24 January 2017

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Saturday, January 07, 2017
Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah attended a great ceremony to mark the country’s 13th ratification anniversary of constitution here in Kabul, his office said Thursday.
The leaders called on the entire Afghans to remain abiding by the nation’s constitution provisions, said the statement.
President Ghani said the country’s judicial, executive and other civil entities not to be subjected to politics or deals, but all the country’s nationals’ share should be transparent in the professional and nation-oriented institutions, as he believed the nation was united, requiring a skilled institution to join.
Speaking on the ongoing sensitive critical situation, he pledged to settle issues according to the country’s laws.
He assured to tackle all what his administration, he believed to have inherited from previous system, but said the people help was a need. “Respecting the law and tackling problems complying with the law is of our firm commitments, as we had both victories and seatbacks,” said the president adding what his administration inherited from the past was a longstanding crisis.
Meanwhile, speaking on the implementation of the two leaders’ political deal signed to shape the National Unity Government (NUG), CE, Dr. Abdullah said: “According to the political accord, there was a need to be considered in the constitution.
“Ratification of the constitution in the past 13 years is a historical event, by which the Afghans could own a national assurance, after long period of anarchism and chaos,” said Abdullah who excluded some principles adherence to the Islamic tenets like Islamic Republicanism not to be amended in the constitution, while other parts needed elaboration, under special conditions, which he said are not still accessed.
Both key NUG leaders hailed the country’s constitution a unique one in the region, but emphasized for an end to the culture of impunity.
CE Abdullah highlighted the importance of the parliamentary system in Afghanistan but rejected any proposals believed to be interpreted opposing the constitution.
Constitutional amendment is one of the key items of the commitments made to establish the government of national unity and is supposed to be discussed at a constitutional Loya Jirga stressing on the position of the chief executive or premiership and that the issue is quite clear and a commission for the constitutional amendment was also agreed.
“But, unfortunately work has not so far been done in this field, said CE Abdullah who urged all what needed in this respect should happen in line with the constitution, not under any other document or dictation from foreign.
House Speaker, Abdul Rauf Ibarahimi blamed a certain individuals to have gained wealth and power by violating law.
Unfortunately the culture of impunity is persistently continuing in the country, said the house speaker.
“Apart from any political pressure, the justice and judicial organs should practice their resolutions, as if law was not enforced would have no value resemble a forgotten priced manuscript,” said Ibrahimi.
Fazl Hadi Muslaimyar, chairman of the country’s senate, also spoke in the ceremony and promised that if he or any of his colleagues found guilty before the law, they would apologize for that and would be ready to be questioned by the related sources.

Wednesday January 4, 2017

Kabul (BNA) After increasing reports about ensuring relations of a number of Afghan neighbors with Taliban, Afghan people expressing concern that their neighboring countries from the fear of Taliban will change to another Pakistan against their country.
BNA reporter regarding to the reports writes as follow publicizing of Russia’s relations with Taliban, holding tripartite session in Moscow, ensuring relation between Taliban and Iran and recently leaked to media that the military equipment of Taliban were repairing in Tajikistan by Russian engineers are irrefutable facts that prove the flagrant interventions of those in domestic affairs of Afghanistan. As the current and the former authorities of Kunduz province strongly insisted that re-fall of Kunduz to the hand of Taliban was the direct military support of Russia and the result of cooperation of those countries with this terrorist group. Although the state and the security organs have not commented about the claims of local authorities of Kunduz, but the spokesperson of Tajikistan’s border forces has called the claims baseless. However, the Afghan people who sustain the horrible problems of war and terrorist attacks believe that the Taliban have been using as a means by those country for achieving their evil goals in the region.
Pakistan that applies Taliban for its regional purposes now introducing the group to other countries among them Russia and Iran is seeking to pretend that not only that country, but the countries of the region also support Taliban. The residents of Heart, Farah and Nimroz have repeatedly complained that Iran has used Taliban to prevent the building of some constructional projects among them several Water dams for generating electricity in the above mentioned provinces, provides medical facilities to cure the injured Taliban, even hold mourning ceremonies for Taliban killed in war against Afghan security forces. There is no need for explaining the reasons behind the Russians cooperation with Taliban however, the cooperation of Central Asian countries that are under the direct threat of terrorism and extremism and thousands of their citizens alongside Taliban are fighting against Afghanistan is not justifiable.  Because it is an undeniable fact, if Taliban dominate in Afghanistan, their next target would be Central Asian countries. 
The Afghan people are seriously concern that number of neighboring countries is taking the position of Pakistan against Afghan people who have been fighting for years against terrorism and extremism not only is a disastrous threat to the region, but the entire world and let not them to achieve their inhuman goals. Therefore, it would be no wise for those countries to side Pakistan in war against Afghan people. If they have taken the stance from the fear of Taliban and other terrorist groups, it would be the most awesome move that the neighboring countries not only taking against Afghan interests, but against themselves. Therefore, it would be better for them inspiring from Afghans, firmly stand against all terrorist groups and fight bravely to end the danger of terrorism and extremism forever.               

Wednesday, January 04, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Second Vice-President, Mohammad Sarwar Danesh in a meeting with some representatives of Jaghoori district, said the road extended from Qara Bagh to Jaghoori district would soon be constructed, said his office in a statement Tuesday.
According to the statement, Danesh said construction of the road and amendment in the local administrations of the country’s central regions, would help security gets strengthened and hoped that practical work of the project would be kicked off. “The government has responsibility before the people and restoring security is of its priorities,” said the statement. In a separate meeting, a number of elders, influential figures and house members of Dykundi province lauded the vice-president’s comprehensive security plan in the central regions and said the government of national unity was serving the people and developing the deprived regions of the country, said the statement.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017
Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah met on Tuesday afternoon with security officials and a number of Kabul citizens, during which variety of issues particularly, the Kabul security situation were discussed, his office said in a statement.
According to the statement, in the meeting, lauding the efforts of the Afghan security forces, the Kabul citizens asked the government to pay further heed in ensuring security in the capital Kabul. In their return, the security officials stressed that the security entities will do their best to ensure security in the country, particularly in Kabul, adding they will foil the enemies’ plots in all fields, the statement added. Hailing the Afghan security forces efforts in fighting terrorism and defending their territorial integrity, CE Abdullah called the ANSF a great factor of success against the enemies, the statement concluded.

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