18 March 2018

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Monday, October 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) During a meeting with Second Vice President, Mohammad Karim Khalili the member of Dauate-e-Islami Foundation of Afghanistan Ulama described the role of Islamic and religious scholars the most prominent in the Islamic society, the presidential office said.
According to a statement from the presidential palace the meeting members said the members for Afghanistan Dauat-e-Islami Foundation with many provincial agencies would do for restoring peace in the country. 
They asked the government for doing more in restoring of security in Parwan province and its districts as recently the province residents are fatigued by some cases of murder, kidnapping and other security problems.
Lauding the role of religious scholars significant in the entire spheres and describing their position the most prominent among the people of Afghanistan, as well as during the Jehad of the people of Afghanistan.
He said the religious scholar’s role importance is increasing by passing the time in the country.

Monday, October 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) During a meeting with a number of elders and influential figures of northern Takhar province, first vice president, Marshal Mohammad Qaseem Faheem called cooperation of the people with the security organs too important and added that happening of some security incidents in the province prompted the people to defend their security, the presidential palace said.
Development of many uplift projects in the province indicates full cooperation of the people with the government, the statement said.
The national security forces including national army and police in cooperation with the local residents could strengthen security of heir localities, the statement quoted the first vice president as saying.
According to the statement, the first vice president believed no success would be accessed by the people to overcome the challenges of the society unless they get united. 
Work, security and governance are not a one-day issue, but it requires the joint efforts between the government and the people as well as no excuse would remain for continuation of war against the Muslim people and the Islamic government after the foreign forces withdrawal from Afghanistan and any-one should get united for peace across the country. 
A number of the elders discussed their provincial problems with the second vice president, with being pledged to be talked soon by the related organs, the statement concluded.
Some foreign media had launched propaganda that Afghanistan would face a critical future after the international forces leave the country by 2014.

Monday, October 8, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai met yesterday with the chairwoman and member of the Wolesi Jerga commission for women affairs and civil society at the presidential palace, his office said.
Head of the women affairs commission for the house of people, Fauzai Kofi spoke about the increase of anti-women violations across the country and asked the government for taking effective step in this respect.
The consultative session for the house of people women affairs and civil society to which a number of representatives from government organs, were the members asked for recreation of an attorney committee for addressing the women related violations, as well as she asked for further membership of the women in the entire government offices, particularly in the justice and judiciary organs.
She also said a female judge should be assigned as the member for Supreme Court high council and the deputy attorney general should also be an attorney woman, the statement detailed.
Head of civil society, Aziz Rafiei said up to 120 cases on anti-violation had so far been registered across the country, the statement quoted. 
He also spoke about violation and sexual misuse against the female prisoners in northern Takhar and Balkh and Ghzni provinces and expressed concern over the increasingly violation against women at the worksites, universities and other educations centers of the country asking for full attention of the government in this respect.
Meanwhile, the president said insecurity was not the only reason behind non-implementation of the law, but meddling of the three forces of the state was also an obstacle before the process.
The president also vowed to recreate the committee for women attorney to address the anti-women violation cases, with one of his deputies in the chairmanship.
He also confirmed the suggestion of the member of the commission for the civil society and women affairs committee for the house of people to assign a woman as the deputy attorney general, with full pledge to take the issue into consultation with the high council for “Supreme Court on assigning woman as the member.

Sunday, October 07, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The competitive tests for obtaining of 11 posts of deputy governors and the 200 posts of deputy district governors was organized yesterday in which 650 people took part in Kabul.
At this test 47 persons have applied for the post of 11 deputy governors of the provinces and 528 have applied for the posts of deputy district governors.
Abdul Khaliq Farahi head of the Local organs who has present at the ceremony said that employment of deputy governors and that of the district is taking place in free competitions and this can provide better governance at the local levels.
According to Farahi selection of deputy governors and deputy district governors through free competitions paves the ground for employment of the qualified cadres.
So far 6812 posts of the local organs and 5554 posts at the center and provinces were examined as a result of which 17 posts of deputy governors and 129 posts of district governors were included in it.
According to Dr. Mushahed Ahmad chairman of the independent commission for administrative reforms and civil services free selection id inclusive to the individual and those who can participate at these competitions who have the talent and quality of serving the people.
He called this process another big step for creation of good governance and added that the commission tries to prepare the ground for creation of a better administration at the country level.