16 February 2019

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Sunday, April 22, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai was deeply grieved when he heard of the tragedy of a passenger plane crash in Pakistan killing all onboard.
The latest information indicate that a Pakistani passenger jet with 127 people on board crashed into wheat fields Friday as it was trying to land at an airport near the capital Islamabad.
President Hamid Karzai expresses his and the people of Afghanistan’s grief over the tragedy and sends his deep sympathies and condolences to people of Pakistan and the affected families.

Saturday, April 21, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The spokesperson of the Defense Ministry considered the forthcoming Chicago Conference of NATO leaders start of a new phase for Afghanistan. 
The spokesperson General Mohammad Zahir Azimi who was addressing a press conference said at the Chicago NATO leader’s conference the Lisbon decisions of the NATO leaders will be evaluated. 
Another issue of discussions will be the transition of security responsibilities from the international forces to the Afghan security forces. 
He declared that the Afghan forces especially the national army could completed the range of 195,000 and it is ready till the end of 2013 to accept all security responsibility of the country. 
Azimi touching on the financial support to the security organs added that it is expected that after 2104 USD 4.2 billion is anticipated for their expenses. 
It is also anticipated that the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan add another USD 500 million to this figure annually to meet the actual expenses of the security forces. 
Meanwhile, the issue of equipping, financing and the training of the security forces of Afghanistan will also be debated at the Chicago conference. 
He noted that probably Russia and representatives of the Central Asian countries will also attend this conference. 
He stressed that we expect that the issue of continuation of aid to Afghanistan a joint statement is issued at the end of this conference as well. 
Regarding the quantity of the Afghan security forces he said that currently we are in contact with the international community and we have agreed over 350,000 of which 195,000 will the number of national army that has already been completed. 
After 2015 considering the assistance of the international community the number of Afghan national security forces will decrease to 230,000.  And the decrease will be conditional to the security situation indeed. 
He added that if the security situation allows this reduction will be started from 2015 on gradual basis and if not there will be no decrease at all. 
He said that the Defense Ministry of Afghanistan expects the Chicago conference that the Afghan national army should come out of its present status as it is only for ensuring domestic security and it is fully dependent on foreign support from the viewpoints of air force and other equipment and we expect that the Chicago conference reach this agreement that our national gain ability after 2014 to be responsive to domestic and foreign security and equipped in a way that it can carry on its traditional mission that is the duty of an army in a country meaning defense of national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country. 
According to another report, Azimi said that the operation of the commando personnel of the national army in Kamdesh district of Nooristan has been completed and added that Kamdesh has been cleared and the enemies have sustained heavy casualties and their several famous commanders have been killed. 
Azimi called the operation speedy and precise and added that only the army corps 203 Thunder is continuing its operations in Kkamdesh.

Saturday, April 21, 2012
Bamyan (BNA) Defense Minister of New Zeeland, Johanatan Kolman paid unannounced visit to Bamyan province the other day and after talking to his soldiers held meeting with Bamyan governor Habiba Sarabi. 
In the meeting in addition to exchanging views on equipping Afghan forces said New Zeeland would continue to support Afghanistan beyond 2012. 
He also stated that New Zeeland would contribute 43 million US dollars in the field of reconstruction as part of efforts to improve ling condition in Bamyan province. 
For her part, the provincial governor Habiba Sarabi while thanking New Zealand for its contribution in training national police had called for further equipment of Afghan security forces. 
It has merit to mention that 140 New Zeeland troopers have been stationed in Bamyan within the framework of Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) to help stabilize security and reconstruction there.

Saturday, April 21, 2012
Kabul (BNA) At the general session of House of People chaired by its speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi, three agreements signed by Afghanistan with foreign countries was debated. 
These included strategic cooperation agreement between Afghanistan and India, the cooperation agreement of Afghanistan with Pakistan, India and Turkmenistan on extension of Gas pipeline and the agreement for financing of agriculture and rural development of western provinces between Afghanistan and Italy which were discussed at the commissions of the Hose of people. 
The deputy head of international affairs commission Mohammad Noor Akbari considered the agreements to the interest of Afghanistan. 
All the agreements were unanimously adopted by the general session of the House of People. 
The deputies also strongly condemned the Tuesday’s terrorist attacks in Kabul, Nangarhar, Logar and Paktia by the Taliban and said that the Taliban in reality with these attacks negated the peace approach on Qatar. 
They said that the peace process of the government is carried one-sidedly and if this is continued in this way the government is not doing justice with the people of Afghanistan. 
The deputies also praised the rapid-reaction force of the interior ministry in suppressing the terrorist attacks and they prayed peace for the souls of the martyrs of these attacks. 
They also asked the charity organizations including the parliament members to render possible assistance to the martyrs of these attacks. 
Some deputies criticized the assertions of Azizullah Ludeen chairman of the high administration for struggle corruption that the deputies voted to the cabinet ministers who are involved in big embezzlements. 
They noted that Ludeen in reality is abusing home of the nation. 
Contrary to the assertions of Ludeen, the House of People says that it has not received any documents pertaining to the bribery of some of the candidate ministers. 
At the end of the session a report on the visit of the delegation of the House of People of the wounded of the recent terrorist attacks at the Sardar Mohammad Daoud Khan Hospital and police hospital was presented and police hospital was presented by Mohammad Farhad Azimi second secretary of the house of people.