20 September 2018

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Wednesday, September 05, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai met yesterday noon with a number of dignitaries, religious scholars and influential figures of Keshm, Tagab and Teshkan districts of Badakhshan province.
During this meeting that was held at presidential palace, while people’s deputies of the province were also present, Maulawi Ashrat and Nasrutullah Nayel spoke representing others and set forth their local problems.
They said that the government should focus its attention toward water and water dams and road construction that are the dire need of people.
They also asked government to reopen medical faculty of the province and 20-bed hospital and promote Tagab health clinic as well as appoint the cadres of the province in government posts.
After hearing the problems of the said districts of Badakhshan set forth by representatives of the province, president assured them that implementation of infrastructural economic projects in the country are the government priorities that the mentioned projects are also include of them. 
Some of them are also surveyed too. The president resolved reopening of medical faculty as important step and assured that some measures are adopted this connection.
Hinting to upcoming presidential elections, president Karzai said that this election must be held, otherwise, the government loses its legality.
He once more elucidated that I am not candidate for upcoming presidential elections nor the constitution of the country permit me to nominate for third time for presidential seat.
The president added that the Afghan people with cohesion and unity should vote candidate of their choice that be Muslim, patriotic, kind maintain justice and be sympathetic.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The new ambassador of the US met with second vice-president Mohammad Karim Khalili during which they exchanged views security, important issues pertaining to Afghanistan and the region.
Khalili congratulated the new US ambassador on his appointment to Kabul and stressed that holding of the presidential elections and the withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan in 2014 are important determining issues for Afghanistan and emphasized on further joint coordination of international community and Afghanistan in this respect. 
Touching on the role of struggle against corruption in reduction of gap between the government of Afghanistan and the people and strengthening of trust with the international community stressed that the government of Afghanistan in the struggle against corruption is decisive.
He added that reviewing in the method of employment of the security forces for prevention of and reducing the influence of the Taliban and terrorist groupings in the security organs and reduction of attacks against the international community are positive steps. 
The US ambassador emphasized on the renewed commitments of his government in supporting the government and people of Afghanistan after 2014 and stressed that holding of the international Chicago and Tokyo conferences were indicator of the practical commitments of the international community for Afghanistan after 2014.
He touched on the joint meeting of the security forces of NATO and Coalition with the security authority’s forces of Afghanistan in respect to combating the attacks of the Afghan security forces on the international forces and expressed the hope that with the measures to be adopted the attacks on the international forces would reduce.
He called undertaking the responsibility for transparent and free elections and security by the Afghan forces till 2014 is important in respect to the commitment of his country for assisting this country.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012
Kabul (BNA) An extraordinary meeting was held yesterday at the military appellate court on realization of decree No. 45 of the president.
Attended by all heads of the military courts, judges and administrative personnel, General Abdul Khaliq Halim head of the military appellate court talked on the decree aspects.
The achievements of the military court of the center and provinces and addressing the accused files and judicial accomplishments in the light of the mentioned decree were also discussed.
He asked all the in charges to strive towards implementation of the decree and this way achieves responsibilities.
The participants also advanced their views and proposals which were responded by the head of the military appellate court.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai nominated the ministers for defense, interior, frontiers and tribal affairs and head of national directorate for security, spokesman ministers’ council Rafi Ferduas said.
In the presidential order, according to Ferdaus, General Bismillah Mohammadi has been nominated for the ministry of defense, Mujtaba Patang for the ministry of interior, Hajji Azizullah Deen Mohammad for the ministry of frontiers and tribal affairs and Assadullah Khalid for the post of the national directorate for security.
All the ministers designate have been introduced to House of People for approval.
In line with presidential order, Assadullah Khalid will take over as acting chief until the head of national directorate for security is approved by the House of People.