23 January 2018

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani participated yesterday in 10th graduation ceremony of ANP from national police academy in Kabul.
Congratulating to graduates of the academy, the country’s President said: “You are the real sons of Afghanistan, owner and responsible of the country’s future. Each mother, father, child and elderly people should believe that you are the guardians of their life and property.”
While praising those mothers and fathers who are sending their sons to join the country’s defense and security forces, President Ghani said you have joined ANP by blessing of your parents’ affection to their homeland and this affection would result in building the country.
The country’s President by pointing that the language of police forces should be the language of constitution and national commitment to the country added: “Your President is not submitting his immunity to a tribe or party but to the country’s defense and security forces. I trust on each of you.”
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani asserted that their aim was to bring lasting stability to the country through rule of law as stability could not be maintained with bullet but created with trust on police.
“Stability can be maintained through rule of law and implementation of the country’s constitution and reforms are not based on relations but Afghanistan national interests. Our commitment is that ANDSF should be the sole organization for using the power,” said President Ghani, adding that the country’s air forces would be tripled and commando forces have been already doubled, which could pave the way for police forces to focus on enforcing the law instead of fighting.
“I direct the Ministry of Interior (MoI) that all administrative affairs of young officers, senior officers, appointments, changings, promotions and implementations should be followed based on the regulations of administrative affairs of officers,” President Ghani said, adding that any person who was appointed based on relations has escaped from the battlefield and the one who has been appointed by giving money that has been embezzled and he would not accept this condition anymore.
The country’s President also asked members of national assembly not to reach out to ministries for appointments and warned if they do so, they would be recorded and exposed on TVs.
At the same event, Interior Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak said MoI was moving on the right direction and they have started codification of a four-year strategy and would be soon delivered to the President.
He assured the people that the Afghan police would stay impartial and would continue their duties in the framework of the law. He promised to maintain gender equality in the Ministry of Interior.
“Recently, 15 women were appointed among the 45 newly-appointed officials in the Passport Department. More employment opportunities will be provided for women in the Interior Ministry,” Barmak told the event.
In the event, decree of the country’s President in connection with granting Ghazi Mir Bacha Khan state medals to three top graduates of the academy was read out.

Tuesday January 9, 2018

Kabul (BNA) With the participation of Minister of Foreign Affairs Salahuddin Rabbani, Deputy Foreign Ministers and Directors of different Departments of the Ministry and representatives of the media, a certificate distribution ceremony was held at the Storai Palace of the ministry here yesterday afternoon, during which congratulatory certificates were given to the 43 successful individuals who passed the entrance exam of 2017 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Congratulating the entrance of young knowledgeable cadre with credentials of MA and Ph.D. to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Salahuddin Rabbani noted that conducting a just and transparent entrance exam would be a milestone towards more standardizing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Minister of Foreign Affairs called the completion of the above process “a great success for the diplomatic system of Afghanistan.” FM Rabbani emphasized on the broad and effective process of administrative reform that has already been started in the diplomatic apparatus of the country expressing his commitment towards working closely with other concerned government entities and institutions for bringing more reforms and improvement to the functions and activities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Later, Mujtaba Zaka and Hasina Babaker Khail, speaking on behalf of the successful examinees paid tribute to the transparent examination process of the ministry. They also said that they were committed to serving the nation and the diplomatic apparatus of the country. It is worth to mention that the written examination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was given on the 24th of Hamal 1396 (coincided with 16th of March, 2017), from among 2390 applicants of the first phase, 886 qualified candidates attended the aforesaid exam, where 172 examinees opened their ways to the next stage of personal interview, and completing the interview successfully, 43 male and female participants were chosen as the successful diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Chaired by Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the Council of Ministers (CMs) held meeting on Monday, a statement from the CE office said.
At the outset, CE Abdullah said giving vote of confidence to the minister of water and energy by lower house of the parliament was gained due to his efforts and works on construction of dams in the country, the statement further said.
On discussions about electronic ID cards, Dr. Abdullah said it was related to national identity of the Afghan people, the statement added.
CE, Abdullah said he supported any process in which public view have been considered, the statement went on to say.
He said distribution of electronic ID cards would be started when the people are convinced.
On a lawmaker remarks on national hero of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah said current system was the result of the Afghan people resistance, the statement said.
Resistance period was a bright chapter for the people of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah said, adding today, the national hero’s role has been recognized worldwide, the statement continued.
on imposing heavy blows to IS group’s centers in north and eastern parts of the country, CE Abdullah said due to airstrikes and operations conducted by the Afghan security forces, many Daesh leaders have been killed.
He also said that many IS loyalists have been arrested in Kabul.
I don’t ignore public benefits, Dr. Abdullah said, adding if we don’t rise our voice doesn’t mean we have nothing to say.
Everyone known how the national unity government formed, he said.
“Last week, many airstrikes and special operations were conducted in some parts of the country, resulted in killing of 282 terrorists and wounding of 469 others,” defense minister said in the meeting.
Lauding the Afghan security forces fruitful operations against terrorist factions in the country, CE Abdullah said the recent achievements on fighting terrorism should be shared with people.
According to the meeting’s agenda, ministry of finance also presented his report on 1396 fiscal year’s budget consumption.  Based on the report, last year 92 percent of ordinary budget and 67 percent of development budget had been spent.
Second deputy to CE Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq also questioned the deputy finance minister on rumors on cutting budget of dams’ construction.
Rejecting the rumors, deputy finance minister said the mentioned budget has not been cut so far.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met Meo Jenson, newly appointed Chinese Ambassador to Afghanistan here yesterday, a presidential statement told the Kabul Times.
The newly appointed ambassador expressed pleasure over starting his new career and conveyed Chinese leadership’s goodwill and wishes to President Ghani.
Congratulating the ambassador his new career, the president called China a close friend of Afghanistan, thanking his country’s continued support in different field to the country.
The president wished the new ambassador good luck, adding his career could further promote the friendship ties between the two countries.
The Chinese ambassador also assured his country’s full support to people and government of Afghanistan, adding that would do his best to develop the friendly ties between the two nations.  According to another report, foreign minister Salahuddin Rabbani received the newly appointed Chinese Ambassador.  At the outset, the foreign minister welcomed Men Jensong and wished him success in his tenure.  Moreover, he mentioned China’s valuable cooperation with Afghanistan, especially its support for Afghanistan’s peace efforts and called China as Afghanistan’s close and reliable friend.
Afterwards, the Chinese Ambassador promised to spare no effort in further extending friendly relations and cooperation between Afghanistan and China during his tenure.

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