16 January 2019

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Meshrano Jerga, upper house of the parliament strongly condemned the recent irresponsible assertions of the Iranian President, Ahmadi Nezhad at the Regional Economic Cooperation Conference in Dushanbe in relations to Afghanistan. 
The statement adds that the Iranian president by trampling down the diplomatic protocol norms as before considered Afghanistan an occupied nation and void of independence and asked for withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan. 
The House of People of National assembly of Afghanistan tell Ahmadi Nezhad and other interventionist Iranian authorities’ that Afghanistan is not an occupiers including the regime of Iran that has dragged Afghanistan towards economic, political and military crisis and has caused the need for presence of the foreign forces here so that the dangers emanating from the intentional interventions of the aliens aimed at creating crisis in Afghanistan, continued instability and tension in our country ends and when the dangers from financing and training of professional terrorists including Al-Qaeda, mine planting of street sides and destruction of infrastructures in our country is removed these forces will not stay here for a single day. 
Ahmadi Nezhad should know that every nation knows her own interests. 
Our people expect that intervention ends in this country, we shall review consolidation of our ties with the international community and we do not need an attorney to judge on our behalf. 
We have long-term friendship with the people of Iran and they realize our pains and we feel their pains. 
The assertions of Ahmadi Nezhad and a military commander Masoud Jazaeri the Chief of Staff of Iran and others in order to calm down people revolts are resorting to such hues and cries. 
Our people know well what is to their interest and they will not pay heed to their instigations. 
The House of People once again condemned such assertions and asked the leadership of Afghanistan and especially the foreign ministry of the country to prevent such interference through diplomatic channels. 
The parliamentary group also condemned these assertions.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Kabul (BNA) In the name of Allah the most companionate, the most merciful,
His Excellency President of Tajikistan, Imam Ali Rehman, Presidents of friendly nations, heads of the delegations,
Ladies and gentlemen,
Welcome to the fifth Regional Economic Cooperation Conference. 
I am pleased that this conference is held along with hospitality of brotherly national of Tajikistan in beautiful Dushanbe city. 
I heartily appreciate the president of Tajikistan, member of his government and its people for their hospitality and organizing this conference. 
Holding of this conference and your participation indicates that a serious attention is attached towards regional economic expansion and it shows that hold steps are taken in this respect.
His Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Attaining of economic growth is the vital priority of the government of Afghanistan. Today along with efforts towards peace and stability, we are trying to attain self-sufficiency in economic viewpoints and play an important role in regional and world economy within our possibilities. 
We are aspiring for the day that we can live calmly on the side of other peaceful nations and it is our expectations from the regional and world countries to assist in materialization of this righteous mission. 
We believe that regional cooperation is an important measure that will ensure prosperity of the people of this region. 
By understanding this clear fact the Afghan government has prioritized working for regional cooperation and shall not refrain from efforts in realization of this policy and approach. 
Afghanistan will render continued cooperation with the regional foundations towards implementation of the regional cooperation. 
We have designed our national development program in a way which will prove effective in regional participation and they will benefit our regional partners. 
Now that we are taking steps towards economic development of Afghanistan, this directly or indirectly will benefit our neighbors as well. 
Our efforts towards restoration of lasting peace in Afghanistan, undoubtedly is an important investment that it will prove effective for our neighbors today or in future as well. 
We have opened our markets and regional trade exchanges for the benefit of this region and we are trying to prepare appropriate grounds for regional investments and regional transit as well. 
Fortunately Afghanistan owing to its rich resources and geographical location it has in this region can play a very significant role in implementation of regional cooperation. 
Afghanistan in the heart of Asia as a land bride can easily link and unite the regional markets and people. 
Such a link can change the complexion of this region and this will naturally assist us to realize this aspiration. 
TAPI and KASA 1000 will soon pass through Afghanistan and this will help millions of people in central and south Asia. 
Afghanistan’s resources such as iron, copper and precious stones can feed the regional industries. 
The railway line that we are going to build up undoubtedly can remove the distance in this region and will better shape goods exchanges. 
In the light of these possibilities the regional cooperation is important for Afghanistan. 
In the four rounds of this conference in Kabul, Delhi, Islamabad and Istanbul the fundamental principles of economic development of Afghanistan were described. 
We hope that the fifth round of this conference open a new chapter for development of such programs that will positively impact regional cooperation. 
Those programs Incorporated in the final statement of this conference should pave the way for realizing our requirements and this conference should move the regional economic cooperation from words towards practice.
His Excellencies,
Let us stretch our hands to each other and this overcomes the problems and problems from the path of our people through close cooperation. 
Prosperity, security and moral and material development is not a wealth monopoly that will belong to few nations in this world. 
We can also reach ourselves to this humanitarian and righteous objective. 
The basic condition in attaining this success is close cooperation of our regional partners and such cooperation will succeed when we seek the prosperity of our people in welfare of others and become partner with other.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The foreign minister of Russian Federation Sergy Lawrov in a congratulatory message sent to Kabul, felicitated Dr. Zalmai Rasoul the foreign minister of Afghanistan on the occasion of Nawroz festival.
In the message, the Russian foreign minister expressed his country’s interest in enhancing friendly relations with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, saying boosting bilateral cooperation would benefit the successful reconstruction process of Afghanistan.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Marshal Mohammad Qaseem Fahim Acting President of Afghanistan chaired the plenary session of the Council of Ministers held at presidential palace yesterday. 
The meeting initially congratulated the Afghan nation on the advent of New Year and prayer for peace, sincerity and unity among the Muslim nation of Afghanistan.  
Second vice-president Mohammad Karim Khalili informed the meeting on the decisions No. 20, 21 and 22 of 1390 of the CM economic committee and said that a total of 9 issues were taken up at the committee meetings of which three of them required further discussions at the cabinet meeting. 
The details of which will be provided by the ministers of economy, finance and mines. 
The minister of economy apprised the meeting on the implementation of development budget in the past nine months of 1390. 
He said in this period of the 610 development projects, construction of 40 projects were completed and construction on 327 projects is going on and construction on 169 projects have not started yet due to various reasons. 
This way it indicates only 33% realization of the development budget. 
He attributed various problems in delayed start and completion of the development projects. 
Deputy Minister of finance informed the meeting on the analysis of the latest data of ordinary and development budget in the 12 months of 1390. 
He said that the ordinary budget was 97% realized while the development budget indicates 52.70% implementation that is showing progress. 
The CM advised the ministries of finance and economy to prepare the overall precise figures of ordinary and development budget for the year 1390 and present to the coming meeting of the CM. 
The CM also advised the minister of economy in accordance with the decisions of the economic committee of the CM to verify the problems impeding the development budget and present a specific proposal to the presidential office. 
The minister of mines informed the CM on waiving off of custom duties on equipment Afghan Crystal Company, Natural Resources, the winner of contract for extraction of gold of Qaraghan mine of Doshi district of Baghlan province as per the investment law which was adopted by the CM. 
The CM also confirmed all decisions of the economic committee of the CM on privatization of the Kabul Bank but advised to refer it to the coming meeting of the CM. 
The minister of higher education informed the CM on the entrance exams of universities and said that of the 156161 entrees in the exams, around 145785 students participated at the exams of which 38690 passed the tests and were attracted at the center and provincial universities and higher education institutions. 
This indicates the level of students’ attraction to the institutions to 40,000 this year. 
The minister of education said that this year the students attracted to the higher education and semi-higher education including the teachers colleges reaches to 108,000 that is showing almost 75% of the entrance tests participants. 
The CM considered this report as satisfactory and advised that hose students having got higher numbers but remained without a result should be attracted at night colleges and that the finance ministry should allocate the needed financial resources for this purpose. 
The minister of public works informed the CM on the progress of work on the road of Kapisa-Sorobi through Gayawa and Darnama villages of Nejrab and added that this road can link the Northern provinces in its shortest course through Kapisa with eastern borders of the country. 
Since the budget for 50km of the road of this course was not adequate now the road is planned to pass through center of Kapisa (Mahmoud Raqi) till Nejrab and join the Jabul Seraj-Nejrab project which was earlier was built by the PRT in non-asphalted from. 
On this course the ministry of water and energy plans to build up the Bagh Dara dam project on the Panjshir River so it requires that for changing the course of the road through Durnama and Gayawa additional resources is allocated for the ministry of public works. 
The CM advised the ministries of finance, public works and water and energy to procure necessary resources for building of the road through Durnama and Gayawa. 
Deputy Governor of Da-Afghanistan Bank proposed approval of the salary of the Governor and members of the commission for resolving of financial disputes that was adopted. 
Three international conventions were presented by senior advisor of foreign ministry which was adopted by the CM.