12 August 2020

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Thursday, March 28, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Ahmad Javid was graduated from Kabul University three years ago, now he is in Delhi for UNHCR registration to go to Europe. He said about his presence in Delhi because of being jobless in Afghanistan and his family treatment by anyone. He came ineluctable and did registration procedures in UNHCR himself. He believes this office do not work very well. He goes into this office every month on time, but do not find any obvious situation about his case. More Afghans who did registration in UNHCR are not satisfy from the procedure and are at a loss to understand. They could not invest and work here. He said some Afghan citizen have wish to go to European countries even they do not have their food and money for being alive. Fariba is mother of four children worry about her children destiny. She has been since five years here with lots of difficulties and problems. She was helped by someone to do registration procedure in UNHCR unfortunately; she has not gotten massage to find desire. Her children were small when she came here but today they growth and maybe encounter with future and unpredictable challenges. She is doing some work like cleaning and washing clothes to bring money for her children. She believes it is not fair for her pride. Also we negotiated with Afghanistan Ambassador in Delhi and I said about her economical problem and other Afghan citizens problems. He said there are 25 till 30 thousand Afghans here that approximately 1500 till 200 Afghans are coming and going in India and 22 thousand Afghan are sikh and Hindu.
Some of them have commercial business and they are living in best part of city but more of them include UNHCR program and do not have good condition. The Ambassador described one woman down at the heel. She came here and included in UNHCR program but today she does not have good condition with her son, because the UNHCR procedure is so complicated. He mentioned both the Afghan and India governments are endeavoring to solve the Afghan refugee’s problems. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The ministry of foreign affairs in a statement sent to BNA has rejected the remarks of Pakistani foreign ministry officials’ remarks in which they accused President Karzai as obstacle on the way to reaching peaceful solution to Afghanistan.
The statement categorically lashed out the remarks of the unknown officials reported by Reuters, said that Hamid Karzai is an elected president that has made more efforts than any Afghan leaders for improving relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The statement also noted that unfortunately the untiring efforts have been overlooked.
Afghanistan wants co-existence and friendly relations based on respecting bilateral interests with Pakistan, BNA quoted the statement as saying.
Living in peace is the right of the people of  Afghanistan and the peace process belong to them, the statement said, adding the peace process in not only the need of Afghans for achieving durable peace, rather it could be a precondition for peace and stability in Pakistan.
Generally, making remarks by irresponsible individuals is part of failed propaganda to sabotage the historic security transition process to the sovereignty of Afghanistan government, the statement went on to say, adding Afghanistan after 2014 would continue its way towards strengthening peace, security, democracy and social and economic developments.

Wednesday, March 26, 2013
Kabul (BNA) A message has been received by President Karzai from Abullah Gul Turkish President on the advent of Nowruz (New Year).
The message felicitates President Karzai and the people of Afghanistan on the occasion.
According to another report, a sympathy message has been dispatched by President Karzai addressed to Sheikh Hassain Prime Minister of Bangladesh over the death of Zull-ul-Rahman President of that country.
The message notes that the president of Bangladesh for his services towards democracy and human rights will always be recalled people of that country.
Representing the people of Afghanistan, President Karzai conveyed his deep sympathies to the government and people of Bangladesh.

US Secretary of State John Kerry: The United States is committed to an enduring partnership with the Afghan people.
Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Following a bilateral meeting, President Hamid Karzai and John Kerry US Secretary of State attended a joint press conference held at the Presidential Palace where the President welcomed the transfer of Bagram Detention Center to Afghan sovereignty and the announcement by the United States to withdraw its special forces from Nerkh district of Maidwan Wardak province.
Speaking on the security transition, President Karzai said, “I absolutely assured US Secretary of State that the people of Afghanistan and their National Security Forces are fully prepared to protect their country, and that they consider the transition good for both Afghanistan and the United States.”
The President pointed to the peace process, saying that the Government of Afghanistan agreed to the idea of establishing an office for the Taliban in Qatar and that in the near future, he would also be heading to Doha the capital of Qatar for further discussions on the issue with the Emir and other officials of Qatar.
He expressed hope that the peace talks and an office for the Taliban would ensure durable peace and further strengthen Afghanistan.
President Karzai underscored, “Afghanistan will defend all the gains it has made in the past decade, and will not let them be reversed, and that by protecting these gains, we will move our country towards a secure and prosperous future.”
Thanking for US assistance made for reconstruction and strengthening of the Afghan security forces, the President said that as an independent, free and sovereign state whose people and interests are respected, Afghanistan would continue to seek strategic relations with the United States.
President Karzai reminded that Afghans had a positive view on the strategic relations with the United States and the bilateral security agreement still under negotiations between the two countries, and that this positive view would come into a structure to be signed.
US Secretary of State then said, “The United States is committed to an enduring partnership with the Afghan people that as they seek a secure and democratic nation.”
He noted, “As Afghans stand up and take control of their country’s future, they will not stand alone. America will stand with them. And Mr. President, I can say to you that the United States supports a strong and a united Afghanistan that secures its rightful place in the community of nations over the course of these next years.”
Secretary Kerry added, “Today, Afghanistan is managing three very significant transitions: a security transition, a political transition, and an economic transition. And America will continue to support the Afghan people through all three of these transitions.”
He stressed, “We also support the Afghan-led peace process, the reconciliation – recognizing that the reconciliation is the best way to try to provide the surest end to violence and to secure a unified and a sovereign Afghanistan.”
US Secretary of State addressed the Taliban, “We continue to join with President Karzai in calling on the Taliban to join a political process [and] to renounce the violence.”
John Kerry said, “We are committed to Afghanistan’s sovereignty, and we will not let al-Qaida or the Taliban shake that commitment.”
Reassuring the President and the people of Afghanistan, US Secretary of State said, “As President Obama has made crystal clear, you can count on our strong support throughout the course of this new role and this transition process.”
On the remarkable progress of Afghanistan in various arenas, Secretary Kerry said, “We are standing in Kabul in the fifth fastest-growing city in the entire world. He added, “A recent United Nations report showed that Afghanistan has made faster gains in human development over the last 10 years than any other country in the world.”
In response to a question on the peace process, President Karzai called the peace process a pressing need for both Afghanistan and Pakistan, underscoring that “Without the participation of Pakistan, any peace process will not see a fruitful end.”
Asking Pakistan to grasp the opportunity available, the President reassured that Afghanistan is seeking the best brotherhood and relationship with Pakistan, wishing that Pakistan would intend to extend the hands of friendship to a strong Afghanistan-deemed good for all.