19 March 2018

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Monday, April 30, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Dr. Zalmai Rassoul, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with Mr. Rashed Husain, Special Representative of the United States to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation the other day.
The two sides had detailed discussions regarding the value and necessity of introducing the just and peaceful face of Islam, and of the fight against those who misuse the name of Islam to commit violence and to achieve their narrow personal interests.
Both sides emphasized that the life of every Muslim is more precious than violent protests against any insults to Islam and Islamic values. They particularly stressed that Muslims must not give into those individuals who deliberately insult the values of Islam to provoke the world’s Muslim population.
Mr. Husain stressed the necessity for exchange programs between Afghan scholars and Muslim religious scholars of other countries, including American Muslims.
During his visit to Afghanistan Mr. Husain also met with the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and visited a number of provinces and conducted detailed Scholarly and religious discussions and consultations with a large number of the Afghan scholars.

Monday, April 30, 2012
Kabul (BNA) In his meeting with second vice-president Mohammad Karim Khalili, the UN Secretary General Special Envoy for Afghanistan initially explained the new mission of the UN to Afghanistan and stressed that cooperation in transition of security responsibility, holding of elections, support to human rights, strengthening of civil foundations, cooperation in the peace process and attraction of regional cooperation for peace are the mission of UN to Afghanistan. 
He added that the UN Security Council has asked the UN mission in Afghanistan to carry on its mission in coordination with the strategic plans and priorities of the government of Afghanistan and these should focus on development of socio-economic spheres in the country. 
Khalili thanking the UN efforts and its mission in Kabul, expressed pleasure over the decisions of the UN Security Council in respect to UNAMA in Afghanistan. 
He stressed further that the agreement of Afghanistan and the US on the draft of the strategic cooperation document between the two nations has been a great measure toward expansion of mutual cooperation and cooperation with other countries shall also assist this aim. He added that with signing of the document and considering the commitments in the document, the government of the US after 2014 shall continue its support of democratic values and new era of Afghanistan. 
He emphasized on institutionalizing of democracy one of the main approaches of restoration of stability in the country, holding of just and transparent elections within the framework of constitution with international community support. 
Calling attraction of regional support in lasting stability of Afghanistan as very important, he added that ensuring of stability in Afghanistan leads to further stability in the region and reiterated further that strategic cooperation with other countries means preserving of stability of Afghanistan and shall not contradict the interests of the regional countries. The UN Special Envoy for Afghanistan said at the meeting that signing of the strategic treaty between Afghanistan and the US can be a clear message to the enemies of the people of Afghanistan that this country will not be turned into the safe site of the terrorists.

Monday, April 30, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Dr. Zalmai Rassoul Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan met with a delegation of three Finnish parliamentarians headed by Mr. Heinaluoma in his office where Mr. Pauli Jarvenpaa, the country’s Ambassador to Kabul, was also present.
Expressing appreciation and gratitude for Finland’s assistance and sacrifices over the past 10 years Dr. Rassoul asked Mr. Heinaluoma to convey the gratitude of the people and Government of Afghanistan to his people and Government.
Mr. Heinaluoma who had paid a visit to Finnish troops based in the north of Afghanistan spoke about the significant progress of the Afghan Government. “Seeing this progress with our eyes and ears was very important for us” said Mr. Heinaluoma.
He also said that Finnish companies have expertise and experience in the mining sector and that he will encourage them to invest in Afghanistan and assure them that the situation is much better than what is often inaccurately portrayed in the media.
Both sides also discussed and exchanged views on the issues and progress related to the political, security and economic situation in the region.

Monday, April 30, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai met with a delegation of the US members of the Congress led by Dianne Feinstein, the chairwoman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.
The issues discussed in the meeting included the current situation in Afghanistan and the region, Afghanistan’s Peace Process and the situation of the women’s rights.
The delegation described the draft strategic partnership agreement now final between Afghanistan and the US as important achievement for the two countries.
Central to discussions was the need for continued financing and equipping of Afghan national security forces and the United States’ continued assistance past 2014, where the President stressed that a “properly equipped and trained Afghan armed force is in the interest of Afghanistan and the United States”.
Pointing to the recently signed MOU’s on the Prison Transfer to Afghan authority and on the Afghanization of the Special Operations, the congressional delegation described the move important in pursuing the goal of having a stronger ANSF.
The President called the two recent MOU’s and in particular the one on special operations as something that provides protection for the people of Afghanistan.