President Karzai Once Again Condemns Desecration Of Holy Quran

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Monday, February 27, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The president noted that we will not allow that the enemies misuse the honest sentiments of the Afghans and cause disruption in the country. 
Addressing a press conference added that due to the tragic desecration of Holy Kuran in Bagram Military Base in recent days a serious protest marches wee organized in various parts of the country that resulted in the death and injuries of a number of our countrymen for which I am conveying my deep sympathies. 
He added that the Afghans retain the right for expressing their sentiments in peaceful manners, but demanded from the countrymen that they should not resort to violence, that causes losses to the public assets.  He asked the Afghan nation that to become calm and do not allow the enemies of the country to misuse their honest sentiments and this way interrupt normal life in the country. 
He assured the Muslim nation of Afghanistan that the government of Afghanistan is not indifferent in this respect, but it has sent two delegations with the participation of representatives from the nation side ulema council, hajj and endowment ministry to Bagram Military Base and they after investigating the issue asked that the perpetrators of this incident should be tried. 
The Afghan government in contact with the US authorities and pursue its talks and its results will be declared to the people of the country. 
He added that the US president Barack Obama in a letter has asked apology and assured that this incident will investigated. 
He noted that those who torch mosques where Holy Kuran exist and misuse Islamic values and kill the Muslims are committing harsher acts compared to desecration of Holy Kuran in Bagram Military base. 
He asked all the country’s security forces to respect the sentiments of the protestors and preserve the life and property of the public. 
President Karzai called his recent visit to Pakistan and meeting with the higher authorities and political parties of that country as very important and expressed pleasure over Pakistani Prime Minister Raza Gailanis speech on the 5th of Hoot who asked the leaders of the Taliban and the Afghan government and all the opposition forces to join the peace process led by the Afghans and start direct talks with the Afghan government. 
He hoped that with the cooperation of neighboring countries that soon peace restores under the leadership of the “Afghans. 
He also welcomed the appeal of the Pakistani Prime Minister to the Hezbe Islami of Gulbudden Hekmatyar, and expressed the hope that Taliban and the Islami Party members make use of this opportunity and join the peace process and live in their country like other people of Afghanistan.

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