Helmand Elders Discusses Environmental Problems With Second Vice-president

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Kabul (BNA) A number of elders, ulema and influential figures of the southern Helmand province discussed their environmental problems in a meeting with the second vice president, Mohammad Kairm Khalili, the presidential press office said. 
The elders of the province expressed their complaints over the usurpation the public and private lands and increasing corruption in the province to the vice president as saying they had referred to different resources, with yet to be heard of them and tackle the problems. 
They also said the media are being censored and insecurity increased as well as no adequate attention is paid to the education affairs in the province.
A few number of up to 250 schools are active in the province, the elders complained.
The vice president pledged to remove the problems of the province and assured them to discuss their problems with the president to take decision for their removal. 
The second vice president also assured the government would try its best to eliminate the corruption in the province and called the government official as the service providers for the people. 
Calling the role of the religious ulema as too effective in opening the schools, Khalili urged the elders not to hesitate to work for further development of education in the province.

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