24 February 2020

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Sunday, February 02, 2020
Kabul, (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani received Turkmen Foreign Minister and his accompanied delegation here at the presidential palace in Kabul yesterday, a statement said.
Foreign Minister Rashid Meredov convoyed Turkmenistan President’s greetings to President Ghani, adding President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow was willing enhanced bilateral and economic ties with Afghanistan, the statement from the presidential press office said.
Welcoming Turkmen FM and his accompanied delegation, President Ghani called Afghanistan as their second home and asked the neighboring country’s visiting official to also pass Afghans greetings to Turkmen leaders.
Thanking Turkmenistan’s cooperation with Afghanistan, the president congratulated the visiting delegation of their 25th independence anniversary.
“TAPI is not only a pipeline but is indeed an economic corridor for Afghanistan and the region. This project is indeed a golden opportunity for economic development in the region as well as would bring further opportunities,” the president said, as quoted in the statement. The president also added that the two countries needed to improve cooperation in areas of mining, and Afghanistan was keen to utilize Turkmenistan’s experiences in this regard.
The president went on saying that electricity project (TUTAP) and fiber optic lines that would begin from Turkmenistan, would be extended to Pakistan via Afghanistan which would bring regional connectivity and would also connect the region with Europe, the statement added.
Emphasizing on increasing transit and trade ties between the two countries, the president said Afghanistan was ready to cooperate in areas of security with the neighboring country, as according to him the Afghan border forces have further been secured in areas bordering Turkmenistan.
Hinting to cultural cooperation between the two neighbors, President Ghani aske Turkmen’s cooperation in providing of educational opportunities for Turkmen citizens of Afghanistan.
Foreign minister of Turkmenistan assured his country’s full support to Afghanistan, adding the two countries’ delegation to work on project discussed during the meeting, the statement added.

Sunday, February 02, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with Turkmen Foreign Minister and his accompanying delegation here at the Sapidar palace yesterday.
According to CE Press Office, both sides discussed bilateral trade ties and regional cooperation.
Turkmen FM said his country was working of mega projects with Afghanistan, including that of TAPI, electricity transmission line and extension of railroad, hoping that the project further strengthen the bilateral ties between the two countries.
Calling Turkmenistan as good neighbor of Afghanistan, CE Abdullah said the neighboring country was willing to boost its ties with Afghanistan through implementation of the projects, adding the national unity government was committed too to strengthen such cooperation and relations.
According to another report, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met with Iranian Special Envoy for Afghanistan Ibrahim Taherian here at the Sapidar Palace yesterday, a statement said.
Both sides discussed bilateral ties, developments in the region, peace process and presidential election, the statement from CE Press office said.
Both sides also discussed enhancing bilateral ties between Afghanistan and Iran, the statement added.

Saturday, February 01, 2020
Kabul (BNA) National Security Advisor Dr. Hamdullah Muhib met with district governors, elders of development councils and representatives of Ulamas and tribes, discussing security situation of Takhar’s districts, local stability and development of governance. In the meeting, district governors, leaders of development councils and ulema representatives from the 16 districts of Takhar shared their consultations on improving security and providing equal development opportunities at the districts. National Security Advisor said that his visit to Takhar was aimed to consult with local people how to bring positive changes in security and provide better services to the people.
He added that the central government was committed to balanced development of services, but to reach this goal, there should be security which could be maintained with the cooperation of people, asking the district governors to strengthen series of consultations with elders and religious Ulamas so that serious action would be taken against powerful figures in the province.

Saturday, February 01, 2020
Kabul (BNA) A number of Ulamas and influenced figures called on Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh, sharing security problems of Kabul people in particular the people living in 13th, 18th and 6 PDs.
In the meeting, participants who have recently shared insecurities of their areas with Kabul security officials delivered results of their meetings and plan for the improvement of security to Second Vice President. According to participants in the meeting, the security plan in which a number of the members of high security commission on mosques affairs had role has been prepared in close coordination with security officials and the people of the respective PDs, considering the plan as significant. Second Vice President while praising the participants said maintaining security was the government and security organs’ legal tasks and responsibilities, but cooperation of the people with ANDSF was more facilitating.
Danesh further said that the plans that have been prepared in coordination with security organs would have good result, saying that he has followed necessary reviews with security organs and decision would be taken in this regard very soon.

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