13 July 2020

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CM Approves Draft Of Bonn Second Conference Statement

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Kabul (BNA)  Initially, as per the decision of Aqrab 30 of the Council of Ministers (CM) the draft of the Second Bonn Conference that to be held on the 5th of December 2011 in Germany was read out to the session by deputy minister of foreign affairs. 
The draft has been prepared in 32 articles was confirmed after some corrections. 
The CM also studied the final results of the assessment of commission on mines affairs pertaining to bidding of Hajigak Iron Mines presented by Minister of Mines. 
It was stated that the process has been implemented in accordance with the law of mines and international standards. 
The minister added this assessment is being made considering all specified standards including the technical ability of the volunteer companies, upgrading income of Afghanistan, increment of investment volumes, acceleration of the processing of mine materials and production of metal, development of infrastructures, creation of jobs for Afghan nationals, protection of environment and measures for development of ultimate process, and the ministry is sure that as a result of this evaluation the bidding of the mines will take place that most of income will be to the interest of Afghanistan. 
The minister added that so far the offers received by six international companies having taken part in the competitions two volunteer companies consortium (Efico) from India is the top of rivalry in (BCD) block and the Kilo gold mines of Canada is in the top for block A.  the assessment indicates that the investment of these companies make around 14.6 billion US dollars and the anticipated income from this source during the 2012 up 2038 will reach USD12.2 billion. 
The CM instructed the ministry of mines and the CM commission in mine affairs to continue their talks based on the specified standards considering all out benefits of Afghanistan with the two companies and obtain the final results to the coming CM session. 
A)  In relations to the regional problems of Kapisa:  The governor of the province was assigned to:
In consultation with the local people, the problem for usage of water from Nejrab for Tagab, finalizing the land issue of residential sites of Tagab and township of officers in Solank and report to the CM, also the vulnerable points of Panjshir river in related regions of Kapisa and propose it to the Presidential Office through the Independent Local Organs Department. 
As regards increment of national police and the public protection unit contact be made with ministry of interior affairs. 
The minister of public health was assigned to resolve the problem of building of 100-bed hospital through the attorney general office and the contractor of the project led by First Vice-President, the ministries of justice and interior resolve procurement of resources for prison of Kapisa with the donor sources and starts its construction. 
The economic committee of the CM should pinpoint its specific views on Gulbahar Textile Company to the CM. 
The ministries of education and higher education should adopt measures for employment of specialist cadres for Kapisa. 
The ministry of energy and water should plan the design of Dalan Sang and Bagh Dara power dam in consultation with ministry of finance in its coming year and the transmission of power from Naghlo Hydro Power plant to that province and take up this issue with the donor sources and also adopt measures in building of Jabul Seraj power sub-station.
B) about Regional Problems of Badakhshan Province:
The ministry of energy and water and finance were instructed to resolve procurement of resources for the power dam of Shurabak with the donor countries and plan of its construction process. 
The ministry of rehabilitation and rural development was instructed to contract work on the circular road facing hard cliffs with the specialized technical companies. 
The governor of Jawzjan was instructed to prioritize and coordinate construction of Rezagan, Argo, Tagab, Keshm, Faiza bad and Ragh with the public works ministry so that construction of these roads started. 
The ministry of agriculture and irrigation within its possibilities dispatch food items and fodder as well improved wheat seed to Badakhshan province. 
The ministries of higher education resolve the problems of specialized cadres of higher education institutions and the scholarships with the governors of the provinces. 
The ministries of labor, social affairs, martyrs and the disabled, rehabilitation and rural development and the governor of Badakhshan province adopt practical measures in relation to the establishment of crafts center in the province. 
The ministries of foreign affairs take up revival of the Silk Route with China and report back on the results of talk to the CM session. 
The ministry of public works immediately starts work on repair and asphalting of Pulikhumri-Doshi road. 
The session ended by praying for prosperity of the people of Afghanistan.

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