14 November 2018

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Monday, January 23, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Deputy Minister for political affairs of foreign ministry attended a joint press conference with the US special envoy for Afghanistan at Foreign Ministry in Kabul. 
Welcoming Mr. Gruessman Ludeen described in relations to the deep and vast relations between the two nations, including support to the peace process of Afghanistan, major meetings on Afghanistan in the coming months including the meeting of NATO heads of state in Chicago, ministerial meeting of regional foreign entitled “Heart of Asia” in Kabul in connection with the Istanbul Conference in June and the international Tokyo conference on the month of July this year. 
Regarding the peace process Ludeen said that peace is important and immediate desire of the people of Afghanistan and the Afghan government is fully committee towards follow up of this process and realization of the aspiration of people of Afghanistan. 
He added that as president Karzai has clearly stated earlier, the government of Afghanistan agrees on opening of the Taliban office in Qatar and practical carrying of peace talks, but stressed that this office is not yet opened. 
He noted that for creation of such an office, in the first place, it is necessary that direct talks is started between the government of Afghanistan and Qatar and a clear agreement comes into being in this respect between the two nations. 
Therefore the government of Afghanistan is waiting for direct contacts with the Qatar government in this respect and shall welcome its delegation visit to Kabul in the near future. 
Gruessman said that during his visit to Kabul he had official meetings with president Karzai, minister of foreign affairs and members of the high peace council. 
He stressed that the US administration supports the Afghan peace process and added that the time is ripe now that efforts should be taken for creation of an office for Taliban in Qatar so that direct talks between Afghans make peace restoration possible. 
He added that only the Afghans can decide on the future of Afghanistan. 
He stressed further that in order to open the office in Qatar the Taliban should also declare that they have stopped their link with the international terrorism and they support peace process for termination of conflict in Afghanistan. 
Stressing the position of Afghanistan in relation to Guantanamo prisoners, Ludeen noted that in connection to the peace process, in case the US administration decide to send some of the prisoners to Qatar and it these prisoners are willing to return and want to join their families in that country, the Afghan government supports this measure as well.

Monday, January 23, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Swedish ambassador to Kabul met with second vice president Mohammad Karim Khalili. 
They exchanged views on the peace process, important issues of Afghanistan and other issues of mutual interest. 
At the meeting Khalili appreciated the assistance of the Swedish government in reconstruction and development of Afghanistan and reiterated on further expansion of Sweden assistance in different provinces. 
He added that peace should not be sacrificed at the cost of past achievements but this should come within the framework of constitution, democracy and preservation of joint achievements of Afghanistan and the international community in the past one decade. 
He noted that the international community is the facilitator of peace process and the Afghan government should lead this process. 
He noted that the expectation of Afghan people from the international community is that as the ally of the people of Afghanistan to accelerate their support towards the new achievements and thus support the people of Afghanistan and should not repeat its past mistakes in relation to Afghanistan. 
He also called consolidation of democracy in the country one of the basic ways for expansion of peace and stability in the country. 
At the meeting the Swedish ambassador while confirming the assertions of Khalili in relation to peace process, emphasized on continued support of his country of the joint achievements of Afghanistan and the international community. 
He also touched on the activities of the Swedish PRT in Saripul, Badghis, and Samangan and informed of increased assistance of his government. 
He also touched on the concentration of Swedish committee’s activities in 18 provinces of the country and emphasized on increase of activities of this committee in other provinces.

Monday, January 23, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Second vice-president Mohammad Karim Khalili chaired the meeting in which 6 representatives of Badakhshan at the House of People were present, the latest activities and measures report in relation to addressing the affected people emanating from avalanches in Badakhshan were discussed. 
According to report the ministry of agriculture and irrigation has already dispatched food and non-food items to 13 district of the province and work on distribution of food and non food items is going on. 
The Ministry of public health reported that three months ago primary health care materials which are responsive to primary needs of those districts for six months were dispatched to the province. 
The minister of rehabilitation and rural development said that so far 91 km of road in affected areas have been cleaned. 
The committee meeting decided that adequate medicine and cash aid to the affected families have been approved from the budget of the national disaster committee and a delegation composed of representatives of the ministries of agriculture and irrigation, public health, rehabilitation and rural development, and national department for combating disaster and two Badakhshan deputies at the house of people led by the Afghan Red Crescent Society will visit the province and distribute the allocated cash money and medicine to the martyrs and wounded members of the families.

Monday, January 23, 2012
Kabul (BNA) In a meeting with French Defense Minister Gerard Longuet on Sunday, president Karzai once again expressed his condolences over the loss of four French soldiers killed last Friday in Afghanistan. 
President Karzai asked Minister Longuet, who is on a visit to Afghanistan to convey his heartfelt condolences to the French president, the people of France and to the mourning families of the victims and stressed that the shooting reflects in no way the true public perception of the French soldiers, but rather an isolated case by an individual who is in custody and being investigated. 
The president said it was “terrible shock” to see that a similar incident happens twice involving Afghan army soldiers opening fire at French troops. 
The Afghan Defense Ministry has been ordered to thoroughly investigate the incident. 
French defense minister thanked president Karzai for his condolences and sympathies and vowed that his country would continue to assist the people of Afghanistan. 
Another subject central to discussion was the strategic partnership on which the Defense minister Longuet said his country was prepared to soon sign a long-term partnership treaty with Afghanistan, which would pave the ground for further expansion of the bilateral relations and would ensure Franc’s continued engagement in Afghanistan beyond 2014. 
President Karzai thanked France for all its assistance over the past ten years and said, “France is an old and sincere historic friend of the Afghan nation and has remained as such.”