President Karzai Appreciates Of Donor Countries Support To Afghanistan At Chicago Conference

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Tuesday, June 05, 2012
Kabul (BNA) Acknowledgment messages have been dispatched on behalf of president Hamid Karzai addressed to the leaders of Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, Canada, Finland, Britain, Norway and Pakistan for their expression of support and their assistance to Afghanistan at the Chicago Conference. 
At these messages the president thanked the leaders of the NATO for their active participation and declaring of their new assistance packages to Afghanistan. 
President Karzai stressed in his messages that the Chicago Conference once again indicated that in the struggle against difficulties in Afghanistan, a clear world understanding exists. 
The messages note further that Afghanistan in the recent year has achieved progress with the assistance of the international community in different spheres. 
He also mentioned of the progress made by the Afghan security forces and called a good example of success and progress in the security transition process. 
He pointed out that in order to ensure further empowerment of the security forces of Afghanistan there is continued need for international assistance as well.

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