16 December 2017

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Sunday, July 22, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The US out going ambassador had a meeting yesterday with second voice- president Mohammad Karim Khalili.
At the meeting the US ambassador Ryan Crocker said that during the past one decade Afghanistan has marked progress in state building, democracy and strengthening of its security foundations.
He added that with the signing of the strategic long-term cooperation agreement between the US and Afghanistan has turned as an ally of the US in the world.
He stressed that the security and economic commitments of the international community at the Chicago and Tokyo conference indicate a better and clear future for the people and government of Afghanistan.
At this meeting Khalili representing the government and people of Afghanistan thanked Ryan Crocker the US out-going ambassador’s efforts towards expansion of relations, reconstruction, efforts for restoration of peace and security in Afghanistan and added that the people and government of Afghanistan shall not forget your strivings.
He called the strategic cooperation agreement between the two nations as an important step towards expansion of friendly relations and appreciated the efforts of the US government towards holding of Chicago conference and the role of the Chicago and Tokyo conference towards directing Afghanistan to stability and progress.
At this meeting the sides said that successful transition of security responsibilities to the  Afghan security forces and holding of transparent and democratic elections in 2014 shall make the enemies of Afghanistan hopeless and emphasized on the continued democratic process and restoration of peace and stability in the country.

Sunday, July 22, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Marshal Mohammad Fahim First Vice-president had a farewell meeting with Ryan Crocker out-going US ambassador to Kabul.
At the meeting he praised the US assistance to the people of Afghanistan.
Marshal Fahim further stressed that the mission of Ryan Crocker has been very positive for expansion of cooperation between the US and Afghanistan. He also touched on the achievement of the government in security, economic expansion and the world support to Afghanistan.
Ryan Crocker at this meeting expressed pleasure that during his mission he has strived for assisting the people of Afghanistan and added that he is pleased that he seen much progress in Afghanistan, he is certain that this country will not return the dark eras of difficulties once again.
Ryan Crocker expressed pleasure over creation of coordination and friendship by the first vice-president between the people of Afghanistan and the US and added that after 2014 Afghanistan has the US and other countries as her allies.
Crocker’s mission as the US ambassador in Afghanistan has ended.

Saturday, July 21, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Due to a special ceremonial function, Dr. Amanullah Jaihoon, new appointed ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Ankara, presented his credentials to the president of Turkey Abdullah Gul the other day.
According to a BNA report from press and information department of ministry of foreign affairs, after presentation of his credentials to Turkish President, Dr. Jaihoon met with the president of Turkey about various issues from among them, regarding the cooperation of friendly country Turkey to Afghanistan in the field of maintenance of peace, security, rehabilitation, promotion of human capacity building and training of security forces of Afghanistan during this meeting, the new ambassador of Afghanistan demanded the Turkish president to visit Kabul for signing of strategic cooperation agreement between Afghanistan and Turkey.
He expressed his satisfaction over this meeting.

Saturday, July 21, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Independent Election Commission (IEC) on Wednesday said next presidential and provincial council elections would be held as scheduled in line with the Afghan constitution, despite problems and challenges.
Addressing a consultative meeting with political leaders in Kabul, IEC head Fazal Ahmad Manawi said there were many hurdles in the way of the presidential ballot, but the problems could be overcome with people’s cooperation.
“IEC will do its bit to ensure transparency, which doesn’t mean the elimination of all problems,” he said, adding the issues they had to contend with during the last elections remained unresolved. He feared the problems could increase.
He identified the lack of data, such as the exact number of voters, and insecurity as some of the major challenges to the credibility of the 2014 presidential election.
“If we don’t discuss and resolve these issues today, security measures alone will not help make the polls a success,” he observed, recalling insecurity had been a major problem during the last presidential vote.
Hinting that the poll panel would not be able to hold fair elections due to insecurity, Manawi said the presidential ballot would take place in line with the constitution and there was no need for any change in the timetable.
Article 61 of constitution says:” the presidential term expires on May 21 on completion of the fifth year after the elections. Elections for a new president should be held within 30-60 days before the end of the presidential term.”
The meeting involving representatives of various political parties was the first of its kind.