“Taliban, Terrorists Groups Should Not Be Allowed To Disrupt Order In Name Of Kuchis”: Khalili

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Sunday, June 10, 2012
Kabul (BNA) The delegation assigned by the presidential office for addressing the existing problems in Behsud of Maidan-Wardak presented its report to Mohammad Karim Khalili second vice-president. 
The members of the commission in its meeting with Khalili said that the Taliban and terrorist groups are behind the insecurity in Behsud of Maidan-Wardk who by outside support and misuse of the name of Kuchis are trying to create insecurity in that area. 
According to the report the security forces have been deployed in the area and they are trying to ensure security there. 
They added that the delegation assigned for supervision of the security forces activities and devaluation of the extent of losses is present in that area as well. 
They viewed that the basic way for solution of the problem is resettlement of the Kuchis., they are prepared for this and their problems should be resolved on the basis of the provision of the Constitution and presidential decree. 
At the meeting the head of administration affairs of the Council of Ministers was also present. 
Khalili appreciated the efforts of the assigned delegation and emphasized on immediate release of the prisoners and they should be delivered to the government delegation. 
Touching on the delicate situation in Afghanistan he viewed that Taliban and other terrorist groups who are supported by outside should not be allowed to misuse the name of the Kuchis and create insecurity there. 
He stressed that the political groups of the country are using this opportunity to their own interests. 
He emphasized on the settlement of the Kuchis that is the want of the people of the area and the Kuchis and the government is duty bound to resolve their settlement on the basis of the Constitution and the presidential decree.

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