22 January 2017

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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Presided over by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the cabinet session was held Wednesday at the Presidential palace, his office said in a statement.
According to the statement, in the session, deputy of national security council suggested nomination of February 27 as ANDSF’s National Day to the session to honor bravery of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces in defending the country, which was approved by the session.
Afterwards, minister of economy briefed the session related to decision of the council of ministers’ economy committee in connection with timber of Kunar. The cabinet ordered that forest-cutting and timber smuggling abroad should be prevented, tasking the ministry of agriculture, irrigation and livestock to prepare proper procedures in cooperation with ministries of economy and commerce and industries, local organs authority and environment protection authority for prevention of forest-cutting, timber smuggling and modality of using them for the country’s wood industry and tasked also MoI and NDS to prepare and execute a regular plan for prevention of timber smuggling abroad.
Afterwards, minister of public health shared draft of establishing Afghanistan medical council and its relevant business plan with the session, which was approved in principle by the cabinet and tasked MoPH to accurate and finalize the draft. In the session, minister of urban development Sayed Sadat Mansour Nadiri delivered restitution of usurped areas of Mohajereen towns of Gospand Dara of Bagrami district of Kabul, Shaikh Misri of Surkhrud district and Qasimabad desert of Behsoud district of Nangarhar province to the session.
After overall discussion, the session tasked Afghanistan land authority in cooperation with MoI, Kabul garrison and Nangarhar governor to adopt measure for taking back the usurped areas in the respective towns in three weeks.
Meanwhile, ministries of urban development and refugees affairs and returnees, Afghanistan land authority and capital authorities were also tasked to review modality of distribution of lands in the respective towns to needy individuals and reported its results to presidential office.
Afterwards, deputy minister of finance and administrative for foreign affairs presented the session draft of amendment of paragraph (a) and (b) of article 5th of the Charter of SAARC Development Fund, which was approved by the cabinet.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The criminals of Kabul-Kandahar recent incidents are freely moving in Pakistan.
Once again the Afghan president called the extremists based in Pakistan responsible for recent merciless terrorist attacks and accused Pakistan that has so far taken no step against terror groups. The Afghan president has made these utterances through a Telephone conversation with chief of Pakistan army Gen Qamar Bajwah. The president had added that the Afghan government has strong determination of retaliation from these criminals. Those who have claimed responsibility of these attacks, are now freely moving in Pakistan, train terrorists and send them to Afghanistan while no step has been taken against them by Pakistan.
At the same time, chief of Pakistan army has claimed that the terrorist centers and sanctuaries have been completely removed in Pakistan and the Afghan government should conduct serious operation against these terrorists. But Haqqani networks, Quetta council Lashkar-e-Tayeban, Jesh-e-Mohammad are still freely operating in Pakistan but despite of that chief of Pakistan army is shamefully claiming that they have destroyed all the terrorists’ centers. The UAE government has also requested serious Investigation on Kandahar attack by the NUG to share all its findings with UAE authorities as quick as possible. 
Prior to this, chief of Kandahar provincial police force Gen Abdurrazaq had said that attack on Kandahar provincial governor guest house was carried out by Haqqani network and the I.S.I in which 11 people including five UAE diplomats were killed and a number including UAE ambassador and Kandahar provincial governor were injured. The Afghan NDS authorities said that original evident show that Kandahr attack was masterminded in Quetta, Pakistan. But Pakistani authorities have once again rejected existence of terrorist centers in that country and considered accusing of Pakistan by the Afghans authorities as pouring of water in the mill of regional enemies said that Pakistan is committed in war on terror with the Afghan people.   
The Afghan government should also conduct strong investigation on Kabul, Kandahar, Helmand attacks and assure the UAE authorities that Pakistan is hostile with the regional peace and stability until this and other countries would take steps against this country, Pakistan, and exert pressure on it that not to get assistance from the world and Arabic countries under the pretext of war on terror.
The Afghan government every time assigns delegation to investigate every incident but still authentic evident have not been submitted on a number of incidents and were not shared with the Afghan nation that have made most people to disbelieve appointing of delegations. But this time, it is hoped and expected that authentic evident would be discovered and the Pakistan involvement be divulged to the world people to exert pressure on Pakistan on charges of terrorism support and force her to conduct a sincere “Zarb-e-Ghazab operation against terrorists.
This question that how long the Afghans would be at close quarters with these problems and every day they would lose their wives, fathers, mothers, elders, sisters, brothers, children and even their guests, is directly connected with the world community determination. If the world people sincerely want the Afghan to live in peace and stability, they should take firm steps in this connection and rescue Afghanistan from this quagmire of misfortunes. The main challenges of Afghanistan is training, funding and equipping of terrorists in Pakistan soil. Until Pakistan is not repented from terrorism support, restoration of everlasting and reliable peace and stability is impossible in Afghanistan. It should be mention that current war in Afghanistan is based on private interests. Some countries want this war to continue and expand its scope while some others intending to retaliate from the world countries and have changed this to a proxy war.
This war would only be ended that the Afghan government stand on its own feet politically and economically.
The Afghan government should make efforts and convince India and Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Iran, Russia and the     US as well as European countries not to continue their proxy cold war in Afghanistan.
Since over three decades, Afghanistan has been the battlefield of these countries rivalry and competitions and these countries never want to extend this war into their own territories.
With appearing of Daesh (ISIS) some regional countries have been encouraged to use armed Taliban against Daesh which is changing of Afghanistan to a battlefield of another devastating war and fire.
But the Afghan government and ANSDF would not allow other countries to use Afghans soil against the interests of others.
Hamidullah Faizi

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Kabul (BNA) The Institution of Women Studies for Peace released its fourth parliamentary annual report, BNA said Tuesday.
In a meeting attended by a number of house members and civil society activists and Kabul university students held in Kabul University compound, the deputy of the entity, Murghalara Mayar provided details about their findings that the country’s parliament has held 89th session, out of which 55 had been with no eligible curriculum, said the agency. She added the main curriculum was the membership of up to 125 house representatives in the sessions, and confirmed presence of the house members by 52 percent and their absence 48 per cent, the agency quoted.
According to Mayar, the house of people has approved 27 laws and 26 international conventions since Hoot 1394 to Qaus 1395 (solar year.)
She enumerated continued absence of some of the house members, linguistic and tribal discriminations in approving laws, lack of profession of some members, lack of separation, flap of role among the three forces’ responsibilities and authorities among the challenges the house faced while approving the law, according to the agency.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Abu Dhabi/Kabul (BNA) Afghanistan’s acting minister of foreign affairs, Salahuddin Rabbani who is visiting the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for expressing sympathy discussed recent terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, where five of the friendly country’s diplomats have been killed, his office said in a statement the other day.
According to the statement, both sides discussed some key issues including terrorism threat, with the country’s acting foreign minister in a meeting with his UAE counterpart, Shaikh Abdullah Ben Zayed Ale Nehyan called terrorism a common threat for the two countries.
“Afghanistan is since long victimized by terrorism and the killing of five UAE diplomats along with two Afghan lawmakers, two diplomats and a number of local people in the recent Kandahar indicates that terrorism and extremism are common threats of both nations,” said the acting foreign minister adding such incidents would help both countries’ people strengthen their will in war on terrorism.
Rabbani vowed that the government of Afghanistan would launch investigation into the incident and would share information with the UAE step by step, said the statement.
UAE foreign minister, Shaikh Zayed Ale Nehyan thanked his Afghan counterpart for his sympathy, on behalf of the government and people of Afghanistan, and said both nations are brothers and the recent incident would never disturb relation between the countries, said the statement.

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