20 February 2019

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011
Kabul (BNA) President Karzai told the private and government media yesterday that we are trying to help Afghanistan be free of negative rivalries and confrontations between the 2014 to 2024, but to be the place for cooperation, trade exchanges, and a great route between the central Asia, South Asia and Middle East. 
He added that the duty of the Afghan government is to exert all possible endeavors to align its policies with the neighbors and other countries that would give way for confrontations and rivalries. 
He stressed that we shall try that to keep Afghanistan way from the problems that others have among them and it would into a place where everyone be partner and in a way we were successful in this presently. 
Explaining the basic policy line of the country he said that the basic policy of the country will be pursued by the future government of Afghanistan that is friendship, improved ties, expansion of trade dealings with neighbors, expansion of relations with the Islam world and Arab countries, formation of strong strategic ties with the great countries of the region, like India that has already started from now on. 
He stressed further that we shall try to maintain very strong, high and basic relations with China, Russia as well as keep our relations with the US, western countries and Japan.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kabul (BNA) President Karzai told the national Radio-TV, Shamshad, Ariana and Kabul News in an interview that he hopes Pakistan pursue an independent policy towards Afghanistan and it should not look in its policy from the viewpoints of India and the US in its ties with Afghanistan.  He added that the Pakistani government regrettably after killing of its soldiers by the NATO and US forces which we also regret, boycotted participation at the international Bonn Conference, while they knew that Afghanistan is not involved in this issue and has no fault any way.  Recalling good relations between Afghanistan, Pakistan and the US in the past, he pointed out that during the Jehad and after that when the US was friendly with them, Pakistan in order to achieve the US and the West’s aims in Afghanistan was very active, extremism was getting strengthened there, and any ugly element were strengthened in Afghanistan and the Afghan national were suffering immensely.  After the 11th of September once again Pakistan was united with the US and the US toppled the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.  President Karzai added that Pakistan give base and place for the US and the US came to Afghanistan though Pakistan and for the past ten years the US and Pakistan retained cooperation between them and the US provided $2 billion annually to Pakistan, but Pakistan’s cooperation could not prove effective in elimination of terror and insurgency in Afghanistan, but with each passing day it was further intensified and Afghanistan never complained to Pakistan for Pakistan was getting money from the US, as to whether it is friend with the US or oppose it.  He stressed that Afghanistan had independent policy towards Pakistan and we continue this and we used to encourage independence policy of a neighbor with the other and attach great value to it and we will continue this as well.  It is our desire that Pakistan approach towards on its interest towards Afghanistan from the view points of her neighbor and be in contact with it.  This is not possible that Pakistanis deal with as in connection with our friendship in opposition with India and or in our friendship and opposition with the US.  This is our expectations that Pakistan be in contact with us from its own interests and that of the region and its neighborliness with Afghanistan.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Kabul (BNA) President Hamid Karzai condoled on the death of former Czech President Watishaw Hawel to the people of that country. 
The former president of Czech died last Sunday at the age of 75 in Prague city. 
He had been famous as a play writer and supporter of freedom worldwide and after 189 after collapse of the communist regime in Czech Republic was the president of that country. 
By dispatching of a message addressed to the President of Czech Republic representing the people of Afghanistan President Karzai expressed his sympathies to the people of Czech and members of the family of the former president. 
In the message it is noted that while the people of Czech Republic are mourning the death of their great revolutionary leader, the freedom loving people of the world are sorrowful for the death of heroic personality with the power of whose pen and peaceful demonstrations for freedom and justice throughout the Europe and farther made epics. 
The message adds that the epics of the late president as a source of inspiration for all those struggling on the path of human dignity will be remembered.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Kabul (BNA) The educational, management and leadership seminar for attorneys of the country was held by the attorney general office in Kabul. 
Mohammad Ishaq Alko the attorney general addressing the seminar of center and provinces said that you have your problems with the smugglers, terrorists and powerful and you are required to have stiff struggle them. 
He added that during the current year had problems with the parliament and he had to struggle. 
Regarding the problems in the Kabul Bank he said that several US dollars have been recovered from the people. 
He also mentioned of the structure of the attorney general office in provinces and called it an achievement and asked all the attorneys to be honest and always consider their conscience as their judge and act transparently. 
General Ueka head of the European Union told the seminar that security ensures in a society when law rule that society and hopefully some measures have taken in this respect. 
According to him the security forces have been upgraded considerably and the main factor for security is justice and assured of EC’s cooperation. 
Abdul Wakeel Ameni, deputy attorney general in commercial, administrative and trade affairs told the participants of the seminar that such seminars are useful for the attorneys that should be utilized in the best manners. 
According to him the attorney general office is focusing attention towards educational level of the attorneys and such courses will also be organized in province. 
The seminar assisted by the EC will continue for three days.