Tajikistan Refuses Talks With NUG’s Oppositions

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Wednesday January 11, 2017
Kabul (BNA) The government of Tajikistan has said that it officially recognized the NUG and would not hold talks with any opposition group of the Afghan government.
Talking to media, chief of strategic studies center of Tajikistan Khodaiberdi Khaleq said that the NUG is a legitimate government and they officially recognize it not the armed opposition and they would not hold talks with any terrorist group in their territory. At the same time the strategic allies of Tajikistan, Russia and China have announced that they have talked with the armed Taliban and still these efforts are going on to use the armed group against the blood thirsty Daesh insurgents. Russia has recently talked with the armed Taliban and then later organized a meeting in Moscow with the involvement of China and Pakistan without representative of the Afghanistan on this country’s security situation on which Russia expressed it concern on increasing ISIS activities which was confronted with strong reaction of the Afghan government. Although the Afghan government has kept open the door of talks to all armed groups and appealed on all of them that its ready to hold talks on peace but Talban have time and again rejected negotiation with the Afghan government.
The Afghans believe that peace and stability is in the benefit of all human being particularly the Afghans, because the last fifteen years wars have produced nothing except destruction, killing of youth, teenagers, children, women and men. At the moment, the Afghans believe that current imposed war can only be ended that the neighboring regional countries sincerely cooperate for restoration of peace and stability and the armed insurgents use diplomatic solution instead of war. Commander of Resolute Support Mission Gen John Nikolson has gone to Pakistan and held talks with its military leaders. The Pakistani authorities have pledged to fight firmly with terrorists and consider peace and stability in Afghanistan as peace and stability in the region. This question that current Nikolson visit would how long prove effective in cooperation of Pakistan for restoration of peace, would be responded with passing of time. But beside that if the US wants restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan, she should exert pressure on those countries who give sanctuaries to terrorists or armed insurgents are moving feely inside their territory to give up this policy and honestly contribute for restoration of regional security. It should be said that the circle has been narrowed to Taliban too.
The ANSDF firmly continue war against them with highest combat spirit in one hand, and their funding sources have also been drained and Pakistan cannot quickly assist the armed Taliban, because the US allows no longer the Pakistani authorities to continue training, funding and equipping of Taliban and finally its clear to the world that armed groups are employed by regional secret services to continue war and thus achieve their goals. Taking into account the abovementioned factors, the Afghan government no longer allows others who want to fan up war in Afghanistan or launch proxy war. Because this country has its own independent government and it is not the center of global competition that every country deploy its troops and use its weapons. But the Afghans have time and again emphasize that support of terrorism and its funding mean extending of war on terror. In no circumstances the regional countries would be allowed to hold talks with Afghan government oppositions. Without the world especially the regional countries, war on terror is impossible. Because this war has many aspects. Some regional countries who have problem with the US want to damage America through continuation of war in one hand, and some regional countries who have differences with each other and want to carryout competitions through the proxy war.
Hamidullah Faizi

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