18 October 2018

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Sunday July 29, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The House of People while discussing the security situation in the country instructed its domestic defense and international affairs to prepare a proposal for improving security situation to the general meeting.
At the meeting led by the speaker of the House of people Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, the members of the house discussed the president’s decree on realization of his historic address on the first of Saratan of current year at the extraordinary meeting of the National Assembly.
Some of the deputies by criticizing the government policies towards corruption reiterated that the activities which had to be achieved by government in the past ten years are focusing its attention on them now.
On the basis of assertion of the deputies the latest decree of the president in relation to corruption and improvement of governance cannot be effective at the higher ranks of the government.
Some deputies viewed that lack of rule of law, favoritism at the government organs, in the past ten year has caused that Afghanistan could not use the available opportunities.
According to the members of the House of People, unless there political will for elimination of corruption and ensuring the rule of law in all government foundations are ensured, such decree cannot rectify the situation.
They emphasized that existence of corruption at the courts and judicial foundations that the files of the powerful are preserved that the usurpation of government and private properties further expanded.
Some other deputies by criticizing of the approaches of the security foundations in relation to the security situation in the country said that country corruption at these foundations have reached its peaks and that the military officers are appointed on the basis of special selections and relations.
Other deputies viewed that there are some positive points in the decree of the president and there is need that practical steps are taken for its implementation which will prove positive in ensuring the rule of law.
Other issues like inattention of the government towards third degree provinces, low quality of implemented projects, non existence of honesty in carrying the affairs, inattention of the in charges in carrying their tasks and the people’s economic problems were also taken up by the deputies.

Sunday, July 29, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai met with some members of Afghan women network while, minister of women affairs, National Security Advisor and head of the presidential office were present. 
At the meeting Shenkai Karokhail chairman of the Afghan Women Network, Samira Hamidi and some other members of this network and Hayatullah Hayat spokesperson of the center from coordination of civil society talked. 
They asked for further security of women especially women leaders at the center and provinces and administrative security as well employment safety for women. 
They also touched on the violence and unpleasant approach towards the women and asked the government to undertake bold steps towards elimination of violence against women and the perpetrators of violence are dearly punished. 
President Karzai after hearing their requests and proposals said that in order to better address these problems they should be enlisted and written by the ministry of women affairs and the national Security Council and presented to the presidential office. 
Considering the importance of safe civil services he said that one of the main tasks before us laying the foundation of civil services with the creation of which access to women rights are being guaranteed. 
He attributed the only way to overcome social problems for the society is learning knowledge and education.

Saturday, July 28, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai had a telephonic conversation with Imam Ali Rehman president of Tajikistan expressed regret over the killing of some of the Tajikistan security forces in Kharough City of that country.
In this conversation the presidents of the two countries discussed the operations of the Tajikistan forces in Kharough city close to the border of both countries.
While expressing regret over the death of Tajikistan soldiers, promised cooperation in this respect.
President Karzai instructed the security in charges of the country to exert all possible cooperation with the Tajikistan side.
It is said the operation which was launched for arrest of the perpetrators of murder of Abdullah Nazarov head of the security of Tajikistan, 30 opposition element were killed and 40 others were wrested by the Tajik security forces.
In the operation 12 Tajikistan security forces were killed and 25 others were wounded.

Saturday, July 28, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Some elders and influential of Maidan-Wardak met with Second Vice-President Mohammad Karim Khalili.
At the meeting while Hajji Hotak Minister Advisor Wazir and some of the provincial council members of the province were also present, the participants of the meeting shared their environment problems with Khalili.
They said that the activities of the armed opposition and terrorist networks in different parts of the province, has increased considerably and they are creating problems for the passengers on the highway leading to the province.
They also complained over inattention of the government in terms of reconstruction and development projects in the province and noted that employment of the government in the province too has taken political aspects.
They pointed out that usurpation of land by the powerful and non-addressing to their problems are other serious problems in the province.
They asked the leadership of the government to attach keen attention towards improving security in the province.
The approach of the local government and addressing to the problems of the people Mohammad Karim Khalili expressing satisfaction over their meeting stressed that my view is such that creation of good government by the experienced in charges can largely reduce problems.
He assured the elders that their problems will be studies and will be seriously followed up and he will share them with the president of the country.