19 July 2018

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai has issued on order for formation of a commission for holding the first anniversary of martyrdom of Ustad Burhanuddin Rabani Shaheed of peace, leader of the Jehad and Resistance of the people of Afghanistan and a brilliant personality of the history of the contemporary era, former president of Afghanistan and chairman of the high peace council who was sacrificed himself and martyred on the path of peace, Islamic brotherhood and national unity amongst the people of Afghanistan.
In order to honor the high position of Shaheed-i-Sulh, Prof Burhanuddin Rabbani from the date 28 Sanbullah till 4th of Mizan the week of peace and national unity is observed by launched of international conference and popular gatherings in the center and province and this way the first anniversary of martyrdom of Ustad Burhanuddin Rabbani the Martyr of peace is held.
On the basis of order of the president a commission has been assigned for preparation and organizing of the first anniversary of martyrdom of Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani in the following manner.
1- Farouq Wardak minister of Education as Chairman.
2- Chairman of the secretary at the high peace council as member.
3- Chairman of the international of high peace council as member.
4- Deputy Minister for administration of foreign ministry as member.
5- Authorized representative of ministry of national defense as member.
6- Deputy minister of interior minister member
7- Abdul Sattar Murad chair man of the secretariat of the Jamiate Islami of Afghanistan, member.
8- Publication deputy minister of Information and Culture, ministry member.
9- Deputy administration minister of local organs department, member.
10- Hajji Khanjan representative of the administration affairs and secretariat of the Council of Ministers member.
11- Chairman of the Radio –TV, as member.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai leading a high ranking Afghan government delegation left for Saudi Arabia for participation at the fourth extraordinary summit of leaders of the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) that is expected to be held in Holy Mecca city.
President Hamid Karzai and his accompanying delegation during the three day visit to the Saudi Arabia in addition to partaking at the OIC shall perform Omra Hajj and will pray for the peace, stability and permanent security, prosperity and welfare of the country as well.
At this visit the president is accompanied by Dr. Zalmai Rasoul minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Rangeen Dadfar Spanta National Security Advisor, Sayed Ahmad Khail Ambassador of Afghanistan to the Saudi Arabia and Email Faizi President Spokesperson.
The leaders of 57 member countries of OIC are attending this summit hosted by Khadem- al Haramein Al-Sharafein Malik Abdullah King of Saudi Arabia and they will discuss issues pertaining to the Islam especially the situation in Syria.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Dr. Zalmai Rasoul Minister of Foreign Affairs addressed the summit of the foreign ministers of the OIC that is held for upgrading solidarity among the Muslim nations. 
This summit is preparing the fourth extraordinary summit of leaders of OIC that is to be held in Holy Mecca on the 24th and 25th of the Assad at the initiative of Khadem-al-Harameni-Sharifein Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz the king of Saudi Arabia. 
The summit will discuss the current situation in Syria, Mali, Palestine and the tortures of the Muslim minorities in Myanmar. 
In his address Dr. Zalmai Rasoul said that this summit is held in a delicate period in the history of the Muslim Umma. 
This summit allows us to ask the situation in a number of Islamic countries especially the legitimate demands of our brothers and sisters in Palestine and the present situation in Syria that is a matter of concern for us, the issue of torture of the Muslims in Myanmar and the dangerous situation emanating from the activities of the criminals and terrorists in Mali. 
This summit will consider separate resolutions in respect to situations in the above said four countries and will prepare the preface for the official declaration of the leaders of the OIC to be held in Holy Mecca. 
Dr. Rasoul added that Afghanistan supports the four resolutions and asked the member countries of the OIC to facilitate practical assistance to the process of peace in Afghanistan as well. 
He added that the world Muslims should be decisive in support to the peace, reconciliation and peace process in Afghanistan. 
He once again reiterated on the political solution of the Afghan issues, and avoiding of violence, stopping of links with the terrorists groups, preservation of the democratic achievements, and respect to the Constitution of the country as the basic political solution of issue in Afghanistan.

King Amanullah Khan The Great Man Of The East
Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Over the course of history, our beloved country Afghanistan has been epee center of sacrifices, battles, revolts, movements and braveries against domination of imperialistic powers, suppressive regimes and most importantly against rule of foreign invaders and our great nation formulated the philosophy of bravery and courage against the authoritarian regimes and their foreign bosses to protect from its national sovereignty and unification. 
The page of history reveals evidence that the people had rendered heavy sacrifices over the epoch of time against foreign invaders mainly occupation of Alexander, Changez, British and soviet occupation and still the country is encountering with the threats emerging from international terrorism and Al-Qaeda network, so our people by rendering great sacrifices engraved the theory of bravery, patriotism and determination on the minaret of the history and conveyed the message of sacrifice and solidarity to the upcoming generations.
Following events of 19th century, our country had been bounded by bloody waves of violence, instabilities and suppressions, revolutions and uprisings against invasion of the British forces and the people of Afghanistan offered great sacrifices of their lives and properties on way of defending the country from the aliens as a result of which the occupation forces had faced devastative material and human tragedies from Kabul to British India. 
So, our people’s limitation of patience had come to an end against the foreign invasions, because they believed that invasion of the country by foreigners were aimed plundering the country and after passing each day, zeal and enthusiasm of our youth for freedom and rid from slavery were promoting which finally forced them to initiate armed revolts against the invaders.
Following association of Amir Habiubllah Khan and takeover of power by the Aminudawla Amanullah Khan further heated the incident and totally changed the ongoing scenario on that time.
Thirst for freedom from suppressions were getting more heat in the nations heart and movements mainly known as constitutional uprising freedom and intellectual, constitutional front, and circle named as Sirajul Akhbar had further intensified the feeling of freedom from the invaders. 
However, some internal slaves had struggled to provide legitimacy to their regime and invasion of Afghanistan after the British had recognized their rule, but his majesty king Amanullah Khan never relied to these things and further accelerated freedom struggle from British occupation beside opening new ways of development to the country, because Amanullah Khan was obtaining adequate awareness from world socio economic scenario in that epoch of time. 
Despite destruction of social, economic and cultural foundations of the country, his majesty Amanullah Khan succeeded to bring the country out of the crisis and international isolation in that era. 
Unfortunately, all these endeavors were highly affected as a result of ignorant plots and conspiracies, but the current generation extremely require to pursue intellectual policies of the great profile of Afghanistan’s history and the new generation of Afghanistan would pursue objectives of Amanullah Khan to lead the country towards development and social prosperity and real democracy shoulder to shoulder with rest of the civilized nations of the world. 
The Afghan new generation would honor freedom loving approach of their former king who by pursuing firm determination and national deliberation succeeded to remove the necklace of slavery from the neck of our nation.
There are different stories with respect to King Amanullah patriotism, according to some European broadcastings and publications, whenever, king Amanullah was visiting European countries, the leaders of Europe were welcoming him warmly while the French authorities and provided him the rest mat of Napoleon Bonaparte after Amanullah Khan visited Paris.
The French leadership was titling him as Fred Rick while the Russians had written his name alongside Pert’s the great name. 
But his majesty king Amanullah Khan said that Paris relaxed me, Berlin astonished me and London surprised me, but love for my motherland burnt me.
In short, King Amanullah Khan was trying to forge a democratic society with values of intellectualism, literacy, bright minded people and enlightened nation, these great thoughts helped him to get independence of Afghanistan alongside cooperation of our people and the history will remember his name for ever.