Kabul-Delhi Ties Support Regional Stability

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Sunday December 22, 2013
Kabul (BNA) The Indian Republic and the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan are bounded in brotherly relations since independence these honest ties are deep as oceans and high as skies.
With consideration of these honest and brotherly cooperation and relations, the Indian governments have supported the war-devastated Afghanistan in all spheres including health, transportation, high education and infrastructural projects.
Considering vitality of the relations with India, Afghanistan signed the first strategic cooperation partnership with India. India provided huge financial and moral assistance to Afghanistan after the country initiated its new political chapter in international politics. The Afghan people are hopeful that India continues backing the country in all sectors in the future including training of Afghan national security forces and equipment for them in order to support Afghanistan to get on its own feet.
Today, Afghanistan has an extraordinary reputation in world politics and it’s strives to expand its economic, political, cultural, trade and commerce ties with all nations of the world. But for this allies and friends should be treated as friends and there shouldn’t be any sort of colonial approach and superiority. Because such approach only brings gaps between the two allies and it further escalate misconceptions.
Meanwhile, analysts in the country are describing relations with India in favor of Afghanistan and urge on Afghan govt. officials to pursue effective foreign policy that could further expand bilateral ties between Afghanistan and region’s important countries to attract investments and India could be one of them. Commenting of Afghan-Indian bilateral relations, economic analyst Hamidullah Farooqi said, that relations with India is quite significant in the view of current scenario and urge upon Afghan govt. to accelerate triumphs to ensure rule of law, security and provide appropriate ground for foreign investments adding that comprehensive strategies needed to be prepared by the govt. that could persuade investors to feel safe in Afghanistan as the country extremely requires investments of foreign nations same as India to get socioeconomic progress in the future and it will also create thousands of employment opportunities to the jobless people wondering for jobs around the country.
Economic analyst Saifuddin Saihoon said that despite Afghanistan remains as suitable country for foreign investments, but logical investment attracting policies didn’t undertake by the govt. to pave the ground for boosting international investments alongside some other problems mainly insecurity, lack of infrastructural projects and absence of rule of law, if the govt. take bold decisions, the upper difficulties could resolved.
Talking on Afghanistan-India relations, civil society member, Mir Ahmad Joyanda said that establishment of close ties with the regional countries highly favor interests of Afghanistan and now it depends on Afghan stakeholders to get more advantage of the opportunity for its economic growth and political stability.
Meanwhile, nationals of the country express optimism over expansion of relations with the neighboring and regional countries and believe that it will ensure foreign investments as well in the future. A local resident Munir Ahmad said that currently Afghanistan retains unique reputations in global polities and urged on the govt. to utilize all out efforts that could help us to maintain countrywide security.
School teacher Ms. Malali described India as one of the major donors to Afghanistan and appreciated generous assistance of this country in various projects same as road construction, health, mines extraction and expressed her gratitude on the recent financial assistance announced by the Indian parliament. Ex-military officer Baqir said that beside financial assistance, India has also played important role on providing training to the Afghan security forces and expressed hope that India remains committed on its commitments to continue training our security personnel in the future as well. Alongside the US, Britain and Germany, India is one of the major honors that provided generous financial cooperation to Afghanistan including its contribution in backing the country to renovate its infrastructural projects and couple of days before, Indian govt. announced fresh financial package to Afghanistan. This came after India provided nearly $ 2 billion financial assistance to Afghanistan since 2002 alongside its contribution in health, mines and youth affairs sectors.

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