24 January 2017

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Tuesday January 10, 2017

Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani participated yesterday in a ceremony of ‘tribute to position of martyrs and taking care of their esteemed families’ at defense ministry.
At the beginning of the ceremony, the country’s President granted 14 keys of residential apartments to needy martyrs’ families, while 100 martyrs’ families were granted cash. In his speech, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani addressing defense and security forces said, “I am proud of my soldiers and defense and security forces that have sacrificed and lost their life to protect and defend the country.” Praising the country’s defense and security forces for their sacrifices and bravery, the country’s President added the forces’ sacrifices have not been from one village, province and generation, but they have dedicated their life for tranquility of their people and nation so that the sons of this soil could live in complete tranquility. “As the armed forces superior commander, my commitment is to pay particular attention to families of those martyred and the families of our defense and security forces will be first in house-building program for coming three years”, President Ghani said. He added that by distributing 14 keys of residential houses to families of those martyred, the first portion of this big program has begun, saying that supporting and paying attention to those soldiers and forces fighting for protection of the country were their key responsibilities.
The country’s President further said that their defense and security forces were professional and national and had Islamic and national beliefs and there were not any differences and discrimination in the framework of the defense and security forces as they were Muslim and Afghan. Pointing to prevention of corruption in MoD, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said  principle and positive changes have been brought in procurements process of the ministry and the procurements law has been also changed provide high quality medicines for treatment of those injured, which would be effective in reduction of casualties. President Ghani addressed enemies of Afghanistan and said, “You were wrong two years ago, you were also wrong last year, don’t repeat your wrong estimation, if you look at this country for reaching ominous goal, it will be changed to your graves.” The country’s President asserted that the people were standing beside defense and security forces, which was unprecedented comparing to previous 100 years. He praised officials and personnel of Martyred Daud Khan hospital for their effort in treatment of the security forces’ injured personnel. In the ceremony, chief of staff army said that the country’s President has always stressed on reduction of the defense and security forces casualties and pays attention to families of those martyred, adding that such supports have resulted in strengthening of the morale of the defense and security forces. In the ceremony, Burhanuddin, representing martyrs’ families spoke and said that he was honored to participate in the ceremony, adding that such programs would further strengthen relations between the government and the nation.

Monday, January 09, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in a meeting with a number of youth from Panjshir province, promised to do more with the country’s particularly those talented ones from the province, BNA reported the other day.
Discussing developments, challenges and the youth programs in the province, they said the people are comprehensively supporting the local government, said the agency.
They asked the government, particularly the CE office for providing more education scholarships for the youth, as according to them supporting the youth in this field, would be most important to restore stability and meet social problems in the country.
The CE lauded the role of youth, particularly those of the Panjshir province in the current sensitive condition and called serving them and providing them with proper ground of their capacity building, as the core of his office plans, the agency quoted.
Contacting to the insecurity, Dr. Abdullah said the ongoing winter season would be highly used to suppress enemies and restore security in the province, the agency said adding the people life condition and the problems they are facing had also been discussed between them.

Monday, January 09, 2017
Kabul (BNA)  President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, expressed deep condolence over the death of Karim Ruhina, a talented journalist, writer and researcher who passed away due to serious illness, he was suffering, BNA reported the other day.
Ruhina who was also a newsreader TV anchor of RTA or Afghanistan Radio Television has written different novels, satires and research books and served the country’s media and cultural society.
His death is a loss and may his soul rest in peace and wished great patience to his bereaved family and friends, the agency quoted the presidential office statement as saying.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Kabul (BNA) In a meeting with the elders, influential figures, youths, culturists and Jehadi commanders of eastern Herat province, the president special representative on reforms and good governance, Ahmad Zia Masoud said their problems would be tackled through the related organs, BNA said.
According to the agency, the elders hoped the president’s special representative on reforms and good governance tour to the province could yield positive results, said the agency.
Fighting drugs, establishment of hospital for addicts, identification and prosecution of different terrorist cases have been among the issues the elders discussed with Massoud who pledged all the problems would be tackled through the related organs.
He lauded the efforts of the people of Herat in strengthening unison among the people and preventing discord by some malicious groups and asked them to further pay attention to the issue and foil any plots leading to disintegration of the people unity.
According to another report, the president special representative on reforms and good governance met with a number of elders of Khawja Bughra area of Kabul city, where day shared their challenges with him, said the agency.
Massoud also promised to tackle their problems duly, according to the agency.

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