22 April 2019

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai chaired the plenary meeting of the Council of Ministers in which he initially discussed on the participation of the Afghan delegation at the 19th summit of Shanghai conference and added that the main agenda of this conference was regional cooperation and discussions on security issues, struggle against terrorism, extremism and narcotics and the members of the organization expressed their views and proposals. 
Alongside this conference in the detailed meeting with the president of China discussion was made on bilateral ties and joint regional and international issues and it was agreed that for the removal of existing challenges and ensuring of peace, stability and development in the region, a joint statement between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on establishment of strategic cooperation in 9 articles was adopted. 
The president of Afghanistan also had separately meetings with presidents of Russia, Iran, and Pakistan and discussed with them regional and international issues. 
He attributed the achievements of the conference in better shaping of diplomatic relations, expansion of Afghanistan’s ties with the countries of the region and adoption of the membership of the Shanghai conference as observer and added that hereafter Afghanistan will participate at the conference as observer. 
The Council of Ministers while praising the efforts of the Afghan delegation and the Shangahi conference pertaining to acceptance of Afghanistan as observer at the conference and expressed its support to the joint statement of Afghanistan and China on establishment of strategic partnership. 
The CM assigned the ministries and government organs to undertake measures for better organizing of the conference of the countries of Herat of Asia and cooperate with foreign ministry. 
The CM also assigned the ministry of interior affairs, and national security department and the security committee to adopt special security measures for the conference. 
Minister of mines also informed the CM about the gas pipeline of Turkmenistan to  Afghanistan, Tajikistan and China and stressed that technical and economic studies will be carried by the Chinese national gas company, adding that discussions has been carried with the CNPC company of China in this respect. 
Mines minister also informed the CM about the creation of working group of Afghan-Chinese specialists in exploration and exploitation of the gas sites of Amu Zone on which it is expected that Afghanistan will sign a memorandum of understanding about the gas exploration and the gas pipeline from Turkmenistan with the Chinese CNPC in Kabul. 
The CM while confirming the creation of the group assigned the mines minister and authorized him to sign the memorandum of understanding with the China side on those projects. 
The minister of finance presented the proposal of the ministry on privatization of the New Kabul Bank adopted at the economic committee of the CM on 2/12/1390 and advised that by adopting of required measures and considering the rehabilitation of financial stability in different sections of the bank, necessary measures should be adopted. 
The CM adopted the privatization of the New Kabul Bank in accordance with the accepted international financial norms in conformity with the views expressed by the cabinet members. 
Second Vice-President Mohammad Karim Khalili informed the CM of the no 4, 5 of 1391 decisions of the economic committee followed by explanation of minister of economy in relation to implementation of the development projects in 1390. 
He added that during the 1390 of 615 projects more investment has taken place in the agriculture and irrigation and electricity power that indicate realization of 54% of the development budget. 
The CM instructed that administration affairs and the economy ministry to continue supervision of implementation of the development projects and inform the CM in this respect. 
Increase in the price of water provision bills was also taken up by the CM which was presented by the head of water supply and canalization department. 
He said that due to varying problems water supply is provided to its actual costs and proposed increase in the price of water supply that has been confirmed by the CM economic committee. 
The proposal has been adopted by the CM considering the sustainability of water provision of and importance of this issue. 
The issue of import of ill animals to the country was also taken up at the CM at the proposal of head of the environment protection department. 
He told the CM that sanitation is not observed in slaughtering of animals and this leaves unpleasant repercussions on the environment and leading to certain diseases. 
The CM instructed the national committee for protection of environment to prevent the import of ill animals and adopt specific measures for building of slaughtering houses in the surrounding of Kabul city and try to convince the butchers to observe sanitation. 
Kabul Mayor proposed increase in taxes of its properties. The head of the microrayan maintenance department in order to improve its services proposed a series of increments in its maintenance taxes of apartments and other properties of the enterprise. 
It covers increment of per meter of Afs. 4 to 40 Afs. on monthly basis, the tariff for maintenance of apartments of Teheya Maskan and Shahara from Afs 2 to Afs four, the rent of rooms of residential area of 90 family from Afs 120 to Afs 300 room and the rent of one room of apartments from Afs 700 to Afs 3000 and the payment of the bus fare of the employees of the department from Afs 5 to 30 Afs daily. 
The CM by decreasing the monthly rent of apartment room from three to two thousand proposed by the municipality and the reduction to the rent of kindergarten from Afs l40 to Afs 20 adopted the proposals and asked the owners of the apartments and the shopkeepers to furnish the front portions of their shops with stone with the cooperation of the Kabul Municipality for beautification of the city. 
The ministries of justice, interior affairs, Kabul Municipality and the independent department of environment protection were assigned to prepare specific measures for improving sanitation and environment protection as well as better traffic order in the city including cash fines for the violators of order and refer it to the CM session. 
At the end, three international conventions were presented by foreign minister which were confirmed by the CM.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Vice president Mohammad Karim Khalili said yesterday that evidence indicates the Taliban militants are behind problems in Behsoud district to sabotage the peace, security and development projects there. 
In talks with a delegation of religious scholars of Wardak province and councils of mosques prayer leaders of west of Kabul, the vice president Khalili said the government will not allow the Taliban or any other terrorist outfits to disrupt law and order in the name of kuchis or nomads. 
The delegation also welcomed the government decision to send security forces to Behsoud district and calling for the settlement of kuchis in accordance with the law and president’s order. 
They also briefed the vice president about their problems with regard to electricity and road in Kotai Sangi and Dashti Barchi and demanded the attention of the government.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Kabul (BNAS) President Hamid Karzai met with Zhan Ef Ludgha Minister of Defense of France and conveyed his deep sympathies over the death of four French soldiers and wounding of another five of them as a result of recent suicide attack in Kapisa province. 
The minister of defense of France representing his people conveyed his sympathies to President Karzai and the people of Afghanistan for injuries of some civilians of Afghanistan in this attack as well. 
He also conveyed good sentiments of the French president to Hamid Karzai and added that France considering the decision of the president of Afghanistan in involving Kapisa in the third phase of transition of security responsibilities wants to withdraw its forces as of the next coming month from Afghanistan. 
The French Defense Minister assured that his country in the future within the framework of the strategic cooperation agreement between the two nations will continue her cooperation with Afghanistan especially in traning of security forces of the country. 
He also informed of the dispatch of the Afghan-French strategic cooperation for approval to the parliament of that country. 
President Karzai instructed the Minister of Defense and Interior affairs of Afghanistan who were present at this meeting to render all cooperation for implementation of the decision of the French government in relation to withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan and accomplish necessary measures in this respect.

Monday, June 11, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Head of Central Statistic Directorate, Abdul Rahman Ghafoori in a meeting held in his office yesterday said the Central Statistic department is collecting the prices of consuming goods would help the body to have good planning and enables them to give priority in importing consuming goods in accordance with our needs.
The collecting of prices of consuming goods have already been implemented in six provinces, he said, adding the program of collecting the prices of consuming goods will be implemented in 10 provinces including Kabul soon and later in all the 34 provinces.
Implementing the program would help to check prices fluctuation in the country, Ghafoori added.