13 November 2018

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Bamyan (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, during his stay in central province of Bamyan, met with a number of religious scholars, women and university lectures, according to a statement from the presidential press office.
The president said justice constituted the main pillar of an Islamic system and to reach the goal, the government has resolute plan to ensure justice and make effort to put an end to the deprivation all over the country, said the statement.
The president asked the Bamyan religious scholars to allow no one to harm their religious consensus, as the province as an example in religious consensus and most importantly, he called religious consensus one of the key national security points.
President Ghani instructed for increase in the number of imams of the mosques and asked them to work on a plan under which the imams of the mosque could be included in the teaching of the religious subjects, said the statement.
In a separate meeting, the country’s president met with a number of university and school teachers and pledged to establish a medical university as well as construction of 64 schools were under his plan in the province, according to another statement from his office.
The building of the provincial education department would also be constructed with the best standard, the president promised.
In his meeting with a number of women, the president said a special market would be created for the women handicrafts and industries in the Bamyan city.
They would also be provided with a women led professional school in the province, as well as an advisory office to address women problems in the governor office to meet their problems.  The president also said security unit of up to 443 personnel would be created in the province to take security of the projects under construction.

Sunday November 11, 2018

Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, leading a high level delegation, including Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, the Second Vice-President and a number of cabinet ministers arrived in central province of Bamyan.
According to BNA report, the President inaugurated Dushi-Bamyan road project and congratulated the event to the people of the province as saying the central Afghanistan would turn into the moving heart of Afghanistan instead of being an isolated point. The road between Dushi and Bamyan, the President said would be an alternative to the Salang pass as the highly mountainous pass needed basic reconstruction and that the road would connect central Afghanistan to the north and then to the Central Asia. The 25 kilometer road construction project between Dushi and Bamyan province is said to cost up to $27 million funded by the World Bank. This is the sixth part, linking Dushi district of Baghlan to Bamyan province, while the fifth part still under procurement process, said Yama Yari minister of public works. “Totally 27 projects are under construction taking up to 20 billion Afghanis to complete in the province,” said the minister adding the project would be completed next year.
According to another report, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani upon his arrival to the central Bamyan province inaugurated work of three key power supply projects in the province’s Azhdar area. The projects included the 220.20 kilovolt power, extension of 220 kilovolts transitive cable from Dushi to Bamyan province and construction of power distribution network for 20,000 beneficiaries in the province. Da Afghanistan Breshna Shirkat or Afghanistan main power supply company chief, Amanullah Ghaleb said the projects belonged to the Breshna Shirkat and would cost up to $8 million with the contracts have been signed with three different companies at the presence of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani at the Presidential Palace. Then, the President, speaking in the event, said power was the infrastructure of all other infrastructures, through which, the possibilities of development in agriculture, industry, transport and at the first step fundamental changes would be brought in the life of the people of Bamyan and then would be extended to Daikundi province. The President said the people houses in Bamyan province would be enlightened, once the projects completed. Work on construction of first 220.20 kilovolts power sub-station project with the capacity of 32 megawatts, costing $11.6 million, has been started by a Chinese Company (M/S Xinjiang Electric Power Construction) in Dasht-e-Azhdar are of the province. The second power sub-station project at the cost of up to $43.8 million, extension of 220 kilovolts with the capacity of 300 megawatts from Dushi sub-station to Bamyan city, costing $24.1 million, would be launched by an Indian Shyama power project. Supported by the Asian Development Banks (ADB), the three projects would be completed and utilized within two years.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Kabul (BNA) Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan Rashid Meredov has reiterated support for Afghan owned peace process and assured more support to Afghanistan in the implementation of regional development projects.
The Turkmen foreign minister made the commitment during separate meetings with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and National Security Advisor Dr. Hamdullah Mohib here in Kabul.
During the meeting with President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Turkmen FM Meredov conveyed the felicitations of the people of Turkmenistan to the government and people of Afghanistan over the successful conduct of Wolesi Jirga elections.
He reaffirmed Ashgabat support for an Afghan led and owned peace process and termed mega regional and bilateral projects vital for the stability and welfare of the people.  President Ashraf Ghani dubbed Turkmenistan great friend and partner of Afghanistan and hailed the motivation of Turkmenistan for mega regional projects.  He said the supply of Turkmenistan electricity via Pakistan and other mega connectivity projects would prove beneficial for the region.
According to another report, Turkmen FM called upon Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, congratulated successful holding of the parliamentary elections in Afghanistan.
Hinting to crucial role of Afghanistan in connecting central and south Asian countries, Turkmen FM called terrorism a joint threat and assured his countries of continued support to Afghanistan.
Meanwhile Meredov said his country was ready to hold Afghan government and Taliban’s peace talks, stressing on Afghan owned and led negotiations for peace.  He also said that Turkmenistan was ready to export gas through the pipeline that extended at the time of former Soviet Unions to Afghanistan.  Welcoming Turkmen FM to Kabul, Dr. Abdullah said Afghanistan was willing to establish a commercial port in Badghis province of Afghanistan and with Turkmenistan.
Hinting to threats of terrorism, Dr. Abdullah emphasized on joint counterterrorism efforts in the region and thanked friendly countries’ efforts for peace in Afghanistan.  Meanwhile in a separate meeting with NSA Mohib, Turkmen FM linked security of Turkmenistan to stability in Afghanistan.
Dr. Mohib also said security plan was already prepared for TAPI project and that people of Afghanistan were supporting infrastructural projects, including TAPI.
Both sides also discussed bilateral security cooperation among the border areas of the two countries.

Saturday November 10, 2018

Kabul (BNA) During their visit to Daikundi province, President Ghani and Second Vice-President inaugurated several projects on construction work of Nili city road, solar power generation, transferring network and power distribution.
According to BNA report, 9 km road from Dasht area to Daikundi Bazaar-e-Kohna would be completed within eighteen months. The projects would cost 430 million Afghani and would be paid through the government’s development budget. 5.5 mgw solar power generation project would cost over $13 million and would be paid through the government’s development budget. Likewise, the transferring network and power distribution project for Nili city would cost 18 million Afghani. Sokhtok power dam water would be ensured through Lazir river and construction work on dam’s body was been completed as well as work on installation of two turbines in the dam would soon start. According another report, during his visit to Daikundi province, President Ghani met with security and military officials and heard their reports on the province’s security situation. At the outset, Chief of Army Staff Gen. Mohammad Sharif Yaftali and Mohammad Ali Shujaee, Daikundi coordination center commander briefed about the province’s security situation said security was ensured in Daikundi, adding there are some movements in border areas, but the Afghan security forces could successfully defend them. Thanking Daikundi security team, Second Vice-President said besides foreign threats, there were some local problems that would be solved with sound management. Afterwards, the President thanked Daikundi’s good management of civil and military in-charges in the parliamentary elections and instructed the defense ministry’s chief of army staff to review that province’s vulnerabilities and take immediate step in the respect.

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