14 October 2019

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Wednesday, March 07, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The governors of the country in their meeting with President Karzai, shared their local problems and asked for their regular participation at the cabinet meeting for solution of their problems.
At the meeting the governors proposed solution f their existing problems through creation of a regular mechanism so that on turn basis they can attend the cabinet meeting and share their problems in presence of the president.
Gul Agha Shirzoi governor of Nangarhar said that since the president is busy with important issues, I propose that the vice-presidents visit the process and meet the governors and assist them in solution of their problems.
Habiba Sarabi governor of Bamiyan proposed a specific budget is allocated for struggle against natural disasters and assistance to the needy people.
President Karzai instructed the administration affairs and the secretariat of the CM to present the proposed problems to the coming cabinet session.
President Karzai accepted the proposal of the governors for their regular participation at the cabinet meeting for raising their problems.
The president also informed the governors about the current situation it the region and the world, the strategic cooperation document with the US and his recent visit to Pakistan.
The president emphasized on further expansion of relations between Afghanistan and the regional countries and mentioned progress in this respect.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Afghan government remained willing to sign the strategic cooperation pact with the United States if the traditional Loya Jirga’s recommendations were accepted, a ministry of foreign affairs official said on Monday. 
Held in mid-November 2011, the assembly of elders and government officials proposed the deal should be signed if the US guaranteed respect for Afghanistan’s sovereignty and Islam in addition to halting night raids. 
Discussions on signing the agreement have long been underway, but they have not yet yielded any concrete result. 
Privy to the talks, Afghan officials say the night raids and transfer of prisons to Afghan control are the Karzai administration’s key terms for signing the pact. 
President Karzai recently warned that he would not sign the accord if the night raids and civilian house searches by NATO-led soldiers were not stopped. 
As Afghanistan sticks to its conditions, report say, the US has suspended the negotiations. 
The US and its allies initially wanted to have the deal agreed before the NATO conference in Chicago in May. 
Asked about the suspension of talks, foreign ministry spokesman, Janan Musazai, said: “The Afghan government and people have clearly expressed their willingness for signing long-term pact with the international fraternity, particularly with the US.” 
Instead of time, the content and quality of the agreement was important to the Afghan government, the spokesman said, calling the country’s sovereignty a vital condition for agreements with foreign states.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Chaired by president Hamid Karzai, the plenary session of the council of ministers was held at the presidential place yesterday and president Karzai informed the cabinet of the progress of talks between Afghan and the US on signing of strategic cooperation treaty and expressed the viewpoints of Afghanistan in relation to preserving of independence, national sovereignty, transition of the responsibility of the prisons and night searches of homes. 
The CM members after debating and reiterating on the preservation of national sovereignty considering the contents of the Traditional Loya Jirgah resolution that is the will of the Muslim people of Afghanistan called signing of the treaty as justified. 
The minister of commerce and industries advance the proposal of the ministry on purchase of 5,000 tons of petrol for stabilizing of the prices of this item in the country’s markets. 
The CM adopted the proposal and authorized it for purchasing the oil from the producing country. 
In order to accelerate the banking transactions, especially speedy transfer of pocket money of Afghan students in Turkey, the ministries of foreign affairs, higher education and the central Bank of Afghanistan were instructed to start banking dealing of Afghanistan with Turkey. 
Also the law on struggle against corruption was presented to the CM by justice minister and it was stressed that on the basis of decision of meeting dated 24/11/1390 of the CM the draft law was also debated at the meeting dated 13/11/1390 of the high judicial committee and by bringing of a series of additions and corrections is being presented to the CM for confirmation. 
The CM confirming the additions and corrections into the draft law assigned the judicial committee of the justice ministry that in addition to corrections bring about more improvements in the phrase 8 of article 10 phrase 5 of article 9 and 21 article of the draft law and finalize it and dispatch it to the National Assembly through the state ministry for parliamentary affairs for adoption. 
Meanwhile, the draft proposal of national, religious, historic, international days and general holidays for incorporation into the calendar of 1391 was presented to the CM by Minister of Information and Culture and the deputy minister for labor, social affairs, martyrs and the disabled ministry. 
This proposal had been discussed and reviewed at the meeting dated 10/11/1390 of the CM as well. 
Two international conventions were presented by the foreign minister which were confirmed by the CM accordingly.

Monday 05 March


March 5, 2012 - President Hamid Karzai thanked members of the Lower House of Parliament for giving vote of confidence on Saturday to the nominations for nine ministries.

The Lower House on its Monday session confirmed nine persons nominated by the President to the following ministries:

  1. Amir Zai SANGEEN, for the Ministry of Communications and Technology;
  2. Suraya DALIL, the Ministry of Public Health;
  3. Husn Bano GHAZANFAR, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs;
  4. Hasan ABDULLAHI, the Ministry  of Urban Development;
  5. Dawood Ali NAJAFI, the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation;
  6. Dr. Obaidaullah OBAID, the Ministry of Higher Education;
  7. Ismayel KHAN, the Ministry of Energy and Water;
  8. Najibullah OZHAN, the Ministry of Public Works;
  9. Wais Ahmad BARMAK, the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development.

President Karzai appreciates the move by the Lower House of Parliament in carrying out their constitutional duty and wishes the confirmed Ministers success in serving their country and nation