26 June 2017

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Presided over by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, a meeting to discuss the plan for Kabul city development was held the other day, the President Press Office said in a statement.
According to the statement, head of the independent directorate of capital zone, Elham Omar Hotaki presented 15 proposals for the development and economic growth of the capital to the meeting.
The key suggestions presented to the meeting included the cleaning of Kabul River, construction of 100 schools and clinics in Kabul, women empowerment, management of water distribution, and coordination of efforts for the establishment of market for women in order to provide jobs for over 100,000 people, the statement added.
He added the plan for the development and economic growth of the capital aims at providing job opportunities and to fulfill the Kabul city needs, the statement continued.
President Ghani said further discussions will be made during the next meetings for the creation of momentum to implement the development and economic growth plan in the city as he emphasized that the plan will create jobs for the people.
The meeting was attended by Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah, a number of cabinet members, presidential advisers, members of the independent directorate of the local governance, and representatives of supporting countries to the Kabul program, the statement concluded.

Wednesday June 21, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah appreciated Iran for hosting the Afghan refugees during the past three decades. CE Dr. Abdullah made the remarks in a meeting attended by several foreign ambassadors, UN and EU representatives residing in Afghanistan, his office said in a statement. He also urged foreign countries to observe security status before deciding to repatriate Afghan refugees, according to the statement. Afghanistan security condition is deteriorating. The increasing trend of terrorist and suicide attacks in several provinces, which have been skyrocketed during the past two years and the unemployment of the youths have prompted the Afghans to immigrate to other countries.  Currently, over seven million Afghan refugees are residing in foreign countries of whom six millions are dwelling in Iran and Pakistan.

Wednesday June 21, 2017

Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with a number of political parties’ leaders at the presidential palace, once again reiterated his speech saying the recent deadly attack was launched to disrupt national unity.
“The attack was launched to disrupt the Kabul Process Conference, which for the first time after the Bonn Conference, was held by the Afghans, which could have secured regional world consensus,” said the president, as quoted by the statement, calling the political parties role very effective to realize the national interest and the current situation. He said the world, for the first time had reached the result that peace and tranquility of Afghanistan was the most important, the statement added.
The president reiterated for bringing reforms in the state-run institutions and assured that 70 percent reforms had been implemented in the ministry of defense and called for apolitical security forces in the country, as he believed the plan would help security restored in the country, the statement continued. He said wide reforms would be brought in the ministry of interior and added that they had started both processes of war and reforms and reached to this level, according to the statement. “Poverty, as the main enemy of our people should be uprooted and the political parties should oversee the reforms and employment processes,” said the president adding the government of national unity has been making effort for revitalization of the country’s administrations since the last 2 and half years.
Expressing optimism over the recent link in term of commerce, economic and transit, between Afghanistan and some other countries, particularly the Central Asian countries, the president said his country will not remain restricted with a single port or country. He asked for well management of waters, geographical location, lands, human resources and mines of the country, a plan would help witness wide changes, the statement observed.
The president asked the political parties’ role very important in political process and said they can fight tribal and zonal tensions. “I have no political party. I am the servant of the people and the role of presidency is the role of connectivity and creator of consensus among the people,” said the president adding some political parties can work on specific agenda and share with the government. He assured that both presidential and parliamentary elections would be held timely and that the political parties can ply supervising role for the process.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Kabul (BNA) National Security Advisor (NSA) Mohammad Hanif Atmar met Russian ambassador to Kabul here yesterday and both sides discussed regional cooperation and fight against terrorism, a statement from the NSA press office said yesterday.
Calling Kabul Process Conference important for peace and stability in Afghanistan, the Russian ambassador said his country was ready to help Afghanistan, in particular in fight against terrorism.
Meanwhile, national security advisor said Afghanistan needs regional cooperation to establish peace and stability.
Thanking successful holding of the eight security conference in Moscow, Atmar called the conference was good opportunity for discussing Afghan peace and stability with participants. Atmar also went on saying terrorists were not the enemy of a single country, but the whole world, hinting for joint cooperation against the menace.

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