22 August 2017

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The US ambassador to Kabul met with second vice-president Mohammad Karim Khalili and they discussed the achievements and removal of obstacles towards signing of the strategic cooperation treaty between Afghanistan and the US and increment of security forces capabilities as well as shouldering of security responsibility by the Afghan security forces. 
At the meeting the US ambassador to Afghanistan, called Afghanistan of the night military operations as a bold step by the Afghan forces and asserted that his country shall continue her support towards strengthening, equipping and training of those forces. 
The ambassador called further cooperation between the two nations in political security spheres as important for attaining the lofty aims in war against terrorism and emphasized on expansion of effective cooperation in this respect. 
Khalili thanked the US administration and its people for their support to the reconstruction of the country and reiterated on the further expansion and continued mutual cooperation between the two nations. 
He added victory in war against terrorism and maintaining of security can be ensured in close cooperation of the international community with the government of Afghanistan and added that the importance and preservation of the joint achievements of Afghanistan and the world community requires that such cooperation further expanded in different spheres.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A mixed delegation comprising of the UN agencies and the World Bank met with second vice-president Mohammad Karim Khalili yesterday. 
The delegation led by the representative of the international organization of UNICEF to Afghanistan explained the program for malnutrition of children in Afghanistan. 
It is said that on the basis of assessments carried out by the UNICEF food insecurity, low income and illiteracy of mothers are the basic factors for malnutrition among the children in Afghanistan. 
They said that the priority of the situation requires that a foundation higher than one or several ministries take practical measures in this respect. 
They asked Khalili to attach attention towards the importance of this issue so that better response is made towards improving malnutrition among the children. 
Representing the nation and the government of Afghanistan Khalili appreciated the achieved efforts towards recognition of the factors of malnutrition among the children and as how to overcome this problem by the different US foundations and the World Bank and added that creation of a united base or foundation for addressing this problem will be decisively supported by the government of Afghanistan. 
He also assured of coordination among the responsible organs of the government with the UN agencies in order to combat malnutrition, adding that efforts towards elimination of the problem is a vital issue for the Afghan government and the leadership of the government shall soon express its viewpoints in this respect. 
They also provided information to Khalili about the practices for responding to the needs of the affected during the occurrence of natural calamities. 
This program will be implemented with the cooperation of the Afghanistan National Disaster Preparedness Administration.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Kabul (BNA) First Vice-president Marshal Mohammad Qaseem Fahim during his meeting with the US ambassador to Afghanistan called the agreement between Afghanistan and the US in Kabul on transition of responsibility of night operations to the Afghan forces an important achievement. 
During the meeting Marshal Fahim said that this agreement of understanding can open the way for signing of strategic cooperation between Afghanistan and the US, adding that the people of Afghanistan are in need of peace and we shall use all means to attain peace and security of the people of Afghanistan. 
The US ambassador expressing satisfaction over improvement of security situation in Afghanistan said that the ten years achievements in Afghanistan is visible and we should not over look it. 
He considered transition of the night operation responsibility to the Afghan security forces as a matter of certainty for the people of Afghanistan and added that the US supports any process that the leadership of government of Afghanistan undertakes. 
As regards preparations for signing of the strategic cooperation treaty between Afghanistan and the US he noted that work on this occasion has been started and it is expected that the treaty would be signed before the holding of the Chicago Conference on Afghanistan.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai chaired a plenary session of the Council of Ministers held at presidential palace yesterday. 
Initially president Karzai explained the Memorandum of Understanding on transition of night operations and said that recently we reached agreement with the US on transition of all responsibilities of night operation from the ISAF and NATO forces to the Afghan military forces and he called this agreement a good achievement towards consolidation of national sovereignty in the country and stressed that this was the wish of the people of Afghanistan and this was voiced and supported by their representatives at the Traditional Loya Jirgah. 
He instructed the ministry of defense, interior, national security department so they should carry on night operations on the basis of order of the country’s courts so that the concern of the people from this point of view is eliminated, their life and property is saved and the human rights of the nationals are respected on the basis of the Afghan Constitution and other enforced laws of the country. 
This agreement has been reached on the basis of continued talks of strategic cooperation treaty on all provisions of the draft treaty of strategic cooperation with the US. 
President Karzai in order to accelerate the process of trade, economic cooperation with the Russian Federation, instructed the minister of economy to undertake the responsibility of the inter-governmental commission with the Russian Federation in relation to attraction of cooperation of that country in trade, economy and reconstruction and with the cooperation of the related ministries prepare a regular plan and coordinate it with the Russian side. 
Prof. Shahrani senior advisor minister of the presidential office explained the results of his visit to Kuwait for participation at the Islamic Equilibrium in which annually the Islamic countries are invited for participating at this conference. 
It was proposed at this conference that offices be established in Islamic countries for this purpose with the cooperation of Kuwait State so that the benefits of Islam are publicized for the Ulema and to the public at large. 
The CM instructed the presidential advisor so that with the cooperation of foreign minister prepare the base for creation of such an office with the cooperation of Kuwait State and report back to the coming CM session. 
The Minister of Finance explained the changes in the National Budget (both ordinary and development) by the proposal of the National Assembly including:
1- Increasing of Afs 63 million in ordinary budget of National Assembly,
2- Increasing of USD five million in development budget for completion of construction of Herat-Cheghcharan road in Garndewal project, USD2 million for reconstruction of universities, UD21 million for reconstruction of hospitals and USD2 million for construction of Pamirs road. 
He stressed that the amendments were inserted into the budget chapters and codes and no change has occurred in the overall budget figures. 
Minister of Transport and civil aviation apprised the CM on the contract of Kabul and Kandahar airports with the British Arms Strong company instead of the Global Company that refused to implement the project. 
The CM instructed the national security advisor and minister of transport to study the offer of the Gozen Security Service of Turkey and start talks with it and report back on the results of the discussions to the coming session of the CM accordingly. 
The CM also advised the government organs to anticipate their work plan and process the related contracts in their due time. 
Minister of communications and information technology presented a proposal on authorizing the CM committee for processing the procedures for installation of the air satellite of the World Communication on the 50 East degrees on Indian sea for its usage by Afghanistan. 
The CM confirmed the proposal of the communications ministry and instructed the CM economic committee to assess the documents and the process and the ministry informs the CM on progress of its performance in this respect. 
Minister of agriculture and irrigation informed the CM on creation of a large logistical park for building of cold storages, processing of agricultural products and procurement of food items by the name of Afghan logistical park with the ANHAM an American company. 
The high investment commission asked procurement of 500 jirib of land for implementation of this project with capital investment of USD500 and the agriculture and irrigation ministry has allotted the land on the east of the Kabul airport on the basis of rent of Afs 12000 per jirib of land annually. 
The CM considered the project as necessary for the center and provinces and confirmed it in principle and instructed the ministry of agriculture and irrigation to proceed with the completion of necessary documents and procedures with the US Company and inform the CM on its accomplishments in this respect. 
Meanwhile the minister of agriculture and irrigation informed the CM on the renting of 80 jirib of farm land of Darul Aman silk worm for three year to the widows and vulnerable women till full growth of mulberry trees on annual rental of Afs. 5,000 per jirib of land that was adopted by the CM accordingly.