24 January 2017

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Sunday, January 08, 2017
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met yesterday with US deputy secretary of state on political affairs, leading a high-ranking US delegation.
In the meeting attended also by chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, national security advisor Mohammad Hanif Atmar, general director of administrative affairs Abdul Salam Rahimi and finance minister Eklil Hakimi, both sides discussed relations of Afghanistan and US, counter terrorism and regional issues.
President Ghani while praising the US government for its cooperation with Afghanistan in various sectors, funding Afghanistan defense and security forces and President Barak Obama’s recent decision for extension of US forces’ presence in Afghanistan added they would further expand friendly relations of Afghanistan with the US new administration as international partner.
Afterwards, the US deputy secretary of state praised Afghanistan national defense and security forces for their bravery in counter terrorism and the Afghan government’s steps taken towards good governance, reforms, implementation of national projects, women rights and giving further contribution to women. The country’s President considered joint effort of Afghanistan and the international partners as necessary for repulsing terrorism which is as common threat for security and stability of the world and region.

Saturday January 7, 2017

Kabul (BNA) As part of its recent move on fighting corruption and bringing reforms among the government entities, the government of Afghanistan has suspended Razaq Tawhidi, the minister of communications information technology.
Last week, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan suspended the minister of communications over a levy on mobile telephone charges. The ministry’s spokesperson said the decision to suspend minister Wahidi was taken after an audit into the collection of a 10 percent tax on mobile phone top-ups imposed in 2015. He also said the president’s office, which has declared the fight against graft as a top priority, felt the ministry had not cooperated sufficiently with an investigation into alleged corruption surrounding the levy. It is worth mentioning that the communications minister was among eight other ministers impeached on November 15, due to their failure to spend 70 percent of their relevant development budget, but he could win the vote of confidence by the National Assembly. Unfortunately, in fact, corruption is a widespread and growing problem in Afghan society. Afghanistan is routinely named as one of the world’s five most corrupts nations. Today in Afghanistan, corruption most often takes the form of demanding and offering bribes, both in the private and public sectors and on large and small scales. Based on a report recently released by Afghanistan’s evaluation and investigation unit, the people bribe amount has been estimated to be over $3bln each year. That is why in any international conferences, the government has had a clear answer on fighting corruption. Actually, the government of national unity has done much to attract the people trust and increase the number of its world supporters, and as part of its first step in fight against corruption, it resumed investigation on Kabul Bank scandal. After that the government has established the ‘Judicial Center on Fighting Corruption’—an entity that has not done anything special so far. This is while that the government of national unity has started serious fight against corruption. But it is unclear such moves will continue or not, a question that should be waited for its answer.
Lailuma Noori

Saturday January 7, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Office said that the security challenges were the people main concern, therefore, the National Security Council is now working on Afghan National Security and Defense Forces (ANSF) 4-year development plan and winter offensives.
Chief Executive of the government of Afghanistan, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in his recent remarks said, ‘recent insecurities have seriously concerned the people, thus, the NSC is investigating on improvement of security situation and the security strategy will soon be approved.’ This is while that over the past few days, the Afghan security forces have conducted counterterrorism operations in thirteen provinces of the country. At the same time, lower house of the parliament asks the government to work on a security strategy, based on which security is fundamentally ensured throughout the country. Niazi, a lawmaker believes that with the advent of spring, terrorists, from different countries will gather together and will face the Afghan people with serious threats once again, asking the government to make effort on approving security strategy, based on which the security entities can ensure the security in the country.
Ali Akbar Qasemi, Ghazni people representative at Wolesi Jirga said, ‘the terrorist groups are recruiting fighters in unrest regions of Helmand, Zabul and Ghazni provinces. Therefore, the NSC should on a security strategy so the national interests are not jeopardized.’ Herat people representative, Shahidzada said that the security situation of Afghanistan has got worsened, adding if the High Peace Council (HPC) has any plan for restoring peace, should implement it. Mohammad Radmanish, the deputy spokesperson to the ministry of defense said that the Afghan security forces have conducted mopping up operations in turbulent provinces, adding the operations will continue until the provinces are fully cleared of the insurgents. He added that the Afghan National Security Forces will have more successes next year. Likewise, ‘If the regional countries, such as, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, China and US honestly cooperate with Afghanistan, there is no doubt that peace will soon be restored in the country,’ he went on to say. At the same time, a number of citizens expect the security entities to better ensure security in the country and arrange their security plans in coordination with each other. A veteran, Rahmatullah Ehsan said, ‘I expect the international community to pay serious heed in equipping of the Afghan security forces and increase the airstrikes on terrorist groups. As well as, political pressures should be further imposed on terrorism supporting countries.’ Afghanistan has now strong security forces that can professionally defend their homeland and countrymen.
Suraya Raiszada

Saturday, January 07, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Presidential Press Office in a statement Friday, quoted the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to have been deeply saddened by the death report of the country’s great historian and researcher, Professor Mohammad Hassan Kakar. Prof. Mohammad Hassan Kakar spent most of his 88 years of age to research into the country’s history and left behind important scientific works, said the presidential office.
He had also spent tens of years of his age in studies, researches and teaching in both the country’s universities and scientific centers and those of the oversees, according to the statement. The county’s great historian played key role in politics inside the country, fought despotism, getting imprisoned, sought refuge and extended the country’s voice of freedom to the world. His lose is a great loss. May his soul remain in peace.

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