Of Two Candidates Of Supreme Court One Got Vote Of Confidence

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Sunday, June 3, 2012
Kabul (BNA) At the general session of the House of People chaired by its speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi initially the deputies discussed the security budget to be assisted by the international community in an amount of Afs. 23 billion and 391 million. 
Later, the deputies assessed the amendment to the domestic principles of the House of People, the highway taxes and article 63 of the law on struggle against narcotics and these were adopted. 
In another part of the session Sarwar Danesh and Abdul Malik Kamawai who were introduced for obtaining of vote of confidence as new member of the Supreme Court presented their working plan. 
The deputies asked questions from the candidates which were answered by them accordingly.
Latter the voting session started during which the deputies went to the voting boxes. 
As a result of voting Abdul Malik Kamwai got 127 votes of the house in his favor. 
However, Sarwar Danesh by obtaining of 68 votes in his favor and 102 against could not gain the confidence of the members of the house. 
As per the agenda, the members of the house also discussed recent insecurity in the country especially the rocket attacks of Pakistan on Kunar, insecurity in Maidan-Wardak, non implementation of the large projects in specified and planned time, non accessibility to text books by the schools’ students, and other such issues.
At the end the speaker of the house of people declared that in its extraordinary session that will take place today the ministers of information and culture and urban development and Ghazni governor should attend to explain the progress of projects for preparing Ghazni city as the Islamic countries cultural center in 2013.

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