Restoration Of Silk Route A Vital National Project That Removes Afghanistan’s Dependency: President Karzai

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Kabul (BNA) The elders of Badakhshan in their meeting with President Karzai asked follow up of perpetrators of martyrdom of Ustad Rabbani. 
At the meeting that took place in Presidential Palace was attended by Nematullah Shahrani Minister Advisor and some other representatives of the people of Badakhshan at the House of people and the Traditional Loya Jirgah. 
Gunj Ali Amirir, Kamel Big and Nazir Ahmad Neromand asked for follow up of perpetrators of martyrdom of Ustad Rabbani and naming the Kabul International Airport after the name of Ustad Rabbani and upgrading of higher education of Badakhshan in the name of Shaheed of Path of Peace. 
The elders also expressed their support to the Traditional Loya Jirgah resolution and asked for government attention towards building up of the Silk Route, building of Badakhshan circular route, construction of asphalting of Faizabad towards Yaftal district, Yawan, Raghestan and Dartwaz districts. 
They also asked for implementation of power project of 4.5 mega watt of Shurabek, creation of professional training in Badakhshan, creation of teachers colleges, religious Darul-Ulum in each district and employment of the province’s cadres in government departments. 
The elders added that the people have been affected by drought and they need urgent assistance. 
President Karzai said that the Afghan delegation for investigating the martyrdom of Ustad Rabbani has arrived in Pakistan. 
He justified the wish of the people as justified in relations to the silk route and added that this route links China with Afghanistan and it is a vital national project and may eliminate our dependency to others and shall improve our economy. 
As regards the successful holding of the Traditional Loya Jirgah, he said that the Loya Jirgah despite some opposing views has been a big success. 
He assured the people that their other proposals will be duly addressed.

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