21 November 2019

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Monday, November 26, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai met with a visiting delegation of the UK parliament’s Defense Select Committee led by its Chairman, Hon James Arbuthnot, presidential palace said in a statement Sunday.
The meeting focused on several issues of mutual interest including the situation in Afghanistan, the peace and reconciliation process, the ongoing process of Transition as well as British investment in Afghanistan, the statement said.
President Karzai described as satisfactory the progress achieved of the Transition of security responsibilities from foreign to Afghan forces calling it “good by all measures” and urged for enhanced collective support for a successful completion of the process to the interest of Afghanistan and the international community, according to the statement.
The President also strongly noted that if the international community sustained its support and delivered through the government of Afghanistan, there was no doubt that Afghanistan would have a better future.
President Karzai praised the role that UK prime minister has played in leading up to the latest developments and briefed the delegation of the recent positive visit by the Afghan peace council to Pakistan and hailed Pakistan’s decision to free, at the request of Afghan Peace Council, a number of Taliban prisoners.
The British Defense Committee delegation reiterated their country’s continued commitment and support to Afghanistan.

Sunday, November 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Chairman and members of the nationwide religious ulema (NRUC) council in their meeting with president Karai called suicide attacks as illegal and strongly condemned this illicit practice.
Chairman and members of NRUC met with president Karzai and Mawlawi Hezbullah read out the recent resolution of the council.
In this resolution the council quoting the verdict of the Saudi Arabia Mufti Azam bin Abdullah Al Sheikh in respect to the illegality of suicide attacks and touching on the Quranic verses and Hadiths, it says that since the human being life and fate belongs to Allah Almighty and it has been given by Allah no one can eliminate a person and that the suicide bomber does two sins at a time as they kill themselves and another innocent person.
The resolution also reflects the interpretation of another verse of Holy Kuran saying do not kill people, undoubtedly Allah is most merciful to you, and the person who kills others he will face the punishment of Allah and will be put in fire of hell.
The ulama council resolution calls the visit of the high peace council delegation to Pakistan as positive and the joint statement released at the end of the visit an achievement, especially the 7th points of the statement that demands formation of a conference of the Afghanistan and Pakistan religious ulama and calls this as a positive step. 
The resolutions ask the higher authorities to take practical steps for holding the conference so that the present problems of the innocent nation are resolved based on Sharia orders.
The council strongly condemns the aggressive wild attacks of Zionist regime of Israel on Palestinians and asks the Muslim Umma not to keep the innocent Palestinians along and take serious reactions against the Zionists.
President Hamid Karzai expressed his support to the resolution of the nationwide ulama council and considered to the good of the Muslim Umma.
President Karzai also called visit of the high peace council to Pakistan as positive and added that based on the request of the delegation some Taliban inmates were freed from Pakistan prisons. 
He added that an agreement has been reached with Pakistan to form a joint religious ulama council of the two countries.
President Karzai shared the proposal of the Kabul Imams in respect to formation of Darulafta with the chairman and members of the nationwide ulama council and asked for their views in this respect.
Mawlawi Qayamuddin Kashaf chairman of the nation-wide ulama council called formation of the Darulafta center as a necessity and emphasized that this center should be given executive authorities. 
He added that the nationwide ulama council and some other organs responsibilities having close links with this center should also merge with the Darulafta center as well.

Sunday November 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Some elders and influential of center of Daikundi province met with Mohammad Karim Khalili and shared their problems with him, according to the elders former governor of Daikundi and the assigned delegation have specified the center of the province as Kuchenghai and so far nothing has been done in respect to construction of government structures there.
They added that so far only the construction of the police premises, reserve stocks of ministry of agriculture and irrigation, a mosque and Karez has been built up there and in addition to that some plots of land has been specified by the municipality and distributed to the people.
According to them the assigned delegation has visited recently Ashtarlai and the delegation in its report indicated that the center should be located in Sheikhmeran area.
They argue that around one million dollars has been expanded on the structures for government departments and they asked for resolution of the problem.
Khalili said that since Ashtarlai is a remote part of the province in order to address the problems of Ashtarlai people he emphasized on this issue.
He meanwhile expressed appreciation over the cooperation of the people with the local departments.
He assured the elders that after assessment of the local organs a decision will be taken on the location of the center of the province.

Sunday November 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Marshal Mohammad Qaseem Fahim First Vice-President met with some elders and influential of Farah and Badakhshan provinces.
At this meeting Marshal Fahim said that security and stability in Farah is a priority that is necessary for progress of that society and this cannot be achieved without cooperation and cohesion of the people of the province.
He added that friendship amongst the people is important as well.
Two elders of Farah shared their problems with Marshal Fahim and he assured them that all their requests will be addressed in due time.
According to another report Marshal Fahim met with some elders of Mahe Mey district of Badakhshan and the elders shared their problems with Marshal Fahim.
Marshal Fahim told the elders that the government is realizing its obligations before the people.
He added that your problems are understood and we shall address them.
The elders of the province expressed support to the government programs and mentioned that the government too should address our problems.
They noted that they face problems in education, health and transport roads.
It was decided that the problems will resolved through the related organs.