18 November 2019

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Monday, November 12, 2012
Kabul (BNA) It is expected that talks on security agreement between Afghanistan and the US soon start in Kabul.
This was stated by Janan Musazai spokesman of the Foreign Ministry to the press stressing the talks will start on the 15th of November between the delegations of the two nations on the bilateral security agreement between the two nations.
He added that the Afghan delegation will be led by Aklil Hakimi Afghan ambassador to Washington and on the US side by former US ambassador to Bulgaria Jimwarlik.
He noted that formation of any commission within the delegation in not intended and what has been stated to the National Assembly is incorrect.
He attributed selection of Aklil Hakimi at the head of the delegation to the personal trust of President of Afghanistan to him and Hakimi’s rich and long years of working experience in diplomatic sphere and having vast information over the conclusion of agreements of the US with other countries.
He pointed that Hakimi is among few specialists who has information about the US agreement with some other countries.
He added that in the composition of the Afghan delegation there are specialists of different area from customs to the defense foundations, security and economy spheres.
He added that Afghan delegation at the talks will act on the basis of national interests, preservation of national security and on the basis of realization of basic objectives of the people of Afghanistan that is ensuring peace, security and nationwide stability in the country, strengthening and preservation of young democracy of Afghanistan.
He also informed the press of visit of Foreign Minister to the Jebuti in the coming week for participation at the Foreign Ministers Conference of Islamic Countries.
He rejected the presence of Mawlana Fazlullah lead of the Taliban group of Pakistan in Afghanistan and said that as the government of Afghanistan doses not allow that the terrorist group use the Afghan territories and carry terrorist attacks against neighboring countries, we also expect the neighbors of Afghanistan not to allow terrorists to carry on terrorist acts against our country.
It should be noted that the House of People in its recent meeting had criticized leading of the start of talks on security agreement by the Afghan ambassador and asked for involvement of outstanding security and political personalities in the talks.

Monday November 12 2012
Kabul (BNA) Draft of 1392 national budget dispatched to the upper house of parliament (senate) for discussion by the ministry of finance and Govt. of Afghanistan has reported of 108 billion Afghani increase in the new budget for 1392 and an amount of Afghani 366.2 billion has been estimated for 1392 which include 196 billion development and another 170 billion for ordinary budget.
Based on the information received from ministry of finance, budget draft for 1392 which recently approved by the parliament is said that from overall budget 46% is expected to be provided by the international donors and the rest 54% from national sources.
Based on statement of minister of finance, the current budget draft has been prepared for the 12 fiscal months starting from first of Jaddi and completed on end of Qaws.
In the 1392 budget plan, 21% has been considered for road construction programs, 11% for energy and hydro power generators sector, 9% for agriculture sector, 8% for higher education sector and 4% has been allocated for health sector.
The $ 4.8 billion financial budget which had been prepared for the current year is now changed and the next budget would cover the whole 12 months while previously two to three months delay had been conducted while passing the budget due to summer holidays of the parliamentarians.
It’s said that in the new budget plan, various sectors same as education, health, mine extraction, energy and agriculture sector would received more money in the next budget.
Minister of finance Omar Zakhelwal says that 28% of the development budget is allocated to the ministry of defense, 13% to ministry of interior and 11% for development and reconstruction of districts.
Based on the constitution, representatives of the people in the Mishrano Jirga has fifteen days to present their views on the draft of the budget plan and later it would be dispatched to the house of representatives for approval.
Draft of the budget plan send off to the senate at a time after parliament had refused draft of the previous budget two times and accused the Govt. of not considering balance in the budget plan and later it persuaded Govt. in increase another $ 12 million to honor demands of the parliamentarians which followed controversy between Govt. and lawmakers.
It should be realized that Govt. servants have always criticized parliamentarians of delaying to pass the draft due to their low income and delay of their salaries.
Commenting on the budget plan, minister of parliamentary affairs said that the current budget has been prepared in the light of development strategy and emphasized that Govt. intends to dispatch it to the House of Representatives to pass it in the shortest time to ensure on time implementation of development projects by the ministries and Govt. organs.

Monday November 12 2012
Kabul (BNA) Ghulam Mujtaba Patang Minister of Interior of Afghanistan met with his Australian counterpart discussing assistance of that country to the police forces of Afghanistan.
Mujtaba Patang asked the Australian Interior Minister to assist the Afghan police forces in training and equipping them and cooperate in this respect.
Struggle against crimes and planned crimes, struggle against narcotics, human smuggling, and struggle against terrorism and insurgency were areas that the minister of interior of Afghanistan asked assistance and cooperation of Australia to the national police of Afghanistan.
The Australian interior minister, while emphasizing on continued assistance of his country to the police forces of Afghanistan, stressed that the ministry of interior of Australia by utilizing its experiences shall extend support to the police of Afghanistan.
He also assured of continued assistance program of Australia after 2014 to Afghanistan and added that Australia is prepared to assist the national police of Afghanistan in different spheres, including facilitating their professional training in the country.
According to another report, the minister of interior affairs met with minister of defense of Canada in Kabul us well.
At this meeting Mujtaba Patang thanked Canada for its past assistance and asked for continued assistance of this country to Afghanistan especially to the police forces.
Meanwhile the Canadian defense minister emphasized on the continued assistance of that country to Afghanistan and said that Canada is prepared to cooperate towards empowerment of the police forces of Afghanistan and upgrading their capacities.
He emphasized that Canada after 2014 as well is committed to take further part in assisting Afghanistan in training and equipping of the Afghan police forces.

Monday, November 12, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by Rafiullah Gul Afghan second secretary of the senate, the senators discussed varying issues including high prices of fuel and liquid gas on the advent of winter season arguing that the prices are beyond the economic ability of the common people in the country.
The national economy commission of the senate has informed the senate that the contract for purchase of 300,000 tons of petroleum products has been concluded with a Russian company and measures for preventing smuggling of the products outside the country.
The senators expressed concern that with the advent of winter the prices of fuel and other items are raising making life for the common people difficult. 
They also asked for timely measure of the government to create reserves of flood, fuel and medicine.
The also expressed concern over increased violence against the women including the killing of a woman in Kunduz by her husband and the killing of another woman along with her sons by her husband. 
They asked the security organs to legally follow these incidents and punish the accused.
Firing of the Iranian border forces in a place in Neemruz was also condemned by the senators.
They said that verbal apology by the Iranian forces is not adequate and they should officially ask apology from the government of Afghanistan.