21 June 2018

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Saturday, February 02, 2013
Kabul (BNA) France has decided to assist the directorate of disasters of the interior ministry, the press office of the interior ministry said the other day.
In a meeting between Mahboob Amiri the head of directorate for disasters and his French counterpart, the French side pledged to train and provide technical support and equipment’s to the personnel of disaster department.
Later the French dignitary visited the departments of directorate of disasters.

Saturday, February 02, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The government of Afghanistan welcomed the two years program of the Denmark that focuses on the central importance of Afghanistan’s ownership and sustainable commitment of Denmark in respect to the cooperation of that country to Afghanistan after 2014.
The Ministry foreign Affairs by issuing a statement said that this two-year program comprises of vast cooperation in political, military and training of police and progress in 2013 and 2014. Dr. Zalmai Rasoul Minister of Foreign Affairs said that I respect the emphasis of Denmark over ownership of Afghan side that is in accord with the long term strategy of Afghanistan towards progress and self-sufficiency.
Meantime, it is said that the annual assistance of Denmark to Afghanistan during the years 2013 to 2017 will be around 530 million Danish croon and this places Afghanistan on the lead of receivers of Denmark’s development assistance and this indicates the long-term friendship and cooperation of Denmark to Afghanistan.

Saturday, February 02, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The process of peace and reconciliation considered as the most important national issue of the country. It is the right of Afghans to reach this goal in a way to meet their national interests. But there are certain circles even countries for achieving their illegal objectives want to derail the process and sabotage it.
Political analyst of BNA writes:
Three decades of unrests and insecurities in Afghanistan has made the worth of peace more conspicuous than ever. For this reason the Afghans consider ensuring peace and stability as an urgent need and it is their right like other residents of the world enjoy peace and  to fight for peace and restoration of peace and full stability in to their country. In recent years, for achieving this national goal a lot of efforts have been made which have had laudable results. Beside these efforts, tolerance and respecting free political activities, which have been experience in the country, provided the ground for political groups and activists to follow the developments in the country and critically explain their views regarding to relevant issues. Such freedoms always enjoy the support of the state. The Afghan government respecting the views of others considers them valuable for Afghans mutual understanding.
The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan for restoring peace and stability in to the country is so resolute and firm that agreed for establishing an office for Taliban in Qatar in order to pave the way for the peace process and achieve the most important goal which is ensuring peace and stability in the country.
On the other hand, the government of Afghanistan, by holding numerous conferences and sessions has always encouraged the armed oppositions to peace. For achieving this, it works based on a transparent program and has the consultation of Jehadi and political leaders, even its political critics.
Because we believe the process of peace is a national process which belongs to all Afghans, therefore, every move in that end should be in coordination to national interests of the country. Individual dealing with the process not only slows down the process but makes it more complicated.
It should not be ignored that what Afghanistan has experienced during the last three decades, was emanated from direct foreign aggression or being the result of foreign covered interferences. Without doubt the foreign enemies of Afghanistan are still at ambush of Afghan people and hardly endeavor to create barriers on the way of progress and stability of the country. Now, it depends to the critics and armed oppositions of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, to learn wisely about the plots of the enemies and considering the national interests act against them in order to rescue the country from the quagmire of foreign conspiracies. We cannot achieve this national goal just by false talking and showing green light for peace; reaching this noble objective is only possible through maintaining national interests and values. Individual efforts and contacts derail us from the main route and at last will cause to the failure of the peace process. We should know about the ill- intentions of the foreigners regarding to the process of peace.
The statement made by president Karzai is of great importance and justifiable who said, the success of peace process is only possible through national unity and vial participation of credible national figures and any individual efforts will lead us to the incidents of the last thirty years.      

Saturday, February 02, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The spokesman for defense ministry General Zhir Azimi has described the visit of defense minister General Bismillah Khan Mohammadi to Pakistan as very important. 
Addressing a new conference here the other day, Azimi said that the defense minister visited Pakistan at the invitation of Pakistan army chief of staff during meeting matters pertaining joint war on terror, extremism, boosting security cooperation, security on the common borders and trade came under discussion but no agreement has been inked.
The spokesman also stated that the casualties of national army had gone down in 2012 in compare with 2011. 
He also said that the national army is leading 80 percent of the military operations and covering the security of 70 percent of the country’s population.