23 October 2020

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No Interference Acceptable In Customs, Mustofiats, President Ghani

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Saturday August 22, 2015
Kabul (BNA) President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani chaired a meeting the other day at the Presidential Palace in which issues related to the Customs and Mustofiats were discussed.
Present to the meeting were a number of Customs’ Directors and Mustofis who spoke on the achievements, challenges as well as proposals for improvement into the departments. President Ghani stressed that creating a proper system was instrumental for an effective management and added that the principle of rewards and punishment was an integral part of such a system. The President instructed the Customs and Mustofiats to make an assessment of the effectiveness of their current operation systems and come up with constructive proposals to the attention of Finance Ministry.
Underscoring the importance of capacity building in the Customs Houses, President Ghani called for more support to the Customs Institute of the Ministry of Finance. The President described corruption as a major impediment in the way of any effort to enhance effectiveness as well as in customs police operations and called essential the cooperation of traders and truck drivers in identifying all illegal taxing and extortion along the highways. He further added that it is important that the traders and government employees are fairly treated before the law. Referring to the interferences by government departments into the administrative issues of the Customs and Mustofiats, President Ghani said that the scope and areas of authorities of all government departments are clear and no such interference is acceptable. Highlighting the importance of national revenue in the strength of a government, President Ghani emphasized that all efforts have to be triggered toward increasing national revenue. The President continued that national traders, who properly and in a timely manner meet their tax obligations, need to be commended and appreciated. Calling the system of rewards and punishment as an effective tool in boosting the spirit of service among government employees, President Ghani said that the government has launched the process in security and defense institutions and would be extended into other government entities. The meeting was attended by Finance Minister Eklil Hakimi, President’s Economic Advisor Hazrat Omer Zakhelwal, Directors Customs Houses and Mustofis, and a number of other government officials.

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