21 September 2018

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Thursday August 30, 2018

Kabul (BNA) While political parties and election observers suspiciously look to upcoming election, the Afghan government says that it is committed to scheduled election.

CE Dr. Abdullah emphasizes that holding of parliamentary election is the only option for the national interests of Afghanistan and solution to current crisis and no consideration could prevent it. He added, the Afghan government is determined and committed to hold election on due time and would not let the obstacles to overshadow this national process or damage the government resolve for holding of the election. Dr. Abdullah assures Afghan people that there exists full commitment to protect the system through holding of elections, and it’s the government responsibility to hold a transparent and fair elections.
At the same time, addressing holding of the on-time election as an urgent need for Afghanistan, a number of experts emphasize that efforts should be made to hold the election on due time. Emphasizing on holding of scheduled elections, the Free and Fair Election Forum of Afghanistan (FEFA) authorities said that if election is not held on certain time, the people trust to government, IEC and ECC would be eliminated. They believe that every fraud in presidential and parliamentary elections would cause reduction or damaging of people trust, civil society to electoral bodies. They emphasize on substantial and organizational reforms in those bodies. FEFA emphasizesthat one of the serious reforms in electoral system would be this that IEC and ECC should be accountable to people and parliament.
Emphasizing on holding of elections on scheduled time, the world community says that holding of parliamentary election on Oct 20. 2018 is a red-line for the Afghan government and rejects every delay. Political analyst Akbar Ehsas said, the 2014 election was the most controversial election in the history of Afghanistan and as a result of meddling of the then US Secretary of State, the NUGwas established. Today the Afghan people expect to rehabilitate their lost trust. Political commentator Amir Mohammad believes that one of the controversial issues in 2014 election was lack of precise number of voters and their lists and there were claims that in some districts the number of voters was more than the actual population. He added that preparing the list of voters could be a short-term solution to part of electionproblems, but E-IDs should be distributed as quick as possible in order to prevent fraud in upcoming election. Experts say that change of electoral system is one of the reforms that paves the way of people to go to polling stations. Some political parties and politicians ask the government to make effort to hold the scheduled election, otherwise Afghanistan would be led to another crisis. Millions of Afghans went to registration centers and they emphasize that upcoming election should be void of fraud, violation and be transparent and fair in order to rescue Afghanistan from insecurity, poverty and unemployment.
Suraya Raiszada

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Kabul (BNA) The United Nations Security Council has called for the Taliban to reciprocate without delay President Ashraf Ghani’s offer of a ceasefire.
The UNSC members welcomed the announcement by the Afghan government of a second conditional ceasefire with the insurgent movement.
In a statement, they reiterated their call upon the Taliban to engage in direct peace talks without any preconditions and without the threat of violence for an ultimate political settlement.
The Security Council members renewed support for an inclusive Afghan-led peace process for the long-term prosperity and stability of Afghanistan and backed the government’s efforts to that end.
They also emphasized the importance of holding peaceful, inclusive, credible and transparent parliamentary elections on October 20, 2018 and a presidential vote on April 20, 2019.
In addition, they stressed the need to promote the full and safe participation in the elections of women, as well as members of minority groups, including ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities, both as voters and candidates.
Relevant actors were urged to address outstanding electoral issues without delay and condemned any attempts to impede the work of the electoral institutions to hold timely and credible parliamentary pools.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Farah Province of Afghanistan and Iran’s South Khorasan Province signed MoU on joint economic, cultural and security cooperation. 
The document was signed in the northeastern provincial capital city of Birjand by Iran’s South Khorasan Governor Mohammad Mahdi Moravej al-Sharie and Farah Province Governor Abdul Basir Salangi.
Based on the MoU both sides agreed to hold three commissions for cooperation on the economic, cultural, social, security and border activities.
Setting up a joint chamber of commerce between Farah and South Khorasan, as well as South Khorasan’s readiness to create trade chamber between the two provinces and holding joint meetings to follow up issues of mutual interest were among the most important topics of the MoU.
The MoU also included issues related to accepting Afghan nationals for tourism, increasing exchanges and presenting IT products, extending the working hours of customs offices and taking advantage of transit and transportation capacities.
Besides economic issues, scientific, cultural, academic and tourism cooperation are also among private sector’s responsibilities that should be taken into account, said the Iranian governor.
Meanwhile, Basir Salangi appreciated South Khorasan hospitality, saying the capacities of the Iranian province will be effective in developing commercial ties between Iran and Afghanistan.
The MoU will help facilitating trade and cultural exchanges between two sides, he added.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the high council for urban development held meeting in Chahar Chenar Palace the other day, the Presidential Palace said in a statement.
The meeting exchanged views on Logar province’s Pule-e-Alam city master plan design, the deputy municipalities’ achievements and the draft to decrease the tariff price of Sheikh Khalifa township apartments, according to the statement.
At the outset, acting minister of urban development and housing, Roshan Wolesmal briefed the session about work plan, implemented and implementing projects and under process projects in National Procurement Commission, saying the mentioned projects would be equally executed in all provinces of the country, the statement added.
He added the reconstruction works of Pul-e-Kheshti, Herat and Kandahar congregational Masjids as well as sacred cloak in Badakhshan are ongoing and they would be soon utilized, the statement went on to say.
Afterward, Ahmad Zaki Sarferaz presented Pul-e-Alam city’s master plan design and briefed the meeting about recognizing and analyzing of the city’s current situation, the result of studies and determination of goals and strategies and offered his suggestions on establishing new center for the city, commercial, administrative, educational,  religious, health and green areas as well as establishing parks.
After all-out discussions, the meeting approved Logar province’s Pul-e-Alam city master plan design.
The president said there was a main point in the implementation which needs to specify many issues such as recognizing an administration to distribute lands as it would be solved through municipalities’ law which is due to be endorsed.
He pointed out that the ministry of public works should propose a specific draft to classify the zones so it doesn’t hamper transit distribution in the future.  Then, Abdul Baqi Popal, local organs deputy presented information about deputy municipalities’ achievements, such as support coordination, overseeing municipalities, establishing a suitable environment, achievements in terms of good governance, incomes, services, development and people satisfaction on his administration’s future activities and stated a series of his suggestions in this regard.
The president  said in municipalities’ conference which was due to be held, municipalities activities should be put into access of people through audio, visual, video and printing materials so hard working municipalities to be introduced to the society.
At the end, deputy minister of urban development and housing Humayoun Faiz presented the draft to decrease the tariff price of Sheikh Khalifa township’s apartments.
The president instructed the ministry of Urban development and housing to reach a result with the finance ministry on specifying fir prices for the mentioned apartments.

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