Norway To Assist Afghanistan Reconstruction By $25m Annually

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Chicago/ Washington (BNA) President Hamid Karzai in his meeting with Prime Minister of Norway alongside the Chicago summit discussed bilateral relations, the peace process, transition of security responsibility to the Afghan security forces and the cooperation document between the two nations. 
President Karzai emphasized on the continuation of peace and reconciliation and called it one of the important priorities of Afghanistan. 
He added that Afghanistan does not want to be a burden on the shoulders of the international community and Norway after 2014 and so far much has been achieved in this respect and we are certain that Afghanistan can like other countries carry on its responsibilities successfully. 
He appreciated the declaration of support and assistance by different countries of the world to Afghanistan at the NATO conference.
He reiterated that the assistance rendered by Norway to Afghanistan should meet the satisfaction of both countries and transparency should be observed in its expenses. 
The Norwegian Prime Minister emphasized on strategic cooperation between the two nations and expressed the hope that the strategic cooperation document between the two nations is signed. 
He noted that Norway will assist Afghanistan with $125 million annually towards its reconstruction and in addition to that shall provide additional assistance of $25 million in the military spheres of Afghanistan. 
He reiterated that his country shall expand its assistance to the child health, education and higher education in Afghanistan.

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