20 July 2019

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Monday, May 07, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Minister of foreign affairs, Dr. Zalmai Rassoul, received the Japanese Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ryuji Yamanu, yesterday afternoon, his office said. 
Dr. Rassoul recalled the historic and close friendship between the Afghan and Japanese people, and expressed the gratitude of the Afghan government and people for Japan’s exceptionally generously contributions to Afghanistan over the past decade, a statement released by ministry of foreign affairs said. 
“Japan has proven its friendship to the people of Afghanistan throughout the history of our friendship,” said Dr. Rasoul as was quoted in the statement adding that Japan has played a particular active and generous role in reconstruction areas over the past ten years “as we have been recovering from the destruction of thirty years of war”. 
The two sides expressed satisfaction about preparations for the important international conference in Tokyo scheduled for early July this year. 
Mr. Yamanu, said the Japanese government will continue to take all necessary steps to ensure the success of the Tokyo Conference, the statement added. 
Mr. Ryuji Yamanu also held detailed discussions on the Tokyo Conference and a broad range of bilateral and regional topics with Deputy Foreign Minister, Jawed Ludin, yesterday afternoon before his meeting with Dr. Rasoul, the statement concluded.

Monday, May 7, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by Mohammad Alam Eizedyar first secretary of the Senate confirmed the Afghan-US strategic cooperation document and the civil aviation law. 
The agreement has been debated at the international relations commission of the Senate earlier and it was adopted by the senators. 
Meanwhile the law on civil aviation in 10 chapters and 89 articles fatter adoption by the House of People had been referred to the senate and after discussing this law it was adopted by the senate as well. 
Meanwhile, the recent visit of the Senate delegation to Ghazni province led by Mohammad Alam Eizedyar along with a report on preparing the Ghazni city as Cultural Center of Islamic Countries was taken into debate. 
At the meeting Musa Khan Akbarzada, governor of Ghazni provided explanation on the projects in that city and said that security has improved in Ghazni city and the ground is prepared for reconstruction of the city. 
He noted that most of the activities have been taken place by the PRT while the government has not focused attention towards its rehabilitation. 
He said there is need for allocation of USD 50 million for the projects to be completed in the city. The Senate delegation also visited some monuments including that of Sultan Masoud and some other historical monuments. 
In another part of the meeting the floods in Kishindeh of Balkh and Dahane Ghuri of Baghlan province was discussed. 
The senators said that as a result of flood human and material losses has been sustained by the people and the people are now facing serious problems due to closure of transport routes. 
The report adds that floods had hit six districts of Saripul province as well and in Suzma Qala was hit the worst where beside human causalities’ 240 village have received damages. 
The Shindand district in Herat Qades district of Badghis also sustained heavy losses due to the recent floods. 
The meeting asked the related government organs especially the National Disaster Preparedness Administration to render immediate assistance to the affected people in the flood hit regions of the country to enable the people recover from the disaster.

Sunday, May 06, 2012
Kabul (BNA)  House of people speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi chaired the general session of the house in which deputies touched on varying issues including the recently signed Afghan-US strategic cooperation agreement as well as recent floods causing human and material losses. 
Some of the deputies touched on the inattention of the ministry of public health in better organizing of health centers in Nooristan, non realization of Darul Ulum project of Ghour province, rising of prices of electricity by the Breshna Company, building of high-rise buildings in diplomatic regions of Kabul city irrespective to the city master plan. 
The deputies called the Afghan-US strategic cooperation agreement to the interest of the people of Afghanistan. 
Some of the deputies considered specification of the order in Afghanistan in accord with provision of the Constitution of the country the authority of the Loya Jirgah of Afghanistan and rejected the continuation of the presidential order till the year 2024 in the document. 
They argued that in the document the name of Al-Qaeda has been considered as terrorist group but no mention is made of the Taliban and Hezbi Islami in that document. 
They also criticized specifying of the volume of US assistance and the method of struggle against terrorism after 2014 in the document. 
The deputies also called continued work of the attorney general and the members of the Supreme Court against the provision of the Constitution and asked the President of the country to introduce individuals to the House of People for getting vote of confidence.

Sunday, May 06, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Minister of higher education Obaidullah Obaid met with the ambassador of Iran and exchanged views on enhancing science and cultural relations between the two nations. 
The Iranian ambassador promised that his country would continue to support Afghanistan in the field of education and providing scholarships to Afghan teachers and students.