22 September 2019

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Monday, October 15, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Foreign Ministry spokesperson Janan Musazai rejected and condemned the recent assertions of Emran Khan Leader of Hezbi Tehrik Insaf of Pakistan with strong words and said that his assertions indicted unawareness of the roots of terrorism, violent attacks in Afghanistan.
He considered these assertions indicative of his intentions towards the people of Afghanistan and added that in the past ten years the people of Afghanistan for the reason of terrorist attacks the roots of which is outside the territory of Afghanistan have sustained vast sacrifices.
He added that according to the afghan foreign ministry this irresponsible and shameless suggestion cannot justified for a person who alleges as leader of a political party.
He stressed so far of the 83 Afghan prisoners in Tajikistan 15 of them have been delivered to Afghanistan on the basis of the bilateral agreement on extradition of prisoners in 1385 between Afghanistan and Tajikistan.
He added that the remaining prisoners will also be delivered after accomplishing the procedures and they will pass their remaining prison terms in Afghanistan.
According to Musazai three Tajikistani prisoners were delivered to Tajikistan government last months.
He also touched on the strategic cooperation agreement between Afghanistan and Pakistan and once again described the conditions of Afghanistan and said that so far no officials have started in respect to the signing of the security agreement between Afghanistan and the US as well.

Monday October 15 2012
Kabul (BNA) Jawed Ludeen deputy political minister of Afghanistan and Sayed Ebbas Eraqchi deputy foreign minister of Iran called the results of their talks as positive.
The deputy minister of Iran leading a delegation arrived in Kabul yesterday and had talks with the Afghan deputy minister in Kabul.
Ludeen told the press that he has discussed with his Iranian counterpart around the situation in the two countries and the regional countries and they are desirous that these talks continue.
The Iranian deputy foreign minister also said that detailed consultation in respect to bilateral ties and the regional and world countries were made and both sides considered the talks as positive and we agreed on continuation of these at the intervals.
The Iranian deputy minister considered peace and stability in Afghanistan equal to security and peace in Iran and said that we are not considering differences between the two.
Answering a question pertaining to hanging of some Afghans in Iran said that Iranian laws are equally executed on Iranians and others.

Monday, October 15, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Tajikistan started the process of delivering of the Afghan prisoners following the agreement signed between Afghan and Tajik presidents recently, based on 15 prisoners handed over to the Afghan side and would be shifted to Afghanistan in the near future.
Afghanistan ambassador to Tajikistan, Abdul Ghafor Arezo said the Afghans who had been accused of drugs trafficking and illegal crossing from the two countries ports released recently from Tajikistan Jails would be taken to Afghanistan.
Tajikistan with up to 300km common border with Afghanistan via Badakhshan, Takhar and Konduz, he said.
The people in the border strip of the two countries are compelled to arrive the centers of their provinces, via the neighboring country as they become deprived of connecting way during the harsh winter.

Monday, October 15, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Marshal Mohammad Qaseem Fahim First Vice-president in his meeting with Ebas Eraqchi deputy foreign minister of Iran, emphasized on further consolidation of friendly relations between the two countries and called a means in consolidation of stability and security in the region.
At the meeting Marshal Fahim noted that friendly relations between Afghanistan has its historical roots and added that Afghanistan is not forgetting Iranian assistance to Afghanistan in the past years and to date and will always praise it.
He stressed that Iran is the home for millions of Afghans for years and we appreciate hosting of our people.
At the meeting the Iranian deputy foreign minister touching of common bonds existing between the two nations said that restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan, Afghanistan can prepare the ground for expansion and development for both countries and the region. 
He added that on behalf of first vice-president of Iran I invite Marshal Fahim to visit Iran. 
Marshal Fahim accepting the invitation promised that he will visit Iran in an appropriate time.