19 September 2018

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High Personality of Late King Amanullah Khan

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Saturday August 16, 2014
Kabul (BNA) Born in Kabul, late king Ghazi Amanullah Khan was Amir Habibullah Khan and grandson of late Amir Aburahman Khan.
He concluded his educations in Kabul and learned Pashto, Dari, Arabic, religious and social sciences in the royal court from the great dignitaries and later her learnt military lessens. Since he was born and grown up inside the royal castle, he witnessed oppression and eves deeply influenced. The influences of great personality, writer and well-known Journalist late Mahmood Tarzi and teacher of Habibia School was particularly effective on him. Beside that the movement of Sarajiera and the role of Sarajul Akhber which was published under the editor-in-chief of Mavlawi Abduraoof Kandahari in 1906 and the articles of Mahmmod profound impact of formation of king Amanullah personality Amir Habibullah Khan traveled to Jalalabad on the first of January 1919 and visited Kalaugosh hunting site in Alingar district but on the night of 20 February 1919 at 02:30 am he was mysteriously killed with a voiceless pistol a short distance.
Subsequently, Amanullah Khan on 28 February 1919 announced his first statement to Afghan people. On 13 April 1919 he released the first declaration of Independence in Eidgah Masjid in the presence of a large around of people and the British ambassador. The war on Independence (The third Afghan-englo) was started in four directions and fronts. The fronts of Nangarhar (Khyber), Kunar and Paktia lie by Sardar Mohammad Nader Khan and his brothers and the Kandahar front was led by former prime minister Sardar Abdul Qados. On 19 August 1919 (28Asad 1298), Afghanistan achieved independence against plenty of sacrifices. A known ledged domestic and foreign writes have mentioned the high character and qualities of King Amanullah Khan. The French writer Leven Pladad said “The young king has relaxed and enjoys particular popularity among his people and at the same time he is a pious man. Other writer Joseph Konstani has written “King Amanullah Khan is a patriotic, active and freedom lover person with high spirits” Piker Pamir in his book named “The Rise and Fall of King Amanullah Khan “has written. He is a king with high patriotic property; he wears local costumes, Afghan turban, speaks in Dari and Pashto and is educated.
Mr. Safi has said that Amanullah Khan owns greatest freedom loving characters. Late Mavlana Habiburahman Mehdi Qoraishi in his book “The kingdom a device love” which has not been published has written”. He wears national costume attends the pulpit, reads out the Friday sermon, propagates to his Muslim nation in good way and was a person with patriotism and love his people. Current writers who belong to present generation have also written and talked his unforgettable services including freedom of the country, creation of democracy, and high culture, education, public health, creation of Army publishing of independent and government dallies construction of modern buildings, modern transpiration, sending of young to abroad for higher education, freedom of half body of society (women and girls) and resignation of Afghanistan at global level. He was a real patriotic person. Our people miss him up to today.

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