis’ paddocks.
The president also said MirwaisNika’s village should be changed to a museum and necessary instructions has been given to responsible organs on the aspect.
The president also instructed Logan Organs’ director Abdul Matin Big to consider employment opportunities for Zabul youths in Citizen Charter Program as well as to select eligible district governors for Zabul, so that to work closely with people and spare no effort in addressing their challenges.
Once again thanking elders’ role for peace in the province, the president emphasized on crucial role of elders, scholars and people in establishing of peace and stability in the country.

Sunday, November 19, 2017
Kabul (BNA)

The ‘4th National Urban Conference’ opened with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani’s remarks here at the presidential palace yesterday morning.
Addressing the conference, President Ghani said current urban challenges were needed to be analyzed and addressed, adding Kabul’s current situation cannot be tolerated.
The president congratulated Ministry of Urban Development and Housing’s initiative for organizing of the conference, saying such gatherings should not be symbolic, asking the participants to share their thoughts regarding shortcomings and opportunities for urban development.
“We would not have a city unless we feel like a responsible citizen. If we do not consider cleanliness part of our faith, we cannot keep our city clean,” the president told the conference.
The president went on saying the worst legacy remained to his administration was lack of water resources management, adding Kabul was facing serious potable water crisis and comprehensive studies carried out to solve the problem. “Kabul to soon witness construction of damn to solve the water problems.”
“Citizen Charter Program is one of our initiatives. Amount of 750 Million USD to be spent in aforesaid program in upcoming year. The Citizen Charter Program is not the continuance of the national soldiery program, but it is an inter-ministerial, inter-sectorial and is a national program which aims to connect major cities with villages,” the president noted.
Hinting to transferring of government organs to Darulaman area, the president said the cornerstone of the administrative complex to be laid down soon and with transferring of the government organs, fundamental changes to take place in Kabul city. “The project was initiated by King Amanullah Khan, but we will complete it.”
“Special court to be established on land grabbing cases within framework of the Supreme Court,” the president said while criticizing the work of the government theorems in addressing the land grabbing cases.
The president also emphasized on reformation in municipalities, saying mayors should be selected through elections.
“We have $2 billion food imports and $1 billion imports of building materials which the both of them are not needed to be imported from the foreign countries,” the president further added.
Meanwhile delivering his speech at the 4th National Urban Conference, Minister of Urban Development and Housing, Sayed Sadat MansoorNaderi said beside reviewing master plans of Kandahar, Herat, Bamyan, Mazar-e-Sharif and Nangarhar cities, his ministry could also prepare the draft master plans for the cities of Pul-e-Alam and Khostduring the time between the third and fourth national urban conferences.
“Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s remarkable urban sector achievement in international level is the country’s membership in World High Council on urban governance,” Minister Naderi added.
Minister of Urban Development and Housing went on saying the ministry’s new management team could succeed to organize the conference after 13 years and pledged during the previous conferences to turn the gathering into an effective one for the country’s urban situation.
“I’m proud today that we have managed to turn the national urban conference into a practical and constructive conference,” he added.
The National Urban Conference, aiming to find solution to ongoing urban challenges and draw the attentions of the responsible entities and individuals is expected to continue till November 20, 2017.

Saturday, November 18, 2017
Kabul (BNA) The Cabinet Meeting with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on the chair held session here on Wednesday Nov 15, 2017, a statement from the presidential press office said.
At the outset head of the population registration department presented a draft on distribution of the paper-based identity card, saying all administrative units of the country have been considered and the implementation of the program would begin from the beginning of the upcoming solar year. The cabinet meeting principally approved the draft.
Later on the director of the Central Statistics Department presented the revised draft on population survey in the country. The cabinet principally approved the draft, tasking all cabinet ministers to focus on the draft and submit their questions and proposals to the Statistics Department within three days.
The cabinet also instructed the director of Central Statistics Department to take necessary steps and work upon a specific mechanism for the counting of the country’s population in close coordination with line ministries, including Ministry of High Education, experts and foreign agencies within upcoming six months.
Meanwhile Minister of Finance presented the report of the delegation assigned for transferring of the 14 armored vehicles of The New Kabul Bank to Local Organ Office. He said the Local Organs due to lack of custom papers and problems in the vehicles, avoided to receive it. The cabinet session decided that 7 of the vehicles which were for the transferring of the money should be sold to private banks and 7 others needed to be repaired and then sold on government agencies. The cabinet said money from the sold cars needed to be transferred to Kabul Bank account.


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