28 June 2017

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Dr. Abdullah Abdullah chaired the Council of Ministry’s (CM) session here on Monday, praying for the souls of martyrs of recent terrorist attack in the country, a statement from the Chief Executive office said yesterday.
Dr. Abdullah said the Attorney General Office has begun investigation on recent incidents in Kabul, adding those neglected in their duties would be punished.  He also said the duties of Kabul Police Chief and garrison commander were suspended.
Pointing to protests in the capital Kabul in recent days which has led to traffic issues, Dr. Abdullah called for ending of the protests as the investigation has begun and the protestors’ legitimate demands would be addressed, the statement added.
Criticizing some government institutions of ignoring CE office orders, Dr. Abdullah said all government institutions were responsible to the national unity government leadership under Afghanistan’s constitution.
“We have failed to serve the people the way we should have.
The people of Afghanistan have not been provided with the services and facilities they need and being part of the government we should accept this fact,” he added.
Dr. Abdullah believed the acknowledgement of failure would not detract from the prestige of his leadership.  The unity government had been unable to provide security to the masses and it was their right to express their anger, he admitted as quoted in the statement.
“Those attending cabinet meetings are expected to explain progress they have made on national issues and programs of the national unity government.  I don’t have any personal demands from them,” he noted.
The council of ministers session followed by the report of Ministry of Economy on results of the provincial development committee sessions in first quarter of the year, report on the national budget expenditure, establishment of technical and restoration center for government vehicles, low quality foils, report on supporting of the small investment indexes, security report and other issues.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The Presidential Palace of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan welcomed the measure adopted by the Attorney General Office on suspending of chief of Kabul police and garrison commander in an attempt to enforce rule of law and fulfill public demands, a press release from the presidential office said yesterday.
The Afghan government has held consultative sessions with the National Assembly to address public opinion on the recent incident in Kabul.  The National Assembly too stressed on satisfying public demands, the press release added.
According to presidential palace, the attorney General Office, an independent and responsible entity, has autonomously and inclusively investigated the case the results of which will be shared with the people.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met provincial council members of Kabul here the other day and assessed their problems and demands, a presidential statement said yesterday.
According to the statement, in the meeting which was also attended by Kabul governor and Kabul municipality officials, Sayed Abdul Rahman Hashimi Kabul provincial council member extended condolences to the families of Kabul blast martyrs, hoping Kabul Process conference and President’s SCO meeting participation in Astana could bring peace and stability in the country.
“Coming of other provinces people to Kabul has further added to the city’s population and increasing of criminal activities,” Hashimi said, asking the president to pay serious attention to security of Kabul.
He also asked the president to clean Kabul from the presence of illegal armed individuals, adding those coming to Kabul should surrender their guns in the entrance doors of the city.
He also suggested that the Kabul Police uniform should be different, asking government to also pay serious attention in transparent use of the budget and fight against corruption, the statement added.
Pointing to people’s protest in Kabul, Hashimi said such protests and erecting of tents in Kabul’s main roads have further added to the city’s problems, asking government to take necessary steps on the aspect.
Meanwhile the president said the enemies’ fighting techniques has been changed and targeting the innocent people, as they have been already defeated in face to face fight with Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).
Pointing to reformation in Kabul municipality, the president said the reform process to be implemented within upcoming three and half months.
The president also emphasized on unity among all segments of society, calling it the only way to neutralize enemies’ vicious plans and ongoing challenges.
According to another report, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with the people’s representatives of 22 districts of Kabul here the other day, the presidential press office added.
The people’s representatives appreciated President’s approach to people on key issues, calling closure of the roads by the embassies and powerful individuals as well as the protester’s tents on main roads as the main problem behind increasing traffic in the city.
Meanwhile the president called holding of such meetings key to solving of Kabul’s problems, saying unity among Afghans won’t allow anyone to harm the country. He also added that enemies trying to destabilize the country through any possible means.

Tuesday June 13, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Eklil Hakimi, Minister of Finance met Dr. Salah Zerguerras, Chief Executive Officer of Etisalat Afghanistan in his officer here yesterday, the ministry said in a statement.
Both sides discussed encouragement of telecommunication sector, the existed problems, providing better telecommunication services, access of majority of the people to the telecommunication in the country, addressing the problems of this company and mechanism of taxpaying, the statement added.

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