21 June 2018

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Shaheed Musa Shafiq’s Message Was Completion of Unfinished Chapter Started in Ghazi Amanullah Khan Era: President Ghani

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Wednesday January 11, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Addressing an international seminar held to commemorate the personality and works of the country’s ex-prime minister Shaheed Musa Shafiq, President Ashraf Ghani enumerated one of his great achievements, signing of contract between Afghanistan and Iran on Helmand River, Bakhtar News Agency said Tuesday.
“Contract signed between Afghanistan and Iran and approved by the country’s national assembly on Helmand River, however faced some criticisms, but laid positive impacts,” said the president quoting the late ex-prime minister to have been understanding mutual cooperation between the neighbors and their joint interests and that they should deal like friends and cooperators not as rival. Pointing to what he said one of the good works of late Musa Shafiq to include in the contracts that ‘Iran had no right to use additional water beyond the treaty even more was available in the upper delta of the Helmand River that could be used by the neighboring country.’ He wished if Musa Shafiq lived more years to could control the country’s waters, but vowed that do this as their mission to fulfill his plan. The president called the contract in the interest of the people and government of Afghanistan and peace and stability in the country.
He went on to call Shafiq as the man of both pen and action, a part from the country great personalities who were seeking either to remain restricted in writing books or working practically [like late Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan], quoted the agency. President Ghani said Shaheed Shafiq was in favor of good relation with three neighbors and urged them for respecting their common rights. “The Great personality of late Musa Shafiq was a composition of Islamic and eastern and western knowledge and this deep meditation was the result of his education and experiences,” said President Ghani adding while leaving for Columbia for his higher education, he met for at least two hours with him and used the blesses of his consultations and found that he enjoyed an extraordinary talent and knowledge. The president added that discussion on the country’s contemporary law was incomplete unless the late Shafiq’s works and efforts were recalled. He was a moderate and paying attention to the importance and enforcement of law was another message of the late prime minister, said the president adding late Shafiq was born in a rustic household but reached to premiership through his own endeavors. The president said: “One of the most important messages of Shaheed Musa Shafiq was completion of what has he said an incomplete chapter started during the era of Ghazi King Amanullah Khan.”
“We hope Afghanistan would never have incomplete chapter and reach lasting welfare and stability, which could result in both the Afghan welfare and stability of the region. Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani spoke at the seminar and said the nations that are not interested to study the history of those passed, would never reach success and never taste sweetness of the life. He lauded Musa Shafiq for quieting dispute in the region, particularly that of with both neighboring countries of Iran and Pakistan, that would be a symbol of his wise arbitration, which led to control of the country’s Helmand River and signing a contract with Iranian side. While marking the country’s constitution, we are commemorating the 91st death anniversary of Shaheed Musa Shafiq who was one of a great personality in the decade of democracy and enactment of the country’s constitution. A message from al-Azhar Shaikh, Dr. Ahmad al-Tayeb was read out in the ceremony, in which Musa Shafiq had been called to have been graduated from al-Azhar University and was one of the scholars who studied in the Islamic center and used the blesses of the beneficent springhead.
The message asked the entire Muslim Umma, including Sunni and Shia to get united, said the agency. Babrak Daqiq, grandchild of Shaheed Musa Shafiq also read out a message from his household saying: “My late grandfather’s perspective was neither eastern not western but enjoyed a bright Islamic viewpoint.” “Shaheed Musa Shafiq’s viewpoint was to see Afghanistan reached the apex of development and needed nothing from anyone, as it is the symbol of peace,” he said. Documentaries of Musa Shafiq’s works have been exhibited in the seminar, where the country’s president unveiled the post-ticket decorated with Musa Shafiq photography and opened the photo exhibition of the late in the Story Palace.

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