23 October 2020

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kabul (BNA)   The August 19 is an important day in political history of Afghanistan that indicates the Afghans heroism against British colonialism who freed their country from British colonial rule and introduced the country as an independent country in this part of world for the first time. This heroic Afghans’ act was a severe blow on brutal colonialism of the time that led to emancipation of the countries suffering under colonial rule.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes the August 19 will be remember and remain in the political history of Afghanistan.
Our brave predecessors 96 years ago in such a day after launching anti British colonialism three wars ended the British rule in our country. The Afghans under the leadership of their young, brave, and patriotic leader Amanullah announced the independence of their country, in war launched for the purpose defeated the British, and emerged Afghanistan as an independent country among the countries enjoyed freedom and independence.
Obtaining the independence, the Afghan interred in to a new chapter in modern history of their country.  Their heroic move became a torch that lit the way for the other countries to fight colonialism and free their countries from the yoke of the brutal rule of that evil phenomenon. Independence is the result of sacrifices of thousands brave sons of this country who lost their lives for the purpose. Because they believed, living in captivity means ignoring honor and national identity. The new Afghan generation likes their predecessors in a heroic war against the aggression of the then Soviet Union defeated the Red Army and they had no way but to leave our country. This shameful defeat led to the collapse of Soviet Union because of which many countries freed and now they are among independent countries and enjoy the membership of United Nations organization.
Unfortunately, due to its strategic location, huge natural resources and other particularizes, Afghanistan is still under the attack of certain circles who want for achieving their hideous objectives in one or other way have a role in Afghanistan. Therefore, they try establishing terrorist projects such as Taliban and Daesh access their goals. For this purpose, they have launched a proxy war in Afghanistan that take the lives of tens of our innocent people daily and cause huge destructions. It seems they have not learned from the history. Therefore, we warn them, they will receive nothing but the fate of British and Russians in the war against Afghanistan.
It should be mention that having a true independence and living in freedom is not possible only in words, but it requires wisdom, political conscious, and practically working for the growth of national economy and meeting the requirements of the people.     

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