24 February 2020

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Thursday January 30, 2020
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani conferred Mir Masjidi Khan state medal on outgoing Resolute Support Development wing in-charge here at the presidential palace on Tuesday evening.
According to BNA report, presidential adviser Asadullah Ghazanfar read-out the decree on conferring of the state medial. Conferring the medial, the President thanked the German national and outgoing General Markus Korcik works in development and health sectors in Afghanistan. Thanking President’s attention towards strengthening the capacities of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, General Markus of Resolute Support Mission said he was satisfied with his mission in Afghanistan.

Thursday January 30, 2020
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with a team of women-deminers from Bamyan province here at the First Lady Office yesterday, BNA reported.
At the outset, Latifa Mohseni, deputy governor for social affairs of Bamyan province briefed the President on their activities and challenges. Representing the women-deminers team, Fariza Mohammad also briefed the President on their works and problems, saying they have cleared most of the Bamyan areas from land mines and unexploded explosive devices. She also said that their team that was being supported by UNMAS and DDG has been ranked second, by the international arm control organization. Congratulating the team’s second position, President Ghani praised the team for their works in the province. “You are doing tough works, I and all Afghan are proud for you,” the President told the demining team, promising to address their demands. The President called demining works essential for the country and stressed for continuing of the process. He also said that capacity building and support of women were government’s key responsibility, adding that he was committed to do so. Thanking the all-women team of deminers’ works, the President gifted cash to appreciate their efforts.

Wednesday January 29, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Abdul Salam Rahimy, Special Representative of the President and the State Minister for Peace met with the European Union Ambassador to Afghanistan, Pierre Mayodan and his accompanying delegation and exchanged views on the Afghan peace process and the role of civil society in this process.
According to BNA report, at the meeting, Pierre Mayaudon spoke about the role of civil society in the peace process, information sharing with the people, and people's support for the peace process.
He also said that the EU is willing to cooperate in terms of providing technical support for the peace process.
The State Minister for Peace thanked the EU for playing an effective role in attaining the achievements of the last two decades.
Abdul Salam Rahimy said that the government has been able to create a national consensus for peace and is now working to create a consensus on the price of peace.
Referring to the valuable activities of civil society institutions, he added, these institutions will play an effective role in decentralizing the peace process and will pave the way for people who live in the provinces and districts to be involved in the process.
The Special Representative of the President said that the government had taken note of the capacity of women as a major part of society and had begun work to create an appropriate structure to ensure their participation and inclusion in the peace process.
He said that the State Ministry for Peace emphasizes on the long-term cooperation of grassroots groups from the provinces and districts.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the meeting of High Rule of Law Council was held yesterday at Presidential Palace.
In the meeting, judicial executions report of the country’s Supreme Court and its relevant courts in 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter of 1398, report from un-implementation of findings and suggestions of high reviewing authority and report of a delegation tasked to review properties of the Afsotar company were discussed and reviewed.
After the report in connection with the judicial executions was delivered, Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh said that further attention should be paid to female judges, saying that violence would reduce and the level of maintaining justice would boost in provinces if female judges were appointed or start working as judges.
Danesh further said that rule of law would be questioned and justice would not be maintained until problems facing a number of approved drafts were not resolved, adding there were necessary capacities in the country particularly in description of social laws and code of punishment, so it was good to make use of these capacities in this regard.
The country’s President in the meeting also stressed on taking necessary steps towards maintaining justice and rule of law in the country. Pointing to budget of the country’s judicial organs, President Ghani said that budget of the organs should be provided in accordance to the law, asking for necessary coordination between police, attorney general office and judicial forces.

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