28 June 2017

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Saturday June 10, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) met the other day with the Director of Electoral Assistance Division for the UN, discussing issues related to the ongoing political matters and the recent deadly suicide attack in the capital Kabul, said his office in a statement.
The official said that the UN was ready for providing technical cooperation for the upcoming Afghan electoral system, with the CE pledging to hold the process duly and that there was a need for a technology to help the process held transparently.
In a separate statement, the CEO office said that in a meeting with the Netherlands’ ambassador who expressed his pleasure for the safety of the country’s Chief Executive in the recent deadly incident.
The ambassador promised that his country’s cooperation and support would continue with Afghanistan, the statement said.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The plenary session chaired by the house chairman, Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, on May 3 at the realm of the National Assembly.
The session’s agenda was related to the bloody attack which killed more than a hundred and injured over 400 others.
The session called the bombing of last Wednesday have been a shock and tragedy for all Afghans, as a result of which many families lost their loved ones.
The session expressed its concern over how the bombing vehicle was able to enter the diplomatic area in the capital Kabul. The MPs lashed out the security forces weakness in prohibition of the incident, however they had been already reported about the incident.
A number of MPs claimed the involvement of Haqqani network and the Pakistan Intelligence Service; they suggested the Afghan government should officially complain from Pakistan to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).
The MPs stated since the Kabul-Washington security pact had been signed, the treaty is not only improved the security situation, but also it has caused many bloody incidents across the country.
Additionally, the session discussed the protest on Friday related to recent suicide booming. The session called demonstration is the legal right of public and condemned the police behavior with protestors, and called for dragging the perpetrators to the trial.
But, some MPs urged the misused of protesters by some political figures and utilized the youths’ emotions for their political interest. They called for holding peaceful protest in accordance with the constitution.
In the continuation, Wolesi Jirga suggested, related to the Wednesday sad tragedy and other incidents, holding a National Consensus composed of the National Assembly, Executive Power, Judicial Power, the country’s Elites, National Leaders and Jihadi Leaders to solve the current tension in the country.
Moreover, the session suggested an authorized delegation of Wolesi Jirga to visit International community, the U.S., Russia, Iran and Pakistan top officials to discuss about Afghanistan’s current situation.
Meanwhile, the House President, Ibrahimi, condemned the bombing of last Wednesday, calling it the enemies’ plot and a war against Allah the almighty and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).
Ibrahimi expressed his deepest sympathies to all those who lost loved ones or whose loved ones suffered injuries in the bombing. He asked paradise for martyrs and immediate recovery for those injured.
He also condemned the police behavior with protestors and added protest is the civil right of the people, he expressed his concern over the country’s security forces have adopted defensive strategy and the Taliban insurgents control over some part of the country.
The house president also expressed his deepest condolence to Mohammad Alam Ezedyar, first Deputy Speaker of the Upper House, Parliament, due to martyring his son in the protest.
Likewise, an MP, Shukria Paikan Ahmadi asked the government to decide on those imprisoned terrorists. She added these terrorists are reportedly even able to organize their terrorist activities from inside the cell.
Stressing on forming a national consensus to get rid of ongoing situation, Hashimi, a lawmaker said friend and foe should have a specific definition within the mechanism.
This is while that according to the government of Afghanistan remarks, efforts are underway to find those behind recent Kabul deadly incidents. Suraya Raiszada

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, during The Kabul Process Conference (KPC) on Tuesday asked the International Community to support an Afghan-led peace process, said his office in a statement.
Speaking in a gathering of high-ranking representatives from 27 countries and organizations, including the UN, EU and NATO the president said: ‘You are in a city, where the people have lost hundreds of their sons and family members to a wave of deadly terrorist attacks.”
The death toll from Wednesday’s Vehicle-Born Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED) has reached to150, he said adding “Six days ago, thirteen brave Afghan policemen gave their lives to stop a sewerage truck packed with military grade explosives from entering the diplomatic compound, a direct violation of Geneva accords.”
He blamed the terrorists on killing the innocent people, under the pretext of Islam, while he said: “Islam is the religion of peace and reconciliation.”
He said no diplomat has been killed in the incident, took place at the heart of Kabul, where more than three hundred people have also been injured.
The president thanked the international community and his country’s world partners’ troops sacrifices and said: “We are standing alongside each other to put an end to the ugly violence, either in Kabul, London, Brussels, Turkey, Iraq or Syria.”
He said in 2006, the United Nations General Assembly asked the member countries to condemn the terrorism and all its kinds, but said the international community’s response to the growing terrorism was not enough.
After observing a minute silence for victims of recent attacks in Kabul and the UK, President Ghani said: “Today, we gathered here to express solidarity against terror and to begin the difficult process of defining a pathway that can lead to peace.”
“You are in a city whose people are grieving, because hundreds of our children have been blown apart by terrorists’ violence. But while our people appreciate the world’s solidarity and support for our loss, what our people are demanding is justice,” the president said. “These terrorist attacks insult the very concept of justice. The rebels say they are fighting a religious war, but Islam is a religion of peace, and it is Muslims – Afghan Muslims - innocent Muslim men, women, and children, who they are killing. Narcotics, terror, extortion; our religion has nothing but contempt for these tools of modern day of terrorism. They are terrorists, nothing more,” he said.
He went on to say the world community has not yet come to grips with the full dimensions of the threat of terrorism.
“The UN has documented the phenomenal growth in the scale of terrorism, in the sophistication of its operations, and in the brutality of its attacks. Unfortunately, the scale of the response to terrorism’s rise has been slow and inadequate. To this date, while cooperation is improving, countries still lack the frameworks, the legal instruments, and the adaptability to track down and destroy movements that rapidly change their scope, their scale, and even their theater of operations.”
The president said peace should mainly be focused on and the civil society and the women should highly be considered in this respect.
The president once again asked the international community to support peace process led by the Afghans as he said a national discussion was ready to be held for the success of peace and if the Taliban agreed for peace, they would be let open their office, he rejected if the opportunity was paved for them forever.
The president also held separate meetings with the Uzbek special envoy for Afghanistan at the threshold of the Kabul Process Conference, evaluating the process as helpful.
The Uzbek envoy, Esmatullah Irgashif condemned the recent terrorist attacks in Kabul and extended his deep condolence over the deadly incident to the country’s president and expressed his country’s sustainable cooperation and support to Afghanistan.
He said his country was ready to further improve economic relation with Afghanistan, with the president thanking him of providing full cooperation and cooperation between the two countries.
The president hoped cooperation between the two countries to continue in the fields of extension of railway, power energy, transit trade deal, agriculture and house building.

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with Lisa Curtis, the US National Security Council (NSC) director for South and Central Asia affairs here in Kabul the other day, his office said in a statement.
In the meeting both sides discussed Kabul-Washington continued cooperation and current security and political situation of the country, the statement added.
Ms. Curtis who has headed a US delegation and come to participate Kabul Process conference, assured of her country’s continued cooperation with the government and people of Afghanistan.
CE Abdullah also asked for further bolstering relations between the two countries during the meeting, the statement continued.

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