26 May 2020

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Sunday, February 17, 2013
Kabul (BNA) There is no doubt that presently the majority of extremist groups’ leaders are living in Pakistan and widely supported by the powerful intelligence service of that country.
The assassination of Osama the most prominent Al-qaeda leader in a site close to a Pakistani military base, made it clear that Pakistan is a stronghold of all terrorist and extremist groups who have been funded, trained and sent to Afghanistan for carrying terrorist attacks.
This is ISI that leads, directs and organizes terrorist operation not Taliban.
Taliban are nothing but brained washed mercenaries who by launching terrorist attacks according to direct order of ISI agents kill Afghan innocent men, women and children and destroy their country.
Having such excessive influence on extremist and terrorist groups, it is ISI not the government of Pakistan can play a major role in bringing peace and stability in to Afghanistan.
So, all involved parties, who honestly strive for ensuring peace in Afghanistan, considering the grave role of this notorious Pakistani intelligence, should deal with it not the civilian government of that country, because the army and ISI say the final word there. 
Without doubt if the Pakistani government had control over its army particularly its intelligence service could play a significant role in bringing peace to Afghanistan.
Annually Pakistan receives millions of dollars from international community specially US for counter terrorism campaign; therefore they are not honest for complete eradication of terrorists’ hideouts in their territory, because they use it as a means of blackmail.
Because of the facts mentioned above, in spite of that the Pakistan and Afghan governments held several sessions and negotiated and made commitments for removing the crisis and restoring peace in to Afghanistan but all were in vain.
The last tripartite summit of Afghanistan, Pakistan and UK in London, also insisted on acceleration of peace process in Afghanistan and Pakistani side committed to cooperate for ensuring peace in Afghanistan but so far had done nothing because it is incapable for meeting its commitments. As I mentioned earlier, the army and ISI are the real decision makers in that country.
The political analysts of the situation in the region believe, now it is the time, the government of Pakistan along with its army and intelligence service, work honestly for accelerating and ensuring peace in Afghanistan is in interest of both Afghan and Pakistani people; otherwise Pakistan itself will be the prey of terrorism and extremism in near future.           

Sunday, February 17, 2013
Kabul (BNA) Dr. Zalmai Rassoul Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan following meeting with deputy premier and foreign minister of Austria informed the media about the result of their meeting.
Dr. Rassoul said that at the meeting they discussed bilateral and regional issues, process of transition and the peace process with the opposition and the upcoming presidential elections.
According to Dr. Zalmai Rassoul, the minister of foreign affairs of Austria declared an assistance of Euro 18 million of that country to Afghanistan in development, security and education spheres.
At the press conference, minister for foreign affairs of Austria stated that his country after 2014 will assist Afghanistan with USD6 million for training national police of Afghanistan.
He also pledged support of Austria from the process of peace talks and the upcoming elections and added that Austria wants ensuring of expanded economic relations with Afghanistan. Dr. Zalmai Rassoul at the press conference rejected the resources assisted by the monitor of Watch Dog and published by the Reuters and added that all the aids by the donor countries to Afghanistan have been expanded and the Tokyo conference decided over transparency and accountability of the aids.
He added that in the coming week the tri-partite meeting of Afghanistan, India, and the US will be held.

Sunday, February 17, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The UN Secretary General special envoy to Afghanistan John Kubis held meeting with second vice president Mohammad Karim Khalili yesterday.
In the meeting, according to the press office of Presidential Palace, the UN envoy briefed the vice president on holding conference of the joint board on monitoring and coordination and also the joint conference of the heads of UN agencies with the government of Afghanistan in regard with the role of UN office UNAMA for the future of Afghanistan, saying both the meetings were successful.
The UN diplomat also noted that holding such joint meeting is important for managing programs in Afghanistan.
He also stated that the government of Afghanistan would see more UN role after 2014 keeping in mind the priority of the Afghans.
The mission of UNAMA, he said would be extended for another year, a mission that Afghans want to see more UN role in the future of their country.
Besides assuring support to the election commission, the UN special envoy also emphasized on holding transparent elections in 2014.
For his part, Khalili expressed his gratitude to UN over its support to the people and the government of Afghanistan, saying the people of Afghanistan wish the UN more support in future and this will be achieved with the extension of UNAMA mission here.

Sunday, February 17, 2013
Kabul (BNA) A memorandum of understanding cooperation was signed by the ministers of foreign affairs of the Afghanistan and France in Kabul yesterday.
In accordance with this agreement France will train the personnel of national police in the struggle against terrorism, smuggling of narcotics, criminal investigation and other needed areas.
Mujtaba Patang Minister of Interior Affairs after signing the agreement told media men that on the basis of this agreement France will train the police of Afghanistan during and after the year 2014 in the needed areas including struggle against narcotics, insurgency and criminal investigations.
Minister of interior affairs of France said that this agreement committed us to assist the people of Afghanistan in the public order police, gendarmerie, training of police in struggle against narcotics, support to police in criminal investigations and improving security of the people.
He emphasized on training of Afghan national police and said that France alongside other instances will prioritize training of the national police of Afghanistan.
He also visited the police training center in Mainan-Wardak and appreciated the ability ties of the national police.
Mujtaba Patang answering a question said that we will use some of the foreign equipment’s that are placed at our disposal, while their other equipment’s will be taken to their countries.