Preparation Meeting Held For Sportsmen Participation In ICSC

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Wednesday January 11, 2017

Kabul (BNA) Preparation meeting was held at the Sapidar Palace, with presence of Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah aiming at taking plan for well preparation of the country’s youth to attend the Islamic Countries Solidarity Competition, expected to be hosted by Azerbaijan, said BNA Tuesday.
The state ran agency quoted Chairman of the National Olympic Committee, Mohammad Zaher Aghbar to describe about the competition as saying that during the next two months, the fourth round of the competition would be held in Azerbaijan, where 5000 players from 58 Islamic countries would take part in Baku, the hosting country’s capital city. From Afghanistan, 150 sportspersons would attend the great competition, said Aghbar, thanking the CE Office for paying special heed to the country’s sport field and describing the hard works and big achievements of the country’s athletes despite facing many challenges. He also asked the ministries of foreign, education, higher education, institute of physical education, ministries of interior, information and culture, health and transport and air aviation to remain in contact with the hosting country’s based Afghan embassy to help the country’s athletes in different fields of providing health, information and other required cooperation with the country’s sportspersons, the agency quoted.
CE, Dr. Abdullah lauded the move of the National Olympic Committee for doing more for the country’s sports in different fields despite challenges, and asked the athletes to jointly work to prevent designation in their ranks, something he said would lay negative impact on their achievements. The CE called the fourth round of the Islamic Countries Solidarity Competition very important and vowed support to the country sport society as a symbol of peace and national unity, the agency quoted. With the direction of the CE Office, a National Olympic Committee led-coordination committee had been said to be set to coordinately meet the problems of the country’s sportsmen in the competition and the related ministries and organs had been asked to provide full cooperation in this field.

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