02 April 2020

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Pakistan’s Isolation Lays Positive Impact On Afghanistan Security

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Tuesday June 14, 2016

Kabul (BNA) During his visit to the U.S. Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, speaking at the joint US Congress session expressed deep concern over what he said a spreading terrorism worldwide, as in his neighbor Pakistan, terrorists are being supported, financed, equipped and sent to the region and the world.
Terrorism is a worldwide threat and there was a need to be fought jointly, said Modi who assured to have free terrorism region and world, if battle launched against them jointly.
Some political analysts also confirmed that Pakistan was a sure safe haven for terrorists and they are supported, trained and equipped to be sent to Afghanistan and other countries like India to threaten security.
Jalmal Farahmand, a political expert said the role of India was important in the region, particularly Afghanistan and confirmed the country’s concern that the terrorists are being financed and equipped inside Pakistan. He said if Pakistan is isolated, security in Afghanistan would become sure and that if terror and extremism were not jointly fought and Pakistan was not isolated, no country in the world would remain stable.
“The U.S. forces feared to be deployed in war against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, after downsizing in Afghanistan, where the immediate neighbor is financing terrorists groups inside is soil and sending to other countries, rising concerns that would threaten security of India,” said Farahmand confirming the Indian government’s concern in this field. Presence of Taliban in Afghanistan would help Pakistani Taliban further strengthen militancy in the tribal borders and extremist groups based in Panjab, where they are critically threating security of Indian dominated Kashmir and India since long, on one side and on the other, India was a close partner of Afghanistan and had provided the country in different fields, the expert said adding India fears that its construction projects would face insecurity in Afghanistan.
Jawid Kohistani, a military and political expert about the presence of India in the region and its role in Afghanistan, said India was one of the countries which had provided Afghanistan with uttermost cooperation in the last more than 13 years and has secured good cooperation with the people of Afghanistan, so it sees security threat in Afghanistan tantamount to insecurity in the region, therefore it asked for isolation of Pakistan, where the Prime Minister Modi is concerned by terrorists activities therein. “India enjoying a special economic position in the world and doesn’t want to see it facing threat, so it feared any insurgency from the Pakistan’s joint border with Afghanistan would threaten its interests,” said Kohistani. He also said India with its former Soviet Union’s forces withdrawal experiences and negative aftermaths, fears if the U.S. troops withdrawal from Afghanistan could leave the same legacy to result in increase in insurgency that would lead to instability of the region.
Meanwhile, the house of people confirms the India’s stance about Pakistan and said after the death of the Taliban leader, the U.S. has changed its strategy about that country. The U.S. and its allies should launch serious battle against terrorists like what India doing against, the Afghan parliament said. An MP, Zahir Sadat blamed the U.S. and those countries chanting slogan of war on terror, for not doing enough practical against insurgents in the battlefield, so they should enter a new phase of war on terrorists, and terrorism threats would never get overwhelmed in the region and the world, unless Pakistan was not isolated. Afghan citizens also laud the Indian stance against Pakistan and called for the international pressures on the countries with financial and equipment role of terrorists, a move would be effective in war on terror.
Malalai, a student of the fourth year of Kabul Political Science faculty, said the terrorists are now getting prepared to threaten security of the region, so there was a need to be fought regionally, as she believed if the regional security was threatened, it would lay negative impact on the world security as well. Another Kabul citizen, Omid Sekandari has the same vision as saying India fears of insecurity in Afghanistan, through which it could undermine regional stability, so it wanted Pakistan to isolate further to help security of the country and the region ensured.
Suraya Raiszada

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