23 September 2020

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President’s Order On Observance Of Loya Jirga Decisions

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Kabul (BNA) The Traditional Loya Jirga with the participation of over 2,000 people was held on Nov. 16, 2011 and ended with adopting of a resolution that is considered one of the achievements of the great nation of Afghanistan. 
The advice of this jirga after evaluations was adopted at the (Aqrab) Nov. 21 session of the Council of Ministers meeting. 
The CM meeting by praising the strides of the organizers of this jirgah and the efforts of the security foundations, instructs the ministries and government departments to take into account the Loya Jirgah resolutions in their routine work and orders the following: 
1. The national security council, the ministry of foreign affairs, defense, interior, finance economy, national security department and the local organs department should take into account the resolution during their talks on strategic cooperation with foreign countries,
2. In order to attain the precision and reliability of the rumors pertaining to burial of the atomic wastes inside the territory of Afghanistan and considering the advice of the Loya Jirgah, the delegation consisting the decision No. 2470 dated 20/4/1387, under the supervision of defense ministry in order to cooperate with the international community and related foundations including the International Atomic Energy verify the probability of burial of the atomic wastes and its radio-active spread in suspected localities, and by usage of scientific, technical possibilities and the inhabitants witnesses be assessed precisely and prepare the result of its study and assessments in six months to the Presidential Office,
3. The structure of the high peace council as per the Loya Jirga advice be reviewed and the administration affairs of the Council of Ministers is ordered to arrange proper facilities for this purpose,
4. The high peace council should consider the Loya Jirga advice in carrying of please talks and realization of the peace policy in its routine activities,
5. The ministries and government departments should consider the good governance advice of the Loya Jirga,
6. The independent administration reforms and civil services should take note of the loiya jirga advice in improving the administration,
7. The administration affairs and council of ministers secretariat should consider the extension and printing of the resolutions of the Loya Jirga.

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