21 July 2018

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Kabul (BNA) Chaired by Fazle Hadi Muslimyar, the senate considered the results of the Traditional Loya Jirga led by Prof. Sebghatullah Mujadidi as positive. 
At the start the speaker of the senate appreciated the active participation of the members of the National Assembly especially the senate at the Loya Jirga and called the role of the Afghan security forces in ensuring security as praiseworthy. 
He also thanked Salahuddeen Rabbani acting chairman of Jamiat-e-Islami that despite martyrdom of Prof. Ustad Burhanuddin Rabbani leader of Jehad and resistance on the path of peace, and supported the process of peace. 
The senators also expressed their views on the work of the Loya Jirgah and called it as successful national gathering of the people of the country and wished the president success. 
The senate also praised the role of Mohammad Alam Izedyar, First Secretary of the senate who carried his task as secretary of the Loya Jirga very successfully and thanked other senators having served at other commissions of the jirga. 
They also assessed the 76 points resolution of the Loya Jirga and viewed that the strategic treaty contents with the US that to be finalized should be referred to the National Assembly for carry of procedures.

Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai accepted former commander of international forces in Afghanistan General Staney Mc Chrystal the other day. 
In this meeting which was held at Arg Palace thanking from Mc Chrystal services, the president evaluated his mission in Afghanistan honestly and bravely. 
Likewise, representing the Afghan people President Karzai appreciated the efforts made by General Mc Chrystal toward prevention from civilian casualties’.
Former international forces commander in Afghanistan, General Mc Chrystal expressed his happiness over services in Afghanistan and thanked Afghan people from their cooperation during his mission in Afghanistan. 
It is mentionable that General Mc Chrystal arrived in Kabul as a result of President Hamid Karzai’s invitation and along with his lady, he will be the guest of government of Afghanistan for few days.

Kabul (BNA) The Asia Foundation Survey that is support by the US indicates that almost 82% of the people are supporting reconciliation program of Afghanistan.
This survey shows that last year 40% and in 2009 56% of people  in Afghanistan were supporting the Taliban, however, this year this figure has decreased to 29%.
This survey has been carried in July, two months earlier of the death of Prof. Burhanudden Rabbani chairman of the high peace council of Afghanistan.
Almost 46% of the participants at this survey have stated that Afghanistan is moving towards reconstruction and they believe that security is also improving.
The survey notes that the majority of people are not happy with the administrative corruption calling it a big problem for the country and 38% of people consider insecurity as great problem especially those living in the South and West.
Others consider joblessness as their main problem and 71% fear displacements to other parts of the country.
The head of the Asia foundation notes that insecurity is the greatest problem of the people of Afghanistan.

Kabul (BNA) The traditional Loya Jirgah completed its deliberations by adopting of a 76 points resolution and speech of President Karzai.
This jirgah started its work on Wednesday in Kabul and debated strategic treaty with the US and the peace process with the opposition.
In his speech president Karzai not only expressed his satisfaction over the draft resolution of the Loya Jirgah but called this resolution and indicator if all issues that people think about them.
He added that the government of Afghanistan considers your resolution as the issues the people of Afghanistan think about.
He asked the media of the country to convey the contests of this resolution in different languages to the people of the country.
The President touched on three important issues and said that he desires that the basis of an order is founded in Afghanistan for its building, its economy grow and have a strong order so it can pay its security personnel salary by its own.
Another issues he mentioned was the future civil services in Afghanistan and said that the administration of Afghanistan its officials have no legal safety, today in any government post who is not happy with is being replaced.
According to him, efforts are being focus on direction so that the government employed on the basis of their quality not by the force of the tribe, money and facility with the government ranks.
At the end of his speech the president asked all the participants of the Loya Jirgah including the religious ulema and elders to encourage the ulema and elders to encourage their sons for education.
He called Afghanistan’s dependency due to low education knowledge of the sons of the country.
At yesterday‘s sessions of the Loya Jirgah the elected chairmen of the  40 work committees conveyed the views of their committees to the session and the most dominant point included termination of night searches by the international forces, equipping of the security and air forces of the country, observance of the laws and regulations of the country, elimination of parallel administrations with the government, respect to religious values of the people of Afghanistan, attention towards terrorist hideouts, stopping of interventions of the neighboring countries in domestic affairs of Afghanistan, and respect to the national sovereignty of Afghanistan.
The committees also expressed their views on the peace process which is included in the resolution of the Loya Jirgah.
The participants also asked in the resolution respect to the religious values of the people and asked the US and others countries to respect enforced laws of the country and put an end to the night searches.
The participants by confirming the resolution asked that the strategic treaty after adoption should be registered with the Security Council of the UN so that in case of any attack the US should cooperate with Afghanistan and the US should not allow the opposition to use its establishments and these bases should be on the borders and outside the cities of the country.
The participants also had concern over other issues to the strategic treaty with the US but they confirmed the views of the consultative peace council in the peace process.
President Karzai in his speech at the end of the meeting of the Loya Jirgah appreciated the tireless efforts of the security personnel and the patience of the Kabul residents and their interest.
Also at the end Salahudden Rabbani elder son of President Rabbani Shaheed of Peace of Afghanistan expressed his support of the consultations of the Loya Jirgah.
Prof. Sebghatullah Mujaddid Chairman of the Loya Jirgah considered the work of the Loya Jirgah as positive and ended its work with a prayer for welfare of the people of the country.

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