15 December 2019

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Thursday, December 12, 2019
Kabul (BNA)  President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with the Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zeljko Komsic exchanged views on some issues including cooperation with Afghanistan, especially within the NATO Resolution Support BNA reported Wednesday.
During the meeting which was held at the Delkusha Palace, the country’s president thanked him, for his country cooperation with Afghanistan, especially within the NATO led Resolute Support, the agency said.  The chairman of the presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina assured that his country would continue cooperating with Afghanistan and would develop cooperation with Afghanistan further than ever, alongside the international community, the agency quoted.  He also said his country was ready to share its experiences of good governance and development with Afghanistan, according to the agency.


Thursday, December 12, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Chinese newly-appointed ambassador to Kabul called on second Vice President Sarwar Danesh yesterday.
In the meeting, peace process, expansion of bilateral cooperation between the two countries, presidential elections and other issues were discussed.
Second Vice President by pointing to historic relations between Afghanistan and China stressed on expansion of relations between the two countries in political, security, economic and cultural fields, adding that the Chinese government has helped Afghanistan in the respective fields during the past 19 years.
He said currently good relations between the two countries were expanding as mutual cooperation between the two countries has been followed by positive consequences in economic, trade, cultural, education and higher education fields in recent years.
Danesh considered implementation a part of development projects by Chinese companies as an example of mutual cooperation between the two countries, saying that there was also constructive cooperation between the two countries in security section for counter terrorism in border areas.
Second Vice-President also considered role of the Chinese government in Afghanistan peace process as significant, adding that Afghanistan peace was crucial for regional countries and international partners of Afghanistan and reaching this goal could not be possible without honestly cooperation of all countries involved in Afghanistan issue.
In the meeting, the Chinese newly-appointed ambassador to Kabul considered both China and Afghanistan as two close friends and good neighbors and said during his mission to Afghanistan, he would make effort towards further expansion of relations between the two countries.
Pointing to cooperation of his government with Afghanistan in the field of health, higher education and education, the Chinese newly-appointed ambassador to Kabul stressed on expansion of cooperation in economic and trade between the two countries through air corridors and railways.


Thursday, December 12, 2019
Kabul (BNA)  Chaired by Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, a meeting of council of ministers’ executive committee for maintenance and protection was held yesterday at Sapidar Palace.
In the meeting, officials for the ministry of transportation delivered a plan for roads management project in which a mechanism has been measured to cut down traffic incidents and create connection between insecure areas and transportation routes.
Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah while welcoming the plan said problems in transportation sector has created lots of problems for the people, therefore, further attention should be paid to this sector.
He added that creation of a regular system would increase confidence of the people and increase of incomes in the country.
Meanwhile, the ministry of transportation delivered draft law on management of maintenance and protection and completion of properties and infrastructures to the meeting.
The draft law has been prepared in 7 chapter and 44 articles encompassing general verdicts, tasks and responsibilities of institutions, responsibilities of private sector, protection and maintenance from properties and infrastructures and their completion, funding resources of the protection and maintenance projects.
The country’s chief executive welcomed the law, saying that all activities in government institutions should be followed in accordance to the law and measured procedures with full transparency and responsiveness.


Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Kabul (BNA) Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh in a ceremony held yesterday on the occasion of marking International Human Rights Day and National Day to Remember War Victims in Kabul said peace without human rights and justice would not last.
Addressing the ceremony, second vice president Sarwar Danesh added human rights activists, women and civil society organizations including media should have active and meaningful presence in the country’s peace process.
“From the government side, we have always said that human rights and women rights are one of our key principles for any peace plans and no peace plans should ignore these values and achievements of human rights,” Danesh said, stressing that all the people in particular relevant organizations and international partners should stand beside Afghanistan government to support these principles of Afghanistan government.
Pointing to value and position of human rights in Afghanistan, second vice president said Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has had considerable achievements in international level after 18 years of continued work in the country as AIHRC has been reaccredited as A-Status institution by the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions.
Second vice president stressed that the main cause of lack of success in implementation of human rights is not the continued war, insecurity and poverty but the main problem was that they have not accepted human rights so far, saying that all should work to review their social and religious thoughts to institutionalize the human rights values in the country.
In the ceremony, head of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission Shahrzad Akbar delivered speech and by pointing to works and activities of the commission for the expansion and implementation of human rights values in Afghanistan said that there were still challenges towards implementation of values of human rights in the country.
Assuring of strong determination for institutionalization of the human rights values in the country, Shahrzad Akbar stressed on continued cooperation of various organizations in expansion of human rights priorities.
Meanwhile, UN envoy for Afghanistan Yamamoto also delivered speech and by pointing to achievements of AIHRC and Afghanistan government towards respecting values of human rights said all achievements obtained in the past 18 years in human rights, women rights and war victims should be protected.

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