11 August 2020

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Afghan-US Strategic Agreement Confirmed By House Of People

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Sunday, May 27, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The Afghan-US strategic long-term agreement was confirmed in open majority vote of the members of the House of People of Afghan National Assembly. 
Yesterday the agreement was discussed by the deputies and ultimately in an open voting it was unanimously confirmed by the house deputies signed by president Karzai and US president Barack Obama in a preface and seven chapters. 
At the general session of the House of People led by its speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi the members of the House of People called this agreement to the interest of the people and government of Afghanistan and as a result of open voting it was confirmed by 6 against 3 abstained and 159 in favor. 
The deputies in the general session also criticized the action of the Pakistani government in stopping of the ministry of education’s millions of text books in Karachi port, and insecurity in some provinces, spraying of acid and poisoning of some students in some parts of the country. 
Some other deputies condemned the rocket attacks of Pakistan on Afghan territories and some others asked the private sector and national traders especially the owners of the airlines companies to assist transport of the Afghan text books free of charge through the air. 
Some of the deputies asked for government assistance towards addressing the needs of the flood affected people in some provinces. 
The deputies also complained about non-controlling of border regions of Herat neighboring Iran. 
Other deputies also complained over insecurity in Azra district of Logar province and asked the government for transport of assisted wheat for the people of that district. 
Some deputies discussed transfer of the body of Khalilullah Khalili the famous poet of the country and called late Khalili as a great cultural personality of the country. 
They asked the government that Khalili’s body should be buried within the Kabul University campus and the Karte Parwan road should be named after him including the name of one of the literature faculties of the country.

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