19 June 2019

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Saturday, July 28, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai met with the martyrs relatives of recent terrorist incident of June 14 in Samangan Province and some of the elders of the province while Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi Chairman of House of people were also present.
At the meeting Commander Toor, Rais Saraj and Qudratullah Zaki Deputy at the House of people presenting others talked.
They while thanking president Karzai for his telephonic contact and conveying his sympathies with the braved families, asked for arrest and legal followed of the perpetrators of this painful terrorist incident of June, 14.
The elders of Samangan asked President Karzai so that Commander Toor Ahmad Khan’s brother son is assigned in a proper government position.
They also said that assignment in the government positions in Samangan are taking on Tanzim basis and that it should take the national shape.
President Karzai after hearing the demands and proposals of the elders once again expressed his sympathies to the martyr’s families and prayed peace for the souls of the martyred of June, 14 terrorist attack.
Based on the proposal of request of the chairman of the House of People and Samangan elders, praised Commander Toor brother son of
Shaheed Ahmad Khan Samangani as the servant of the people of Samangan and wished him success in serving the people of his nation.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai chaired the meeting of Council of Ministers (CM) and following assessment of the law on mines it was decided that more work should be made on all its draft and to enrich it further, it should pass all legal process.
President Karzai at this meeting instructed the Minister of Justice Habibullah Ghalib and all related in charges to do more work on its draft so that a comprehensive and strong law is prepared in which the present high interests and future of Afghanistan is taken into account.
Also in the meeting the representative of Nuristan shared their problems in terms, of health, security, education and reconstruction and the CM issued instruction to the related in charges for addressing their problems.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
Kabul (BNA) At a meeting held with president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai at the presidential palace, the elders and representatives of Baluch tribe shared their problems and asked for more attention of the government in this field.
The Baluch tribe representative at the house of people, Farida Hamidi, and elder Mawlavi Baluch and a number of other influential figures  discussed their provincial challenges among them construction of  Kamal Khan Dam with the president.
They asked the government for doing more in reconstruction the dam which benefited large number population in the province.
The elders also asked the president to provide more job essentials for the Baluch youths at the government office as well as giving them adequate portion on scholarships to help them develop their higher education.
The president, after hearing the entire presentations and offers of the elders, instructed the organs concerned to appropriately meet their problems.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by President Hamid Karzai the weekly session of Council of Ministers was held at Gul Khana palace yesterday, to start with the meeting of the Council of Ministers by emphasizing on the resolution no 14 dated 30/4/1390 of the CM in relation to acceleration of work on Salma Dam assigned the Ministry of Public Works so that primary activities like gravelling of the Herat Chesht Sharif is started immediately and the finance ministry allocate the required budget for the ministry of Public Works.
The ministry of Interior was assigned to ensure security of the dam.
According to the agenda Deputies, senators of Nuristan Rashedi Presidential Advisor and Head of the Provincial Council of Nuristan explained the region at problems in terms of security, governance and rule of law, infrastructure and natural resources, education, health, rehabilitation and rural development to the CM meeting and prioritized security, building of roads, promotion of education and reforms in the local organs of the province.
The minister of education health, financial deputy minister and acting minister of finance, deputy minister of higher education informed the meeting of their respective ministries implemented activities.
The CM instructed the administration affairs and secretariat of the CM to refer the demands of the Nuristan representatives to the respective government organs and report back to the presidential of their performance.
The CM also instructed the ministries of Public Works, Health, education, urban development and the independent administration of local organs to adopt necessary measures towards realization of the priorities of the province.
The CM also instructed formation of a commission consisting of deputies of House of People, Senators, members of the provincial council and representative of the local organs for following up the demands of the province.
The national resolution for bringing of reforms in educational order, technical and vocational training and job opportunities in Afghanistan was presented by minister of education and professional deputy minister of higher education ministry.
The CM assigned the also heard a report of the assigned commission on specifying the price of the building the property of Ariana Afghan Airlines by economy minister. It was stressed that selling of the building was confirmed by the local organs department and the delegation specified its price at USD 9,890,943 based on the views of the urban development ministry.
The CM confirmed the price of the building and assigned the finance ministry to anticipate the price of the building in its budget of 1392 and with the cooperation of Ariana Airlines new passenger’s aircrafts are purchased from this money.
Meanwhile, the commission for preparation on Nawroz Festival of 1393 led by ministry of Urban development presented a report to the CM and it was stressed that the commission assessed a proper premise for holding of this festival in accord with the specified norms and ten historical sites of Afghanistan have been specified for holding the Nawroz Festival including Paghman Hill or Badam Bagh of Kabul and proposed these regions for the CM adoption.
The CM confirmed Paghman Hill for Nawroz Festival of 1393 and assigned the urban development ministry that with the cooperation of related ministries prepare its basic map and present to the presidential office.
The ministry of finance was instructed to procure necessary budget for this purpose and provide it to the ministry of urban development and also the representatives of the ministries of foreign affairs and agriculture and irrigation should be included in the composition of the commissions. The sale of 19 hectare government land in Sardaura of Kunduz was presented by the minister of agriculture and irrigation. He stressed that in 1383 around 28 hectare of land was sold by the Kunduz municipality at a total cost of 1,120,000 to the ELC of which 9 hectare was allocated for graveyard and 19 hectares was placed at the disposal of the company on which residential homes to be built up work on which has progress almost 80 percent.
The CM did not confirm the sale and delivery of land due to its low prices and advised the ministry of agriculture and urban development to specify the land on the map and review its prices and inform the CM on its performance.
Expropriation of 3.74 jiribe of land property of Habibullah located in Shindand of Herat at the total price of afs 2,200,841 to the security post of the highway was presented by the deputy minister for security affairs of interior ministry and the CM adopted the proposal and asked the ministry to pay the cost of the land to its owner.
Two international conventions were presented to the CM by Ministry of Foreign Affairs which was confirmed by the same accordingly.