23 September 2019

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Monday, October 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Deputy Spokesman of ministry of foreign affairs Dr. Faramurz Tamana in a briefing enumerating the result of first session of joint Afghan-US commission reported that foreign minister of the country would visit soon Islamabad to discuss on the draft of Afghan-Pak strategic treaty.
According to BNA, evaluating fruitful the result of joint commission meeting of Afghanistan and the USA for Afghanistan that was held in the framework of agreement of strategic cooperation between the two nations, he added that the both sides in their meeting discussed the bilateral cooperation in the framework of strategic cooperation agreement.
According to him, Afghanistan and the US agreed upon a series of certain issues of cooperation that in near future, would follow by working groups of the two countries.
The first session of joint commission is held in the USA.
Tamana stated that the second session of this commission would be held in Kabul after six months.
In regard with beginning of negotiation about security cooperation agreement, Dr. Tamana said that this negotiation would be held in near future.
In this briefing, deputy spokesman of foreign ministry also said that foreign minister of the country negotiated with a number of the US congressmen and national security advisor of that country.
In regard with discussion on strategic treaty between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Dr. Tamana asserted that discussion on signing the document of strategic cooperation between the two nations has clear logic, in recent years, Afghanistan and Pakistan had cooperation in various fields and this document can cover vast bilateral cooperation.
According to him, discussion on terrorism, transit and other issues would be discussed.
He said that what is in the national interests of people of Afghanistan would be set forth by Afghan government.
He also informed media men about Afghan prisoners in Iran and visit of foreign minister of the country from Islamabad.

Monday, October 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Second Vice President, Mohammad Karim Khalili met with a number of Afghanistan women for tribal coordinative council at the presidential palace, his office said in a statement.
During the meeting, a Wolesi Jerga member, Fauzia Naseryar Guldaraye chairwoman of the council, Reza Hashemi provided information about the council adding it was consisted of different tribes of Afghanistan and had done more for the women and many abandoned households since the last several years in the country, the statement said.
They asked the government for providing cooperation with the women council and do what was effective in removal of violation against the women across the provinces of the country, the statement quoted.
Expressing awareness over the activities of the Afghanistan women council, the second vice president lauded their efforts for doing well for the women better future and called civil society and people council a step forwards in tackling the ongoing challenges in the country.
He denounced the plots of the enemies of the people of Afghanistan to be run for creating discord and disunity among the people of the country, but assured the conspiracies would never remaining effective as the people of Afghanistan had get vigilant further than ever.
He vowed the country was going toward a right path and asked the women for protecting new chapter’s achievements by 2014 after which the country would be led to tranquility and welfare.

Monday, October 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) During a meeting with Second Vice President, Mohammad Karim Khalili the member of Dauate-e-Islami Foundation of Afghanistan Ulama described the role of Islamic and religious scholars the most prominent in the Islamic society, the presidential office said.
According to a statement from the presidential palace the meeting members said the members for Afghanistan Dauat-e-Islami Foundation with many provincial agencies would do for restoring peace in the country. 
They asked the government for doing more in restoring of security in Parwan province and its districts as recently the province residents are fatigued by some cases of murder, kidnapping and other security problems.
Lauding the role of religious scholars significant in the entire spheres and describing their position the most prominent among the people of Afghanistan, as well as during the Jehad of the people of Afghanistan.
He said the religious scholar’s role importance is increasing by passing the time in the country.

Monday, October 08, 2012
Kabul (BNA) During a meeting with a number of elders and influential figures of northern Takhar province, first vice president, Marshal Mohammad Qaseem Faheem called cooperation of the people with the security organs too important and added that happening of some security incidents in the province prompted the people to defend their security, the presidential palace said.
Development of many uplift projects in the province indicates full cooperation of the people with the government, the statement said.
The national security forces including national army and police in cooperation with the local residents could strengthen security of heir localities, the statement quoted the first vice president as saying.
According to the statement, the first vice president believed no success would be accessed by the people to overcome the challenges of the society unless they get united. 
Work, security and governance are not a one-day issue, but it requires the joint efforts between the government and the people as well as no excuse would remain for continuation of war against the Muslim people and the Islamic government after the foreign forces withdrawal from Afghanistan and any-one should get united for peace across the country. 
A number of the elders discussed their provincial problems with the second vice president, with being pledged to be talked soon by the related organs, the statement concluded.
Some foreign media had launched propaganda that Afghanistan would face a critical future after the international forces leave the country by 2014.