21 August 2017

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(BNA), Thursday 07 June,

President Hamid Karzai met on Wednesday in Beijing with his Pakistani Counterpart, Asif Ali Zardari.

During the meeting, the two sides urged to reinforce their fight against common challenges posed by terrorism and radicalism to both countries.

President Zardari also reassured the President that Pakistan would very soon release containers supplying Afghanistan’s textbooks stuck at the Karachi Port for months.

Yousuf Reza Gilani , Pakistan Prime Minister is expected to visit Afghanistan in a near future where he would meet with President Karzai and other senior officials of Afghanistan.

(BNA), Thursday 07 June,

President Hamid Karzai delivered a speech on Afghanistan’s foreign policy at the China Foreign Affairs University (CFAU) yesterday where he stressed that the strategic partnership agreements of Afghanistan with the United States and other countries are not directed to its neighbors or any other country.

Addressing professors and students at the CFAU, President Karzai said that after establishment of the Interim Administration, Afghanistan has always tried to ensure relations on the basis of mutual respect with the world including its neighbors and other countries in the region and to devise its foreign policy in a way that Afghanistan’s good and friendly relations with one country does not result in straining its relations with any other country.

The President said, Afghanistan has its own needs and in view of those, it forged strategic partnerships with the United States and other countries and these cooperative deals strengthen Afghanistan’s relations with the world.

President Karzai reassured that the partnership agreements would never undermine its neighbors and others in the region, notably China which is a best friend for Afghanistan.

The President said, the People’s Republic of China has good relations with both Afghanistan and Pakistan and can encourage Pakistan to honestly fight against terrorism and extremism.

President Karzai answered a range of questions by Chinese and Afghan students at the CFAU and concluded his speech by underscoring on the need to further enhance bilateral cooperation between the two countries while his remarks were warmly welcomed by the audience.



(BNA), Thursday 07 June,


Afghan  President Hamid Karzai met Jiang Ziemin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) yesterday  in Beijing ,China.

Chairman Ziemen renewed the CNPC’s commitment for effectively implementing the Amo River oil exploration & extraction contract awarded to the corporation last year and declared that the CNPC is also keen to conduct techno-economic feasibility studies for both gas deposits in Amo River Basin and the Turkmenistan-China gas pipeline through Tajikistan and Afghanistan, thus seeking Afghanistan’s support to this end.

Taking into account the importance and benefits of such projects for the country, President Karzai said, Afghanistan sees its stability and economic development in enhancing economic cooperation with the People’s Republic of China.

The President ordered Wahidullah Shahrani, Afghanistan’s Minister of Mining to prepare a comprehensive framework agreement for cooperation between the Afghan government and the CNPC. It was also instructed that the framework be signed and implemented by the two sides following an approval by the Cabinet of Afghanistan and the CNPC.

It was decided that a CNPC delegation visit Kabul in the current month (June) in order to ink the framework agreement with the Afghan government.

The CNPC is the 7th largest petroleum company in the world that received the contract last year for exploration and extraction of three oil deposits of Amu River Basin through an international bidding. The CNPC would start extracting the deposits in September of this year.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012
Kabul (BNA) In accordance with the provision of article 84 of Constitution of Afghanistan I approve the selection of Mohammad Usman Rehmani son of Mawlawi Arsalan Rehmani. 
The Independent Election Commission is assigned to process the procedure in this respect on the basis of provision of article 86 of Constitution. 
The minister of state for parliamentary affairs is assigned to officially introduce Mohammad Usman Rehmani to the National Assembly of Afghanistan.