29 March 2017

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Friday, March 17, 2017
Kabul (BNA)   Since long times Afghanistan and Pakistan have very close cultural, social, economic and security relations. Due to wars and conflicts, the Afghans were forced to leave their homeland and migrate to other countries particularly Pakistan and the later had been hosting the Afghan refugees for long years. People of both countries have similar culture and traditions.
Pakistan has always been endeavoring to follow a double standard policy with Afghanistan while these two regional Islamic countries have inseparable relations with each other from every point of view. The tribes and ethnic people who are living on both sides of Durand Line, are inseparable from each other. But recently the Afghan refugees who have spent difficult days and nights are strongly harassed by Pakistan officials said police they are not behind based on migration principles and laws despite of existence. Particular migration laws at global level. But unfortunately this country, Pakistan threat our countrymen time and again by different pretexts. At a glance at the region and world situation we find that our country is the cradle of big empires, conquerors and ghazis and has a long and special history. Afghanistan has a history of over 5000 years but now the time has reached that these two regional countries should setup very close relations but unfortunately Pakistan has always tried to disturb Afghans and bombards our holy territory with rockets and artillery and martyr our innocent people.
Our eastern provinces have recently witnesses’ bombardment and casualties due to provocations’ of Pakistan. The Afghan people have now been fed up with wars and conflicts and don’t want these chaotic situation to continue. Regional experts believe that current wars is the war of aliens that has been inflicted on Afghans as a result of which thousands innocent Afghans have been martyred, lost their homes and became orphans, handicapped. Afghanistan is a peace loving country with an Islamic system and law and wishes security of the global. Afghanistan is the heart of Asia and is the crossroad of central Asian countries and can be a good center of trade and transit. We have recently witnessed threats and sanctions on borders and the government and people expect that these problems be concluded quickly and enable people of both courtiers to move in a free atmosphere.

Wednesday March 15, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Multiply games of Pakistani Intelligence Services in Afghanistan passing each day disclosed even the diplomats and government officials of that country talking on the issue confirm the fact.
BNA reporter reporting the issue writes during the last 14 years, Pakistan has been behind all terrorist incidents occurring in Afghanistan. The Red Army’s invasion in Afghanistan provided an excellent opportunity for Pakistan to widely interferences to exercise its long lasting animosity against our country. The recorded documents clearly indicate that Pakistan in its political history since its establishment never had good relation with Afghanistan. The Afghan and Indian peoples consider Pakistan as an artificial country established by colonialists from the territories belonged to the two countries. Pakistan in order to survive as a country in a political arena has resorted to the most shameful tactics unprecedented in world history.
Considering the low and ominous activities of Pakistan, the countries following ambitious goals in Afghanistan in its neighboring countries, use Pakistani politicians and militarists as a means for their achieving colonialist goals and objectives. Pakistan, in exchange of its shameful deeds has opened a place for itself in political games, considering the regional and international developments misusing the rivalries of world’s super powers, proceeded a series of provocations against Afghanistan. Pakistan somewhat succeeded in his policy, the movements and parties who fought against the then Soviet Union and support by the west brought  its control and after the Soviets withdrawal, established and encouraged terrorists groups such as Taliban, IS and other terrorist groups. Recruiting, funding and equipping these terrorist and extremist networks launched a proxy war in Afghanistan to achieve its evil objectives in the region.
The Afghan authorities during the last 15 years have repeatedly complained about great influence of Pakistan on Taliban and other terrorist groups and involvement of that country in terrorist fatal and destructive incidents, which have claimed the lives of many people and caused heavy losses. Fortunately, recently the international communities including US and other western countries have ratified the involvement of Pakistan in terrorist incidents in Afghanistan. Currently, American relevant authorities working on drafting a law that will not consider Pakistan as a strategic ally of that country any more. At the same time, the death of the ambassador and some other diplomats of United Arabic Emirates because of a terrorist attack on guesthouse of Kandahar governor have raised the suspicion of golf countries against Pakistan.
Now, the time has reached, even Pakistani diplomats confess the involvement of Pakistan in terrorist activities, as Husain Haqani an outstanding diplomat who have served earlier as ambassador of that country in Washington releasing an essay in Washington Post has explicitly said “supporting and dealing of Pakistan government has not changed, continues as before.” These undeniable facts confirm the involvement of Pakistan in terrorist incidents. Therefore, the countries and the international community really want to end terrorism and extremism and rid humanity from the evil of this notorious phenomenon, increase pressure on Pakistan the key supporter of terrorism and extremism to desist supporting, training, and equipping terrorist networks in order this evil phenomenon not threaten the humanity anymore.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kabul (BNA)  After two years of national unity government, officials of the government took new steps for joint cooperation in appointments, authorizations, concessions, suspensions and distribution of government institutions.
Such cooperation now followed by officials of the national unity government is a good and necessary step in current situation of the country.
Besides numerous challenges in various sections as maintaining security, economic development, reforms in government institutions, the two years of the national unity government were continually affected for power division and dispute in installations, power and authorizations. The issue was serious and continuing as a number of government’s key institutions have been still run by acting ministers and directors. Even power division and disputes have affected life of the common people who have needed better services and positive change in their life.
However, during the past two years, effectiveness of national unity government in delivering services and execution of legal tasks and other sectors has increased. Power division should not affect all government institutions, work of high-ranking employees and future landscapes.
Now, continued and serious disputes have been cut down. It is anticipated that officials of national unity government by perceiving present facts in government institutions and its impact on life of the people have started new term for cooperation in connection with law and political agreement.
Recent appointments for reactivation of Independent Administrative Reform and Civil Service Commission and creating a state ministry for reform in security organs have increased new hopes for joint work and cooperation of two leaders of national unity government and attention to renovation of inactive government institutions.
Moreover, recent developments made towards appointment of electoral elections’ officials, work for renovation of voting and polling process and maintenance transparency, distribution of electronic national ID cards and others have been considerable.
Recent changes in work and joint cooperation of both leaders of national unity government will have a positive reflection in Afghan society and put direct impact on daily life of Afghanistan people.
National unity government has no way except agreement and cooperation to end power division disputes and address increasing challenges in security, economic, political and social sectors and it will be a key step towards maintaining national interests and addressing numerous governance challenges if the political agreement is exercised.
The environment created after recent terrorist attacks, appointments and key agreements towards distribution of electronic ID cards and holding parliamentary elections should be kept as a work impetus by officials of national unity government and further facility should be paved for further cooperation and agreement which will be followed by further achievements in maintaining security, reform in judicial, military and civil sectors and increasing safety of Afghan citizens.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan throughout Ulama Council Chairman, Mawlavi Qeyamuddin Kashaf in a meeting with CE, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah condemned the recent terrorist attack on military hospital in Kabul, called jihad fatwa (Islamic verdict) unlawful in Afghanistan, a statement said the other day.
“We are facing a treacherous and deceitful enemy. Attack on the Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan and the recent carnage in Kabul clearly prove that the enemy is abiding by no Islamic and human law,” said Kashaf who regretted that no infidel had been killed in the attack, but all innocent Muslims.
He blamed those involved in the attack for their attempt to blow mosques and funeral ceremonies as he enquired either there were any American praying or attending funeral ceremony, said the statement.
“Those issued jihad fatwa in Afghanistan are unrighteous and unjustifiable,” he said Afghans are Muslims and the holy sharia was influenced in the country, as five time prayers are performed in the mosques.
He said may Allah direct such muftis to the rights paths, or vanish them.
He asked the entire Afghans to get united and fight against corruption, bribery, lie and betrayal, the statement quoted.
In the meeting, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the NUG CE said announcing Jihad against the people of Afghanistan was cruel as he argued Islamic sharia was influenced in the country better than any other areas.
He said this was not jihad but misusing the holy Islam to fight the people of Afghanistan and they have provided the ground for terrorists and now all terrorist groups have joined hand to create crime in the country.
The CE assured that the government wouldn’t spare any effort to investigate into the deadly incident and that the result would be shared with the people soon after the fact was cleared.
He asked the entire Ulama to enlighten the minds of the people in this field.

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