20 October 2017

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Kabul (BNA) The UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in a telephone conversation with Hamid Karzai President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan congratulated successful conclusion work of traditional Loya Jirga yesterday evening. 
Ban Ki Moon, also discussed regarding the appointment of his new envoy with Hamid Karzai which the mission of Stephan Demistor special envoy will end soon as well in Afghanistan. 
In this telephonic conversation, the two sides agreed to visit and negotiate at the sideline of Bonn Conference. 
President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan expressed thank from telephonic conversation of Ban Ki Moon and his talks regarding appointment of his new envoy for Afghanistan and assured continuation of Afghanistan’s cooperation with UN. 
Translated by Suraya-Yarzada

In The Name Of Allah The Most Merciful And The Most Compassionate

Kabul (BNA) Esteemed audience, dear elders, Assalamu aleikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakathu,
Esteemed leader of the country, chairman of the jerga and secretariat of the jirga, elders holding the jirga, jehadi leaders, deputy chairmen of the jirga, Chief Justice, Speakers of both Volesi Jerga and Meshrano Jerga, Chairman of the Constitution Commission, elders of dear country, members of the House of People and the senate, members of the provincial council, religious ulema, elders of the tribes, sisters and brothers dear youth.  I am pleased and feel pride that after two days I saw your resolution that is in all its contents confirmed by me. 
I want to thank all the security personnel of the country, thank the ministers of defense, interior, the chief of national directorate for security, his deputies, commanders, especially our soldiers, national security personnel who day and night were standing across the roads and the soldiers, police and the young security personnel had maintained the security of the Kabul citizens and your security. 
I also want to thank the Kabul citizens for their patience and with all happiness was awaiting the decision of the Loya Jirga and they were witnessing your jirga proceedings. 
I was also sitting to see what you were doing. Fortunately I saw that our elders before I come to the jirga I was concerned what you will come through and conclude, however I saw that the jirga went through on the basis of Afghanistan’s interest and you put your desire before the world community. 
I had collected two to three issues but your compiled 76 points that is comprehensive and it is taking into account the interests of Afghanistan. 
You took note of your relations with the neighbors of Afghanistan, the religion and tradition of the country and the honors of the people of Afghanistan. 
Your discussions in relations to economic issues were also logical as well as in relations with peace process and you recalled the martyrdom of Ustad Burhanuddin Rabbani that is justified indeed. 
Your resolution is fully comprehensive and complete and I agree with that and think it is an instruction for the government of Afghanistan.  You are talking on behalf of all people of Afghanistan and we accept your instructions and will address all of them. 
I want that the press of the country convey the contents of the resolution in all languages of the country including Dari, Pashto, Uzbeki, Pashaie, Turmeni Baluchi etc. 
Your views in regards to cooperation with the neighboring countries were also important. 
We want the world not to harm our neighbors and ask the neighbors to approach with Afghanistan in good manners and cooperate with us in restoration of peace and stability. 
We will also try to have good neighborliness with our neighbors as we have lived with them for years together. 
We know that it is to our interest to live in peace and cooperation and assure them that we shall never harm them but we wish to be friends with each other. 
We have two important issues that are very vital for our future. My term of office ends after two and half years. 
I want lay a foundation for Afghanistan that will help our future generations and are not displaced from their land and how we can do this? 
We can do through building of a strong order, a strong national army, such a police that we can pay them their salaries on our own budget and resources, we should have such a national security organ which gets its salary from the national budget. 
We should know that the world will not assist us for long times and we do not any right on them. 
We should try to build up such a design that our national army and the national police stand on their own feet and be sting enough to defend the country. The second issue is that the civil service of Afghanistan. 
My dear elders,
During the ten years that I am leading this country as president, I saw that government, president, elders of the government the ministers of the Afghan government, elders had vast possibilities in their disposal and they can dismiss an official any time they wish. 
In case I do not like someone he is dismissed, there is no one to ask this, so there is legal security or safety why he was dismissed and where he went. 
In this manner, Afghanistan will not have a good administration, the civil service such a thing that should have legality and legal responsibi8lity. 
Our youths should come through examinations and enter into the civil service and get their promotion based on their qualifications, not with the power of others, tribe, region or any other means. 
We want that rule should prevail, the law should guarantee his her safety. 
We did some efforts on this direction and Dr. Mushahid did his endeavors but we have not the stage to remove illegality and cruelty against those not favored by someone. 
The Indian and British civil services are the best examples for us. 
We try that our military personnel and civil servants should have no political affiliations. 
They should be in the service of the people and the government of the time. 
Today I am president and another president would come three years back and you vote for him. 
Our civil servants should implement the laws not to engage in politics, have high level living standards but be in the service of their people and country. 
The law and interests of Afghanistan are two issues we face, God willing, we succeed in these issues. 
The present problems of Afghanistan emanates from the fact that we could not educate our sons and daughters and now we are dependent on others. 
Dear religious ulema, religious scholars, when you go back to your villages and districts encourage your sons to get education, they should attend school to become doctors, engineers, diplomats and remove dependency of the country. 
I am repeating that all our problems is due to low education of our sons and daughters so we have do all to encourage our youth and put our all pressure on educational development. 
We can do all hard activities, but we cannot exploit our mines, and cannot make a bicycle and other ordinary gadgets. 
I do not want to waste much of your time but to wish you all the best and calmness and please convey our best regards to the people in your villages and districts. 
We will inform you of all issues pertaining to the Afghan-US strategic treaty and assure you that this will be concluded taking into account the interest of the country. 
Here I want to hear from my sister that she wanted to talk. 
At the end the questions of the participants were answered and some of the participants shared their problems with the President and he instructed the related organs to address their problems.

Kabul (BNA)  During the opening ceremony of Traditional Loya Jirga, in his comprehensive speech, president Hamid Karzai evaluated the various dimensions of the political, economic, and social affairs of the country and hinted on the achievements earned by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with the cooperation of international community. 
In this speech, the president didn’t sufficed to the achievements, but he mentioned to the challenges and roughs faced by Afghan people so far. 
The president also evaluated incorrect those commentaries released by some media of the country in connection with the jirga and flagrantly said that this loya jirga consults regarding two basic and destiny-making issues for Afghan people i.e signing of strategic agreement with the US and peace negotiations. 
If the assertions of the president be evaluated equitably he invited loya jirga for sharing people in two political and destiny-making issues, so through their deputies, the people to take decision in the jirga. 
Vast invitation of people’s deputies for holding loya jirga really, the jirga began its work with positive and arbitrary judgment. 
Someone said that the president holds this jirga for his remnant. But, the president said at this jirga that he is desirous that the members of the jirga don’t discuss other issues sans the two matters included in the agenda. 
This cleared that without unity, cohesions and joint efforts of the nation in connection with important political issues, he has no other desire. 
What the war harmed more is this that instead of confidence building, negative judgments and arbitrations is increased. 
It holding traditional Loya jirga is from one side giving worthiness to our forefathers traditions, on the other, it puts an ending point to lack of confidence, crisis stem from war in various political, economic and social fields and proves to the world that the Afghans are not only the heroes of battlefield, but with political wisdom, thinking and foresight, they can take destiny-making decisions collectively with cooperation of all tribes and nationalities. 
Anyway, in this speech, the president also spoke about war and peace in the country and evaluated counter-terrorism as failed and said that so far, the Afghan people didn’t attained to their aspiration that is termination of war in their country. 
This indicates that the international community shorts fall of counter-terrorism. 
So far, the allied counter-terrorism didn’t succeed to target the save hideouts of terrorists that are located at outside of Afghanistan borders. 
Everyday, in these hideouts terrorists are trained and dispatched to Afghanistan. 
Based on the same reason, the leadership of Afghanistan told time and again that paying no heed to the training centers of terrorists in principle means paying no attention toward development and termination of crisis in the region. 
Attention should be focused towards the hideouts of terrorists that with passing each day, its cancer enrooted in the region. 
Any may, ending to clandestine searches by foreign military forces, night operations, elimination of parallel administrations with government were other issues that the president set forth in connection with signing of strategic agreement with the US. 
If this be evaluated carefully and equitably, in his speech, the president specified the great and dangerous tasks of those who attended the traditional Loya jirga before people, so with comprehending the ground realities and status quo of the country and the region to consult in the benefit of people and tomorrow Afghanistan.

Kabul (BNA) Chaired by Fazle Hadi Muslimyar, the senate considered the results of the Traditional Loya Jirga led by Prof. Sebghatullah Mujadidi as positive. 
At the start the speaker of the senate appreciated the active participation of the members of the National Assembly especially the senate at the Loya Jirga and called the role of the Afghan security forces in ensuring security as praiseworthy. 
He also thanked Salahuddeen Rabbani acting chairman of Jamiat-e-Islami that despite martyrdom of Prof. Ustad Burhanuddin Rabbani leader of Jehad and resistance on the path of peace, and supported the process of peace. 
The senators also expressed their views on the work of the Loya Jirgah and called it as successful national gathering of the people of the country and wished the president success. 
The senate also praised the role of Mohammad Alam Izedyar, First Secretary of the senate who carried his task as secretary of the Loya Jirga very successfully and thanked other senators having served at other commissions of the jirga. 
They also assessed the 76 points resolution of the Loya Jirga and viewed that the strategic treaty contents with the US that to be finalized should be referred to the National Assembly for carry of procedures.