Outsiders Assisted Insurgents Trying To Disrupt Security In Maidan-Wardak, Khalili

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Monday, June 4, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Elders and influential and some students of different precincts of Kabul city in their meeting with Mohammad Karim Khalili second vice-president supported government efforts towards maintaining of strategic relations with powerful countries and shared some of their problems with him. 
Expressing concern over the emerging tension in Behsud of Maidan-Wardak asked for immediate removal of these tensions. 
They also asked government support towards the youth of the country and in educating and raising their capacities. 
At the meeting Khalili expressed pleasure over meeting them and added that some terrorist groupings supported from outside the country are trying to create tension and this way prevent construction of large projects in Maidan-Wardak region. 
He noted that as per the instruction of the president security forces are in the area and there is concern in this respect. 
He warned that the government would legally and decisively deal with the perpetrators of this issue and no political advantages are taken from this situation. 
He called the future of the country as promising considering the attention of the world countries towards exploitation of the country’s underground resources. 
He emphasized that he will instruct the related organs to render all possible assistance in improving services in the Kabul city.

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