21 November 2018

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Tuesday, February 07, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai chaired the plenary session of the council of ministers at the presidential palace yesterday. 
Initially the CM heard a report by the minister of labor, social affairs, martyrs and disabled on pending salaries of the martyrs families of national police advised the ministries of interior, and finance to resolve the problems and report back on its performance to the National Security council Sunday. 
Minister of agriculture and irrigation and acting minister of higher education were instructed to select the candidates of agriculture’s sector for scholarships of Masters and PhD degrees to India. 
The ministry was also assigned to carry on talks with the Sri Lanka. 
Thailand and other countries on training of Afghan students. 
Acting minister of justice presented the draft of the criminal code in 4 chapters and 382 articles prepared by the Institute of law-making of justice ministry. 
The CM confirmed the draft law. The acting minister also presented the draft law on structure and authorities of the attorney general office adding that this draft law has been prepared in accordance with the provision of article 134 of constitutions of Afghanistan in 8 chapters and 42 articles. 
The CM considered that since the article 32 of this law is also incorporated in the law of civil services it requires that article 15 of this law and its phrase 2 is added in the following manner. 
The attorney excepting the phrase 2 of article 3 of the law, cannot supervise the affairs pertaining to the ministries and government departments. 
The draft law was also confirmed by the CM and it will be referred to the justice ministry and then to the national assembly by the state ministry for parliamentary affairs. 
In another part of the CM meeting Kabul municipality by explaining the construction of 23 recreation parks in the Kabul city expressed its concerns over continued destruction of the historic walls of Sher Darwaza of Kabul city. 
The CM advised Kabul municipality in order to ensure greenery of the residential area carry on the sapling planting plan in the varying parts of the Kabul city. 
The CM also on the basis of proposal of ministry of information and culture the responsibility of commission for rehabilitation of the old city was delivered to the Kabul municipality. 
The CM instructed the ministry of defense to deliver the Kabul Bala Hissar to the Ministry of information and culture and the latter should incorporate the Bala Iissar and Sher Dawaaza wall into its development plan. 
The CM also instructed the ministry of interior to ensure full security of the Machalgho9 Dam of Paktia and report of its accomplishments to the coming CM meeting. 
The ministry of defense presented a report on transfer of prisoners from the Bagram prison to Puli Charkhi prison and the ministry was advised to prepare a detailed report on the coming Thursday to the Judicial meeting. 
Minister of agriculture and irrigation received instruction that in two weeks time report to the CM on the transport of food and animal fodder to the provinces and districts in the country. 
Minister of public works apprised the CM on its activities and problems in relations to the Doshi-Pul-i-Khumri, Sorobi, Kapisa, Maidan-Wardak, Bamyan and circular road of Badghis and the CM instructed the finance ministry and the public works to resolve the problems of the above projects and start work on them and ensure their maintenance accordingly. 
The ministries of rehabilitation and rural development and finance were instructed to finalize the contract pertaining to the potable water provision for Nimrooz. 
Acting minister of public health informed the CM on the spread of pneumonia and measles among the children in some parts of the country due to air pollution and the CM advised it to undertake preventive measures in this respect. 
There international conventions were presented by foreign minister which were confirmed by the CM accordingly.

Monday, February 06, 2012
Kabul (BNA) First coordination meeting chaired by the deputy political forging minister, Jaweed Ludin and attended by a number of regional and world diplomats and ambassador including the UN special representative to Afghanistan was held in the ministry’s compound to assess the Istanbul process, the minister of foreign said.
According to the press for the ministry of foreign, the meeting members emphasized on the importance of the Istanbul process and called necessity of pursuing its results as the new agenda too effective and prolific in implementation of cooperation in heart of Asia.
The meeting also announced preparation of Afghanistan for holding a meeting would to be attended by the ministers of the area of the Asian hearth and other Istanbul Peruse the process in June, 2012.
The members of the meeting called the approved agendas of the Istanbul conference to expand regional cooperation and announced their support from the process.
The Istanbul conference was held in November 2 in the Turkish country, this year.

Monday, February 06, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The United State condemns in the strongest possible terms the suicide bombing that occurred on Sunday in Kandahar, killing nine civilians and Afghan National Police, and injuring 19 others. 
By targeting a busy residential neighborhood, the terrorists have once again demonstrated their utter disregard for the safety and security of the Afghan people. 
Our thoughts and sympathies go out to those affected by bombing, and their families. 
The United States will not be deterred in standing with our Afghan partners to defeat the scourge of terrorism.

Sunday, February, 5, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Second Vice President Mohammad Karim Khalili chaired a leading body meeting of NSP and chairman of the committee the other day.
Addressing the committee meeting of NSP Khalili said that implementation of the National Solidarity Program (NSP) in different parts of Afghanistan has brought about eye-catching changes in the lives of the people and it has a positive program of the government at the country level.
He stressed further that considering the importance of this program, it requires that precise studies be conducted in removing its shortcomings by the ministries and other department member of this committee.
Minister of Rehabilitation and Rural Development also talked on the achievements and progress of the NSP in the country and said that implementation of this program has paved the way for realization of the provision of Constitution of Afghanistan pertaining to obligations of the government to work for improvement of lives of the people, ensuring the participation of them in the reconstruction programs and assisting the process of national-building in the country.
As a result of execution of this program so far almost 75% of villages in Afghanistan have come under the coverage of the NSP and over 28,000 development shuras have been established and over 48,000 projects in the sectors of transport, health, energy and education have been executed under this program.
The members of the committee have assessed the program as effective and expressed their viewpoints on removing its shortcomings and how to better organize it through the village development shuras, concentration on infrastructural and agricultural projects, increasing the quality and economic rationality in projects, further participation of women, elimination of poverty in the villages and rural regions and better coordination of activities among the related departments.
Considering the importance of the issue, he instructed the ministry of rehabilitation and rural development taking in to account the viewpoints of the committee members, undertake measures in order to remove the shortages and report back of its accomplishments in the coming meeting of the committee.