22 September 2019

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Saturday, October 13, 2012
Kabul (BNA) While the ICG considers the situation of Afghanistan critical after 2014, but the NATO authorities and UN diplomats, calling that analysis and concerns unjustifiable and are optimistic about the future of Afghanistan.
According to BNA report, the ICG recently has released a report which draws a bad image from Afghanistan after 2014 when foreign troops leave the country.
Although the Afghan authorities severely condemning the report have called it nonsense and ridiculous, now it is also instigated the UN and the special  envoy of the organization has said in Kabul that the international community won’t let Afghanistan to face the predicted situation.
He said that the presidential elections would be held in determined time so; the prediction of ICG is not true. The UN confirmed that the international community stands beside Afghanistan and won’t allow facing the horrible situation predicted by various sources.
In this regard, we can point to the statements of NATO general secretary who talking to correspondents prior to the holding of NATO member countries defense ministers meeting, answering a question, about his expectation on post 2014 Afghanistan said, “ our aim is an independent, stable, with notation sovereignty Afghanistan to be able to defend itself.
The important point is this, NATO and international community won’t let Afghanistan alone and our partnership with that country will continue. 

The above criticisms indicate that the International Crisis Group with publication of such baseless and avoid of national and international facts and realities, wants to disrupt the public mind and to create self trust crisis among people. But, Afghan people sustaining many hardships during 3 decades of disputes have reached a political maturity that they know, where the reports are rooted and from where they originate.
Khalil Minawi, BNA Director

Thursday, October 11, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Yan Cubish representative of UN Secretary General arrived in Daikondy yesterday.
It is said that the UN delegation has gone to Daikondy for closing of UN Office in that province.
Habibullah Radmanish deputy and caretaker of Daikondy province said, closing of UN office in Daikondy doesn’t mean that UN stopped its cooperation with this province but this cooperation will increase.
The UN delegation said, only in Daikondy the UN office has not closed, but in other nine provinces UN closed its offices.
He added, the mean reason behind closing of UN offices is political consequences.
T. Rateb

Thursday, October 11, 2012
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai telephoned Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari on Wednesday evening and once again condemned the terrorist attack that injured Malala Yousufzai, a women’s rights activist, who promoted peace and stood up against terrorism and extremism.
The President said, “The attack is one of those that, over the past many years, have continuously been directed against students, teachers and schools in Afghanistan. These barbaric attacks are, unfortunately, now on the rise in Pakistan.”
President Karzai termed as cowardly the attack to target an innocent young girl, who did nothing, but promoted peace, children’s rights and education.
The President urged the need for the two countries to earnestly join hands in fighting the vile menace for the good of the two nations. The President stressed that remaining indifferent would cost our future hugely, and would be a future fraught with greater perils.
President Karzai once again assured President Zardari of Afghanistan’s every cooperation for that end.
President Zardari thanked President Karzai for the call and said the attack on Malala and her school friends symbolized the quest of our children for education and social uplift and demonstrated a national spirit to stand up to militants and extremists.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Abdul Zahir Qadeer first secretary of the House of People chaired the meeting of the 18 chairman of the commissions of the House of People and parliamentary groups, the deputies discussed issues on its agenda.
At the commission on international affairs discussed the recent decision of the Iranian courts on capital punishment of the Afghan refugees.
They also studied the petitions of 5800 Afghan prisoners of which 200 have been sentenced to capital punishment.
They asked the ministry of foreign affairs to undertake serious measures.
They also discussed the detailed report of the ministry of foreign affairs in relation to the strategic agreement between Afghanistan and the US and the sides obligations in respect to Pakistan rocket attacks.
The deputies also discussed the draft law referred to the House of People by the commission on women affairs.
The deputies also discussed the draft of the charter of the ECO that its 20th meeting is expected to be held in Baku center of Azerbaijan on 15 of October 2012.
The report of minister of public works in respect to the 1391 budget of the ministry was heard by the deputies that met the satisfaction of the deputies.
Minister of public health Soraya Dalil also reported on the ministry’s development budget activities that met the satisfaction of the deputies.
At the commission on women affairs the issue of coordination among the related foundations was discussed.
The deputies stated that the ministers of information and culture, Hajj and Endowment should undertake capacity building programs for provision of awareness in respect to the importance of women education and their rights.
At the judicial and administration reforms and struggle against corruption commission the deputies expressed their disagreement over proposed amendment to the law on structure and authorities of the attorney general office.
The deputies also discussed the problems created among the Kuchi inhabitants of Sorobi and this way their problems were said to have been resolved with the meddling of some elders.
In another part of the meeting the issues of rise in prices of petroleum and food items were discussed and it was decided that the ministers of economy, finance, agriculture and irrigation, the Kabul Mayor and head of the national environment protection attend the meeting of the 25th of the commission on natural resources and environment.
Other commission also discussed issues on their agenda and necessary decisions were taken.